Limitless Chapter 176

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As per his promise, the Principal of the Purple Cloud School sent over a large amount of resources the next day.

There were thousands of kilos of various medicine!

The piled up like a tiny mountain in the store!

There were some expensive medicine in there. Even though they were not of incredibly superior quality, they were more than sufficient for learning purposes.

Furthermore, these medicine could not be found on Earth.

Their combined value was also an astonishing amount, definitely not something the average person could afford.

The Purple Cloud School was rich indeed.

Other than medicine, there were also 12 pill furnaces and the refining fires to accompany them.

When Zhao Kai saw the 12 pill furnaces, he was stunned, rooted the ground, speechless.

These 12 pill furnaces were all Supreme Realm pill furnaces!

What generosity!

Any cultivator would know that a pill furnace was used not just to refine pills.

It could also be used as an offensive and defensive magical equipment!

For example, Chu Yu’s Immortal Crane Pill Furnace could be used occasionally to capture and hurt others. But mostly, it could also be used as a top class defensive magical equipment!

Furthermore, they had many niche uses as well.

Even though a Supreme Realm magical equipment was not the best in the Mirror World, it was not easily gotten either.


When the delivery personnel left, Zhao Kai could not suppress his excitement any longer as he twirled around the 12 pill furnaces, full of joy.

"This is great, the Principal believes in the Pill Refining Section... no, more like the Principal sees greatness in Sensei Song!’

Zhao Kai reacted quickly. He was not trying to curry favor, each statement was a sincere one.

If not for Sensei Song, would the Pill Refining Section, which had existed for many years, be valued so highly?

The 12 girls ran over quickly upon hearing the news. Seeing the neatly arranged pill furnaces and the mountainous pile of medicine stunned them.

Even someone with Yuwen Xiaoxiao’s experience and a superior pill furnace in her possession was also stunned.

"Is the Principal mad?"

Yuwen Xiaoxiao murmured and grabbed one of the pill furnaces, "I want this one, it has chickens engraved on it, I love chickens!"

Chu Yu glanced at Yuwen Xiaoxiao and thought to himself, It’s a good thing this girl never lived on Earth.

Other than the usual magical formation engravings, the pill furnaces were also engraved with the 12 zodiacs.

They perfectly complemented the 12 girls.

Bi Yueyue chose the Rat; Wang Yan chose the Ox; Ning Ling chose the Tiger; Fang Xue chose the Rabbit; Han Yuhan chose the Dragon; Xu Wandie chose the Snake, Xie Nianqin chose the Horse; Meng Lingping chose the Goat, Ji Anyun chose the Monkey, Bai Xiaoxian chose the Dog and Leng Ruyu chose the Pig.

With Yuwen Xiaoxiao choosing the Chicken, the 12 zodiac pill furnaces were quickly distributed.

Chu Yu had thought that there would be some bickering. Little did he expect that the girls would be so excited and distribute the furnaces so well.

What miracle workers.

These refining fires were not particularly great, but they were not bad.

Any fire which could be a refining fire must be a lot stronger than an ordinary fire.

Even a Supreme Realm cultivator who did not know how to control fire would not dare touch these fires.

For learning the art of pill refining, these fires were enough.

In the coming days, Chu Yu started teaching them how to control the fire.

Yuwen Xi

Limitless Chapter 176

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