Levelmaker Chapter 27

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I started to apply to other jobs so I can quit this shithole. I don’t really need the job either, I just like money. So let’s fucking endure it for a little while longer. sobs.

Chapter 27 – Adventurer

「See you Alim.」

 The Seinforce group have left to the inn.

 I have then spoke to Jizefu.



「I’m sorry to bother you, but thanks to for your help.」

 Jizefu responds with a smile.

「It's alright, don't mind it. Children don't have to hold back. Rather than me, why don't you thank Muri?You are still being nursed as well. Is your wound fine? It should be closed by now.」

 No, it was already closed before this. Well, this is fine, isn't it?

「Hey girly, seems to me that your scratches are gone, you should be able to move now, why not take a look around the village.

Is that fine with you?」

 Since he's already here, I'll jump off the bed and show him.

「Fufufufu, Energetic I see. A full recovery. I'll give you back this expensive looking pouch back to you, and some clothes as well. Your other clothes are currently being washed at my place. So the clothes I just gave you is a present from me.」

 I said thanks while being given the pouch.

「What a good girl~…」

 Jizefu muttered so.

 Let's put the pouch over my shoulder and look around the village.




 I have been seen carried to the chiefs house full in blood it seems, the news sure travels fast here.

「Is it fine moving like that already?」

「You look fine to me now little lady.」

「Kyaa~, how cute.」

Well, they do worry about us children obviously.

「Hey, where you come from?」

「What a pretty pouch!」

「What's your name?」

「Kyaaa~, how cute!」

They all kept talking to me, there are about 35 people in this village.

 While sitting around, I managed to spot Ogo.

 He seemed to be doing practice swings.

 He seemed to have spotted me and shouted over here.

「Is it alright to move now!?」

 I say that I am OK.

「Gahahahaha, well that’s great little miss.」

 Such perseverance in working so hard. I'll gladly accept your worries.

 I also heard that there is some work coming to this village. What kind? Let's ask.

「Well, it was when the 3 Black dogs appeared and the crops were about to be destroyed. It was pretty unusual really. Moreover, they were probably 10 of them as well. Black Army Dogs are usually around D rank but they were unusually strong. So the village called us, an adventurer group called Seinforce, since they can't handle this on their own.」

Even though I'm listening, there is lots that I don't understand.

 So Black Army and Black General dogs are something. So what can be compared to adventures?

 ……I still don't understand adventurers. Let's try asking a bit more.

「Orgo, what’s different about a Black general dog and a Black army dog? And adventures?」

「Hm? Oh that. A Black soldier dog is D rank. Regular Black Dogs are E rank and under. Demons can rank up from, F rank to SSS rank. Even a child can  go head-to-head with an F rank monster, but an average adult can barely hold off an E rank. Even for a D rank, not even 5-6 experience adults can win against. You will have casualties if one is not prepared.So that explains demon ranks, 3 of them appeared in this village, you appeared injured as well, don’t you think this is a serious matter?We adventures are like battle experts, should I start explaining then?」

 So D rank is pretty strong huh?Well, I can kill one with one punch though.

 Well, whatever, let’s continue.

「Yes, please!」

「Great reply, well there are people who know more about adventures, the kingdom probably has some…No not just the kingdom.There is an adventurer union in all countries and towns in Anazuma, called the "Adventurer's Guild". That's where people go and register to become an adventurer.What they do, is they go to subjugation missions, such as this one, go collect certain items in dangerous places, and can be hired to escort merchants.There is no qualification to become one, so anybody can join. Sigh You'll meet lot's of people, former slaves, super poor people, and people of nobility, etc. This is a lot to take in, are fine?」


「Alright, let's continue, the Guild also has a ranking system that goes from G-SSS rank. As well contains party's of F- SSS ranks like us. There is also an X rank for exceptions,moslty for underaged kids that do it for pocket money.Ranks are also important. For the more work you do, you rank goes up. Right now, we are all D rank. But the party rank is C. So we can't accept jobs above the C rank as well. The job we are doing is C rank as well. Well, we got this job from the Guild anyway.」

「……Hmph. I understand that! Thank you very much!」

「Oh, that's good.」

((Actually, everyone knows this when they are toddlers. I wonder if her memories is going to be alright.))

 Orgo's explanation was surprisingly  easy to understand

 Ah, it's lunchtime. I'm hungry, let's go eat.

 Just when I had that though, Orgo called my attention. Seems to be Lilo as well.

 Let's follow them with tokotokotoko walk.

Levelmaker Chapter 27

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