Magi Craft Meister Volume 8 Chapter 32

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08-32 Battle Start


The time was past nine in the evening. In a sense, it was the most relaxed time. It was the time when people on the night shift started, and the people on day shift went to rest.

“The guards at the side entrance were discovered unconscious.”

“The two underground guards have been confirmed to have fainted.”

“Gaah, just what is going on! Make your reports more clearly!”

“I-it’s a disaster!”

“The p-prisoners are gone!”

Without understanding what was going on at all, Intact began getting affected by the disorder.

The one who called out was the vice branch head Marcello. He was also a Magi Craftsman.

Intact asked, but Marcello replied incomprehensibly.

“What? Don’t tell me you took the tale of that upstart Purcell seriously?”

It was extremely close to the truth but Intact turned a deaf ear to him. As a last resort, Marcello was about to give his own orders when something happened.

“Wha-what? What was that just now?”

And in the next moment, a hole appeared in the wall behind him accompanied with a dull sound.

In the neighboring room a guard soldier began to panic as suddenly there was a hole in the wall, and something had brushed against his arm completely tearing off a piece of flesh from it.

“There was something written…That’s right, ‘there was a Magi Craftsman who told us to not get involved with him’, it said. Don’t tell me…”

“Something got stuck in the wall facing the river!”

“Go get that thing stuck in the wall, then bring it to me.”

“Hm? What’s that?”

“Judging from the direction of the holes those guys are behind this?”

“Go. If they’re the enemy then catch them and bring them here.”

“Now then, there ought to have been some sort of a reaction by now, but.”

“Ah, Father, something’s coming.”

“They’re walking here. Golems, aren’t they. Their quality doesn’t seem to be very good.”

After they had come about 20 meters closer Jin too could tell that they were golems. And their performance too.

The two golems didn’t appear to have speech faculties, they kept silently walking closer as if trying to grab at Jin.

Reiko swung the railgun in her hands once.

“How brittle…”

“Let’s try going a bit closer. Right, Ash, Elm, carry those golems as we go.”

The SP, Ash and Elm, each took a golem apiece then moved while shouldering the unmoving golems. Land-50 and 51 were also with them.

“Alright, aim at the walls of that fort and toss those golems. …Oh, that’s right, I guess I’ll ask the Lands this time. Land-50, Land-50, please.”

Land-50 and 51 simultaneously lifted up the golems, aimed towards the upper part of the fort’s walls, then threw the golems at full strength.

The golems thrown with such force smashed against the fort’s wall and appeared to have been crushed flat as they sunk halfway in.

“W-wh-who are those people?”

Seeing that, as you’d expect even Marcello was scared out of his wits. But he soon composed himself and began thinking.

The information about the golem party and the contents of yesterday’s message matched.

Marcello created three [Light Ball]s and had them float in front of the fort. The darkness vanished and it became bright.

And then boggling his mind, there was a person who by all appearances was just a little girl, holding a mysterious weapon longer than her own body.

Marcello turned towards the voice, and there was Intact having regained his bearings looking out from another observation window.

“Hmph, because no one but me can mobilize the advanced battle-golems, I see. I do not care or know who they are, but I’ll teach them a lesson.”

Marcello watched and soon saw 15 battle-type golems come running to the front of the fort.
“An over twofold difference in war potential, huh. Well, this should settle it.”

“Someone is be behind the opened observation window of the fort. They appear to be observing us.”

“So they finally noticed us, huh. In that case, next should be their full-power offensive, right? [Barrier].”

Before long, fifteen golems rushed out of the fort’s open front gate.

Magi Craft Meister Volume 8 Chapter 32

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