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Chapter 435: The Night Rain Drenches Every Traveling Downstream

The inexperienced spectates the commotion while the veteran analyzes the technicalities.

Clearly, the young man's kick had posed a huge threat to his old friend, impelling him to back away even despite the threat of a rebound occurring.

"It can't be that... he knew that Bai shi would make a move, so he decided to study his battle techniques and cultivation techniques in advance?"

"Study in advance? That's impossible! There is no cultivator who would reveal all of his cultivation techniques and battle techniques to others, even to his closest kin in case his enemies found out about it through certain means."

"I know of Bai Chen's Great Reversal Hands, but he has never utilized the Consecutive Breezy Fists and Saber of Sorrowful Departure before anyone, so even I am unaware of it. How could a foreigner find out about such confidential secrets beforehand?"

He suddenly recalled the various legends of that young master teacher.

"Most probably, he might have cultivated or studied these battle techniques before, thus granting him some knowledge of its flaws..." Luo Qianhong deduced. Then, he turned to look at the crown prince and said, "Are you hiding something from me? Is that person really just an ordinary 2-star primary master teacher?"

Since the other party was just a 2-star master teacher of a vassal kingdom, he didn't think much of it so he didn't investigate the matter.

When that fellow bellowed on top of the savage beast, Luo Qianhong thought that the other party was an ignorant, reckless fellow. Even if he was talented, given his young age, he should not pose a threat at all. However, after seeing all that had happened... he couldn't say the same about it now.

Without a doubt, Ding Mu must have misled him!

Under the other party's interrogation, Ding Mu clenched his fists tightly and said, "I don't know much about him either, just that... it has only been ten days since he became a 2-star master teacher!"

Luo Qianhong frowned.


After being forced to withdraw his battle techniques halfway through executing them, he had already suffered significant damage via the rebound of his strength. Unable to withstand this humiliation, the thought of dying with the other party flashed through

his head and he decided to go all out. Yet... it ended up being a one-sided event.

"How is that young lad so strong?"

Not one person in the crowd was able to make sense of the 'dancing' previously, and now, Bai Chen had been kicked unconscious. No matter how foolish they were, it couldn't be more apparent now that the other party's strength surpassed even that of the 3-star primary Bai shi.


"Wait a moment!"

"Pavilion Master Luo..." Thinking that the other party was going to betray him, Ding Mu looked at him worriedly.

Luo Qianhong was angry that Ding Mu didn't tell him the truth, but he was indebted to the Xuanyuan royal family and this was a debt he had to repay. Besides, it was already too late to back out of it. Thus, he could only face it straight on.

Ding Mu nodded.


Upon seeing him being bestowed the crown and undergoing the final rites, Luo Qianhong heaved a sigh of relief. Then, he turned around to face Zhang Xuan. Looking at the guards by the side who already had their weapon drawn, he commanded, "Clear away!"

Knowing the other party's identity, the soldiers hurriedly opened up a pathway and bowed.

Walking forward, Luo Qianhong clasped his fist, "Even though I am not aware of the grudge between you and Ding Mu, it's always better to make comrades than enemies. Since we're both master teachers, allow me to play the role of a mediator to resolve the conflict between the both of you. No matter what you request, I'll have Ding Mu prepare it!"

What compensation could match the life of his student!

Luo Qianhong frowned.

While Luo Qianhong spoke, the ceremony was still going on. It was clear that he was trying to stall for time. Zhang Xuan's complexion immediately darkened.

Luo Qianhong harrumphed.

"If you don't scram, I'll leave you in the same state as that fellow!"


Heaven's Path Movement Art.

Reaching Zhizun realm, the Heaven's Path zhenqi became purer and more concentrated. As such, the speed and distance of the Heaven's Path Movement Art had increased significantly.


However, before he could even take a single step back, a fist slowly magnified right before him.

The speed of the fist was in no way slower than the movement art, and in fact, it might even have exceeded the latter. A sonic boom resounded deafeningly on top of the Heaven's Altar. Knowing that it was impossible for him dodge already, Luo Qianhong propelled the zhenqi in his body and sent a fist of his own to face the other party's blow.

Both fists collided, and Luo Qianhong felt his palm turning numb. His face paled, and he had to take eight steps backward consecutively before he managed to steady his figure.

"What a powerful fist art!"

In that clash, he could tell that even though the other party possessed massive strength, he was still a way off from matching up to a Half-Transcension like him. What a truly fearsome fist art that was!

Under this abrupt encounter, even a 3-star intermediate master teacher like him ended up suffering a setback.

The fact that the other party had forced him back had embarrassed him. He mustn't allow the other party to take the initiative once more.

The zhenqi of a Half-Transcension expert gushed out, creating a river on the Heaven's Altar. In an instant, it felt as though the air had turned viscous.

The cultivation of a Mortal Transcendent expert was very different from that.

Using the words from Zhang Xuan's previous world, if Fighters fought with their own fists and flesh, Mortal Transcendents would be equivalent to using robots and external equipment.

How could a bare-handed martial artist defeat tanks and cannons?

In fact, even Zhang Xuan's 50,000 ding was insignificant compared to the other party.

Phantom pinnacle battle technique, Whisking Sleeves!

This gentle palm seemed to hold no weight to it, but having gathered an immense amount of the surrounding Origin Energy, it was capable of breaking through even steel and Phantom equipment.

With this move, Luo Qianhong had taken out nearly all of his aces.

The palm flew straight toward the young man with frightening speed, threatening to land at any moment. However, not only did the other party not dodge or evade, he even dashed straight toward the palm.

The Whisking Sleeves was a very flexible battle technique, making it hard for someone to withstand its might... but even so, there was still one major flaw to it—the 'stream'.

To determine its flaws and find the location precisely in that short moment...

In that instant...

Library of Heaven’s Path Library Of Heaven's Path Chapter 435

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