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Chapter 437: Expelling an Army with Words (2) [2in1]

Everyone was bewildered.

This sounded incredible, but in truth, all master teachers were capable of doing so.

"The Impartation of Heaven's Will isn't a very powerful ability. However... if one can reach a high level of mastery in it, its effects can be amazing!" 'Gongzi' said as his body trembled in disbelief.

"Elder Jin should know that my physical condition hasn't been good ever since a young age, resulting in my inability to cultivate. As such, I've spent my time immersed in books, and I've read nearly all of the books accessible to me once. I once read, in an ancient manual, that when the Impartation of Heaven's Will reaches the highest level, one would be able to utilize the Voice of Truth, which was capable of striking the depths of a person's soul directly. Even if the other party was an enemy, he would willingly concede to you and address you as teacher!"

"Voice of Truth?"

Did the Impartation of Heaven's Will possess such incredible effects?

Regardless of who it was, one just had to conduct a lesson for the other party to submit to him. All 'living beings' in the world would be considered as one's student!

A person suddenly flashed across Grand Elder Wei Yuqing's mind as his face paled and his eyes narrowed. With quivering lips, he asked, "Do you mean... Empyrean Kong shi?"

There was a very old legend depicting Kong shi when he hadn't reached the level of a 9-star master teacher yet. Back then, there was a person named 'Tui' who carried intense animosity against him and thus, wanted to claim his life.

In the end, his efforts paid off. Kong shi walked over to the tree and began conducting a lecture. However, after hearing a few words, 'Tui' immediately felt embarrassed by himself, and he leaped out of his hiding spot and acknowledged Kong shi as his 'teacher'.

Without any exception, those who had heard Kong shi's words would eventually become his student. This was the ability that only Kong shi possessed. Could Zhang Xuan be capable of the same feat as well?

Clenching his fists tightly, 'gongzi's' face turned red in agitation. "Kong shi's Impartation of Heaven's Will had reached an incredible level. With an utterance, the entire world would tremble before him. With an articulation, a gale would rage and thunder would rumble. Expelling a Hundr

ed Enemies With a Word, Eradicating An Army With a Phrase!"

At which, 'gongzi's' pitch-black eyes turned to look at the others, "Don't you think that what Zhang Xuan is doing resembles the plot of the story?"

With pale faces, the crowd trembled slightly.

Grand Elder Wei Yuqing's body shuddered in disbelief.

Thus, very few people took the stories for real.

"I'm not too sure either, this story only happened to appear in my mind... Since Zhang shi chose to do so, he probably has his reasons for it. After all, he can't possibly just be doing it out of boredom!" 'Gongzi' said.

"Now that gongzi raised the idea, I think that what you say is really true. Look!"

Jin Conghai had a grim look on his face as he stared at the scene on the Heaven's Altar beneath with a look of incredulity.

Half of the ferocious soldiers who had wanted to attack Zhang Xuan together suddenly fell in a daze, and as though the best treasures in the world had appeared before them, a look of delight slowly spread on their faces.

All of a sudden, the menacing atmosphere suddenly turned into a sight of harmony.

With widened eyes and mouth agape, Grand Elder Wei Yuqing seemed to have petrified. No words could describe his shock at the moment.

Pila pala!

Unknowingly, drunk on Zhang Xuan's words, Sun Qiang's zhenqi became driving on its own accord, and he broke through his Dingli realm bottleneck, successfully stepping into the realm of a Pixue cultivator.

Taking in this sight, 'gongzi' and the others clenched their fists tightly.

To break through the bottleneck between Dingli and Pixue with just words...

Even if other master teachers were able to do the same as well, it would still require accumulation on the cultivator's part and some time. But how long has it only been since Zhang Xuan started his lecture?

Thirty breaths?

Such capability couldn't even be seen in 4-star pinnacle master teachers!

The group hurriedly shifted their gazes over to the crowd.

These people were residents who had grown up here in Xuanyuan Kingdom, and they each possessed a dear patriotism toward the royal palace.

An itinerant cultivator, without the guidance of master teachers and formidable cultivation technique, would have to spend much effort just to break through a small cultivation realm.

The hostility they felt slowly faded, turning to gratitude and admiration.

"Ho-how is this possible?"

As the head of an intelligence-gathering agency, he had heard of the legend between Kong shi and the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe as well.

To remain unaware when such a formidable master teacher had come to Xuanyuan Royal City...

"No, this can't be! I'll investigate myself to see who this Zhang Xuan is... What kind of existence did Crown Prince Ding Mu offend?"

For the Green Leaf Pavilion to be unaware of such huge news was a massive failure!


Seeing all of the guards falling into a daze, Crown Prince Ding Mu bellowed frenziedly.

Yet, with just a single lecture, the other party had successfully left everyone dazed. What was this?

This isn't a classroom...

Gritting his teeth, Crown Prince Ding Mu continued howling.

"Shut up!"

Even pebbles could be stacked up into a mountain.


Even his eyes turned red from the impact, and it seemed as though blood would ooze down at any moment.

"You all... you all..."

These were all his soldiers! They lived off the royal family's stipends, and they were specially groomed so that, when the need arises, they could be mobilized... Yet, all of them turned against him!

Ding Mu's body couldn't stop convulsing.

With reddened eyes, Ding Mu glared at the preaching Zhang Xuan with clenched jaws.

Do you have to come all the way here and go to the extent of wounding a 3-star master teacher - the head of the Master Teacher Pavilion - and making so many soldiers turn against me?

Roaring furiously, Crown Prince Ding Mu scrambled for an idea to win back the hearts of these soldiers.


Then... their voices echoed in the square.


On the back of the Howling Firmament Beast, Mo Yu swallowed a mouthful of saliva.

While a half-teacher couldn't compare up to one's true teacher, it was still a relationship surpassing that of most ordinary ones. In this world, the prestige of teachers was immense, and students were expected to treat their teachers with the utmost respect.

"To remain nonchalant before an army of several thousand, and conduct a lesson to turn them into his students instead... Zhang Xuan, perhaps you might really be able to fare well in the Master Teacher Tournament and strike your name out into the world!"

That was a true genius! There was only a single outcome for those who refused to submit... to be crushed!

Mo Yu could already see the storm that Zhang Xuan would cause during the Master Teacher Tournament.

"With just a short moment of preaching, he's able to make so many people willingly acknowledge him as a half-teacher... On top of the absolute control over the Impartation of Heaven's Will, his Soul Depth must have reached at least 12.0! In other words... in terms of Soul Depth, he isn't inferior to a 4-star teacher?"

Even though 'gongzi' was well-informed, he wasn't a master teacher. As such, he was unaware of many matters.

There was a high requirement for one's Soul Depth!

Every 3.0 difference in Soul Depth was a demarcation zone for a master teacher. A Soul Depth above 12.0 was equivalent to a 4-star master teacher!

What kind of monster is that?

Isn't the other party just a reckless countryside bumpkin?

Glancing at one another, Luo Qianhong and Bai Chen could see the fear and regret in each other's eyes.

What one feared the most was a lousy teammate that would pull one down. This time, they were truly done in badly by that fellow...

Initially, he was plotting his revenge for this humiliation. However, after seeing that the other party's Soul Depth had exceeded 12, such thoughts vanished altogether.

To exact vengeance on a future 4-star master teacher?

"Go back and make some preparations for his Pavilion Crashing... All we can wish for is for him to fail. Once he passes, we'll be doomed!"

If the other party failed the Pavilion Crashing, he could still sell the other party a favor and let bygones be bygones. However, once the other party succeeded, there would be nothing left for him.

How did he offend such a monster?

"Since you all address me as your teacher, are you all going to stop me from killing this person?"

Once these people achieve a breakthrough in their cultivation and became his student, the rest was a walk in the park.

"If teacher doesn't wish to dirty your hands, we can do it for you!"


The army of soldiers immediately opened up a pathway, and at the same time, several voices sounded here and there.

"You all..."

The armies that other kingdoms groomed were willing to lay down their lives for the royal family, but what in the world was with the army he had groomed?

The heck!

"It won't be that easy to kill me! Give me the crown..."

My life is my own, don't even dream about laying your filthy hands on me!

At this time, he could care less about formalities or traditions. He walked directly to the throne at the center of the Heaven's Altar and sat down.

With a face distorted by insanity, he bellowed furiously.

Otherwise, if an emperor could be killed that easily, what was the use of the existence of the alliance?


The soldiers who had offered to make a move for Zhang Xuan looked at one another hesitantly upon seeing this move.


He didn't expect the fellow to be so shameless as to ignore the ceremony and immediately don the crown either.

"Haha, I am now the emperor! With the backing of the Myriad Kingdom Alliance behind me, do any of you dare touch me? Are any of you qualified to touch me?"

Knowing that Zhang Xuan would go after him, he had already planned out his countermeasure. Everything he prepared was just for this day!

However, I am not lacking either. I have an entire Conferred Kingdom behind me. I have the Myriad Kingdom Alliance behind me!

Aren't worthy!


Even though there was just a thin line between the crown prince and the emperor, of a kingdom, this gap meant everything.

"Zhang Xuan, Pavilion Master Luo has proposed to mediate the matter previously but you disagreed. It's too late to change your mind now!"

"Why? Do you all still intend on going against my orders, the orders of your emperor..."


The image consisted of just three words — Myriad Kingdom Alliance.

"The succession of the throne requires a prior announcement and a complete ceremony. Ding Mu has disregarded the rules and snatched the imperial authority willfully. The alliance declares his inauguration invalid!"

"This is... a decree from the Myriad Kingdom Alliance's envoy!"

Library of Heaven’s Path Library Of Heaven's Path Chapter 437

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