Martial World Chapter 1219

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Chapter 1219 – 

“That’s crazy… Lin Ming’s body actually isn’t any worse than the red-furred monster’s!”

“They must have struck each other at least 120 times by now. Lin Ming’s body has to withstand the tremendous impact of the energy shockwaves every time which will inevitably injure him, yet he’s able to recover after every strike. Is he even human?”

The participants scattered around the White Crag Mountain Range were all left speechless as they stared at this fierce battle taking place in the skies.

As for the True Martial Holy Lands, Wu Finalcloud had taken some medicine and had restored some of his origin energy. He also looked at Lin Ming battling in the sky, a strange color on his face.

It was clear that when he had used the Heavenly Demon Metamorphic Art to battle Lin Ming, it was simply a useless and suicidal action on his part.

When he fought with Lin Ming, even if the peak of his strength had lasted 10 times longer he would still have lost. The difference between them was that great!

Martial World Chapter 1219

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