Martial World Mw Chapter 1568 (Teaser)

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Chapter 1568 – 

When it came to exploring the Asura Heavenly Dao, the Divine Runic Masters Guild was unable to compare with Divine Void Divine Kingdom.


Divine Void Divine Kingdom had an incomparably long history of inheritance!

Tens of millions of years ago, Divine Void Divine Kingdom and Divine Mist Divine Kingdom had once been a single Divine Kingdom. That Divine Kingdom was a titan. Billions of years ago, they had once produced a True Divinity level ruler!

After that True Divinity ruler died in repose, the Divine Kingdom had continued for a long time without producing a True Divinity. Even so, they remained the number one spiritas influence in the Asura Road. Every generation they would always have an extreme Empyrean master. This sort of prosperous state continued for billions of years, making their foundation incomprehensibly deep!

Thus, in terms of understanding the Heavenly Dao, the loosely organized Divine Runic Masters Guild with a mere 100 million years of history simply couldn’t compare with Divine Void Divine Kingdom.

Time passed slowly. Brilliant motes of light shined in Lin Ming, Clearshadow, Dreampearl, and Qin Yi’s hands. And of these people, Qin Yi’s light was the most radiant!

Martial World Mw Chapter 1568 (Teaser)

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Martial World Mw Chapter 1568 (Teaser) summary

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