Level Up Just By Eating Chapter 44

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Kehma-san vs Quasi-disaster

I took out my magic bag.

I can only put food inside, but I can put 10 kilos.

What took out was popcorn.

I lightly picked up some and ate it.

"Is this the time to eat snacks?!!"

Licia seemed like she's shouting something, but I chewed without caring.


I leveled up.

Level: 1555→1556

HP: 21321/21321(↑7)

MP: 21074/21074(↑8)

Strength: 21555(↑8)

Vitality: 23851(↑3)

Agility: 21579(↑7)

Magic Powers: 20412(↑6)

The proportion it increased wasn't anything much.

However, popcorn has this.

Learned Skills

Self-destruction  LV1   1/300   

I didn't have it anymore since I transferred it to Laura, but I relearned it.

I picked up a decent sized stone.

I concentrated my mind on my hand.

(Skill Transfer……!!)


I threw it with all of my strength!!!

The stone that was thrown by me who is level 1500 rushed with speed exceeding 200km/h!!

It hits the Gargoyle 300 meters away andーー


"Yosh! One more shot."

I ate popcorn.


I leveled up.

I grabbed and threw a stoneーー.


The Gargoyles got angry and confused.


And those confused Gargoyles exploded with the exploding stone.

"Rorona-san, can you cut stones?!!"

"I'm good at it!!"

"Then, over there!!"


Rorona and Femil went to the boulder a little far away.

"That's, what you mean huh!!"

Licia also understood and went towards the two.

"Eh?! Eh?! What?! What do you mean by that?!!"

Laura was hurry-scurrying by herself.


Rorona sharply drew her sword.

And with speed the eyes cannot see, she turned a boulder that several people can sit on into multiple squares.

Femil picked up those boxes of stones and threw it into the air.


Rorona swung her sword again. The stone's corners became circular.

And without falling to the ground, it was caught by both of Licia's hands.

Totetetetete. Licia desperately ran towards me.

"Kehma-sama! A new stone, desu wa1!!"


I grabbed the stone and threw it.

One large individual was charging towards us, butーー.


The Dragon waiting at the back returned to the dimensional hole.

"It looks like that Dragon has the intelligence to retreat at a disadvantage."

I leisurely muttered while eating popcorn and throwing stone.


This time, although it did not hit, the sound of the impact made four of them falter.

Even though the Gargoyles had low intelligence, a third of them started to get frightened.

But, however, the red-colored, boss-looking Gargoyle got pissed off.

It snaps the neck of the Gargoyle that tried to run away.

It released an eerie, ear-hurting soundーー

And charged!!!

Does it have a plan? Or is it just stupid? I threw a stone to check that as well.

The boss that released a strange sound swung its scythe in the air.

A hexagonal barrier was created.


Although the stone exploded, the boss was completely unscathed.

It used the barrier it made as a shield then bypassed through the side.

And then it charged once again!!!

Licia on my side whispered with a face full of despair.

"To think that it could instantly make a barrier that can block that explosion…… It's an A-Rank class monster……!!"

"Does it look that dangerous?"

"It is an opponent that only when hundreds of average-leveled adventurers gather in a party would have a chance to defeat!!"

"Is that so."

I swiftly reached out my right hand.

I gathered mana and released a Wind Shot.

It's a bullet of wind made by releasing compressed air.


The boss's head was blown away.

The Gargoyles became silent for a momentーー

And ran away while screaming.

They pushed each other to make a way. Trying to enter the hole first.

Licia shouted.

"What was that magic?!!"

"Can't you tell just by looking?"

"Its destructive power and characteristics look exactly like the advanced magic Wind Cannon!

But, incantations are needed to use an advanced magic! But since you did not chant one, and looking at its strength…………"

Licia thought by herself then shouted.

"You have made a soul-contract with a respectful Spirit right?!!

If you have made a soul-contract, then you can borrow the Spirit's strength to unleash at least an advanced-class magic after all!!!!!"

I don't really get it, but those settings are too far away.

"However, to exchange a soul-contract, strength and character that is recognized by the Spirit King are needed.

That means, Kehma-sama possesses such, right……♥"

Licia held both of her hands as if to pray and looked at me with sparkling eyes.

I do not feel bad about it, but it isn't good to deceive her.

"That's not true at all."


"In the first place, that was Wind Shot right now. It's not Cannon."

"Wind Shot?! That spell that even 5-year-olds can release as long as they have the minimum amount of talent, that Wind Shot?!!"

"It's that Wind Shot."


Licia almost dropped her jaw and closed and opened it like a goldfish breathing for air.

"Well, after all, I've practiced Wind Magic itself a lot."

"It is true that the wind is convenient because you can fly or do other things……"

"No, it's not that."


I stretched my pointing finger and middle finger towards the direction Femil and Rorona are.

I flipped their skirts using the wind.



The two of them got red and pushed down their skirt.

"Flipping cute girls' skirts.

Does a better way to use Wind Magic exist……?"

"There are 120 dozens of them, desu waaa!!"

"You can prepare 120 dozens of plays huh, how ero-ero are you really?"

"I do not mean it by that!!

Things like cutting the enemy into pieces using wind blades, or spreading the smell of flower in an area, I'm talking about those!!!"

Licia made fists with both hands and got angry like PunPunPun○(>△<)○.

"Femil-sama and Rorona-sama should get more angry, desu waa!!"

"But, the one who's doing it, is Kehma-sama, so……"

"Although it feels embarrassing, if you ask us whether we do not like it……"


"Even if he's more, intense, and rough……♥"


"H-H-H-How shameless!!! How immoral!!

Materialistic people, as I've thought, they are so wrong!!!!"

Licia's screams echoed under the blue sky.

By the way, I ate that Gargoyle boss.

There isn't anything that can be done to those Gargoyles that exploded and scattered, but the boss became like a juicy turkey.

It tasted like yakitori, and its wings were crunchy.


Of course, I leveled up as well.

Level: 1556→1656(↑100)

HP: 22121/22121(↑800)

MP: 21854/21854(↑750)

Strength: 22375(↑820)

Vitality: 24535(↑684)

Agility: 22389(↑810)

Magic Powers: 21132(↑720)

Learned Skills

Anti-material Barrier  LV4   250/3000

Anti-magic Barrier  LV3   200/1500

Winged-Flight Arts  LV3   98/500

Flight Scythe  LV4   330/1500

Flame Bullet  LV2   28/100

Just like Licia had said, it was quite powerful.

And what I noticed was the Winged-Flight Arts.

Does that mean, I can fly?

That was I thoughtーーbut.

Identify・Winged-Flight Arts

A technique that makes the user better at using its wings.

The prerequisite was one should have wings.

Too bad.

But, well, the two barriers looks useful.

bububuu desu wa

Level Up Just By Eating Chapter 44

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