My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife Chapter 241

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Chapter 241: Call From Xue Lin

After 12 Hours.

The plane landed at Paris’s international airport. When Qingfeng Li stepped off the plane, he felt a sudden pain in his heart. He felt like he was losing something important.

Why is my heart so painful?

Qingfeng Li held his hand over his chest with his face pale, pea-sized sweat trickled down his forehead. His sixth sense was telling him something, something important was happening in Eastern Sea City.

"Wolf King Highness, are you ok?" Seeing Qingfeng Li’s face going pale, Bernard asked caringly.

Beside him, Baron Smith was also worried. The reason he came to Paris with the group was to wait for Qingfeng Li to cure Bernard’s father and invite him to visit Denmark’s Royal Family. Princess Maria missed him a lot.

"It’s nothing, let us continue."Qingfeng Li massaged his chest, lessening the pain. Afterwards, he walked down the plane with Bernard. But the ache in his heart still worried Qingfeng Li. Why would the ache occur for no reason whatsoever?

A black Rolls Royce Phantom was parked in the street in front of the plane. It was the car that Bernard’s butler sent to pick them up.

Qingfeng, Bernard, and Smith all went on to the car, driving slowly towards Bernard’s Mansion.

On the way, Qingfeng Li saw many landmarks, including the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Louvre Museum, and Notre Dame de Paris.

Paris’s roads were extremely clean, with no garbage. As well as the air, fresh and pure. The architecture on the sides were all obviously westernized and extremely gorgeous with crowds of sexy brunettes walking down the street, making it a scenery that was unforgettable.

After one hour, the Rolls Royce drove pass the streets of Paris and arrived at Bernard’s manor.

Bernard’s Manor, or Rafi Hotel, was located on the rural side of Paris. It had an area of 178 acres, within it the vineyard itself took up 103 acres. The richness of the soil and the near-perfect temperature makes it perfect for the growth of grapes, and of course, perfect for producing wine.

At the inner side of the manor, it has tens of villas, all European architecture, extremely beautiful. These are for Bernard’s family and relatives.

When the Rolls Royce stopped at the first villa, a gorgeous lady came up and greeted them, "Mr.Bernard, you came."

"Did my father get better?"Bernard asked.

This lady was the headmistress of this turf, responsible for everything, and of course, responsible for taking care of Bernard’s father.

"Mr. Bernard, your father’s mouth is vomiting black blood. He is going to be gone soon." The lady said urgently.

"What, my father is dying so soon?" Bernard’s expression changed and he ran towards the villa.

Qingfeng Li and Baron Smith followed closely. Their goal today was to cure Bernard’s father.

Inside a luxurious room, a black-faced elder lied on the bed unconsciously. With his mouth revealing a streak of black blood.

"Father, I’m back, you can’t leave me." Bernard saw the state of his father, and started crying.

The relationship between the two was extremely close. Since birth, Bernard never had a mother and it was his father who single-handily raised him up. Because of this, seeing the fragile state of his father brought pain to his heart.

"Wolf King Highness, please I beg you to save my father." Bernard saluted Qingfeng Li.

"Don’t worry, I will for sure save him," said Qingfeng Li.

Just when Qingfeng Li stepped into the room, he started looking at the body of the elder. From what he saw, black face and black blood, it was obvious he was poisoned.

In regard to what kind of poison, he had to make further investigations.

Qingfeng Li walked to the side of the elder, held his wrist and felt the pulse. In the meantime, he was trying to understand the reactions from different parts of the body.

"Wolf King Highness, what happened to my father?"

"He was poisoned

, according to my diagnosis, it is Datura poisoning."

"What, you said my father got poisoned with Datura?"

"Yes, it is Datura poisoning." with his brows tensed up, he said.

After the diagnosis, he was sure the elder was poisoned with Datura.

His body contains a large amount of poison. These have intruded into the elder’s brain, causing him to go unconscious.

"Wolf King Highness, do you have the cure?" Bernard looked at Qingfeng Li with hope, with strong desires in his eyes.

"Don’t worry, all we have to do is to let out the poison within his body, and everything will be fine." Qingfeng Li smiled and comforted Bernard. For him, it was not a hard task.

Xew xew xew xew…

Qingfeng Li brought out the nine silver needles, using these Nine Needles of Heaven Life, as fast as lightning, it punctured into the elder’s nine acupuncture points.

At the moment, the elder was unconscious because of the poison, but after the punctures, his hands, to one’s surprise, actually twitched.

"He felt it." Seeing how the elder’s hands moved, Bernard’s eyes finally had a touch of color.

Large amounts of poison rushed towards the acupuncture points. As a certain amount had accumulated, Qingfeng Li, again with his lightning speed, unplugged all nine needles. Large amounts of black blood flooded out through the puncture holes.

This black blood was the poison that was within the elder’s body.

Just after a short while, all the black blood was gone. The blackness of the elder's face diminished, and turned white.

"Cough cough, where exactly am I?" the elder coughed, opening his eyes. His pale face finally has a touch of red

"Father, are you well now?" Seeing the elder become unconscious had made Bernard extremely happy.

"Bernard, what happened to me, why do I feel dizzy? What happened?" the elder asked. To his memory, all he did was drink a sip of tea, and fall unconscious. After that he knew nothing.

"Father, you got poisoned with Datura! Wolf King Highness saved you." he pointed at Qingfeng Li, said with excitement.

"Wolf King Highness, thank you." The elder obviously knew the identity of Wolf King Highness, and he also knew what it meant.

The elder wanted to sit up and thank Qingfeng Li, but due to the weakness of his body, no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t get up.

"Don't move, the poison within your body just got removed, you have to rest well," said Qingfeng Li as he rushed to hold down the elder.

Because Qingfeng Li saved Bernard’s father, everyone was extremely happy. Bernard insisted to treat everyone to a meal. On the side, Baron Smith also had a face of contentment, stating that after the meal, he also wanted to treat Qingfeng Li to go to Denmark, visiting the princess on the way.


As they talked, Qingfeng Li’s phone suddenly rang. He pulled out and looked at who called, it was Xue Lin.

Hm, Xue Lin is calling me. Does it mean something happened?

Qingfeng Li hurriedly answered the phone and said, "Honey, do you miss me? Calling me just after one day of separation."

"Yes, Wolf King. I do miss you." The phone came with the cold voice of a man

My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife Chapter 241

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