Martial World Chapter 1175

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Chapter 1175 – 

“Humph, as if the bunch of you aren’t also brooding over the fact that the Boundless World Pill was taken away!” Zhong Wenshu bluntly responded as he heard Sacred Yueping’s mocking tone.

At the Imperial City Auction, nearly all of the World King Holy Land disciples had come for the Boundless World Pill, but the end result was that all of them had been completely defeated in their bids. They lost to a mere boy and they weren’t even sure what sort of ordinary sect he came from; at best he would have originated from an average Holy Land.

In the end they had no choice but to bid for the following last nine items in the auction. But, none of them had been able to compare to the Boundless World Pill at all. How could they possibly endure such a slight? It had to be said that if it weren’t for the winds of the First Martial Meeting pushing everyone to the extremes, then there was no way they would be able to enjoy such an exorbitant treasure like the Boundless World Pill as disciples of ordinary World King Holy Lands.

“You’re right if you say I’m bearing a grudge. The Boundless World Pill was obtained by some little bastard who managed to stumble over a great treasure trove of wealth. It is simply wasted on him! Moreover, that little bastard retreated into the training rooms of Imperial City Auction House right after he won the bid and didn’t come out until the end. There is nothing we can do about him!”

As Sacred Yueping spoke, he said the last several words with a true essence sound transmission. He naturally wouldn’t blatantly say something that implied he was going to murder and steal from someone.

He had already arranged sufficient manpower. After the First Martial Meeting concluded and Lin Ming was eliminated, he would move against him.

Martial World Chapter 1175

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