My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife Chapter 22

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"Xiaoyue, you are the employee of the month in the sales department, after all, I trust that the one million yuan debt from the Three-Yuan Gang can be collected by you for sure." Bo Wang repeated after seeing that it seemed like Xiaoyue Zhang didn’t hear him properly.

The Three-Yuan Gang was very famous in Eastern Sea city. It was made up of a bunch of thugs and they often fought in the city and collected protection fees.

There was a salesperson who had his arm broken during the process of collecting debt, and he had to stay in the hospital for a month.

Bo Wang wanted Xiaoyue Zhang to go collect the debt. This was clearly making life difficult for her on purpose.

"Manager Wang, the Three-Yuan Gang is made up of a group of thugs. I am a girl, how could I get back that one million yuan in debt." Xiaoyue Zhang’s face turned white when she tried to argue.

Bo Wang giggled as he finally showed his wolf tail.

"Xiaoyue, what do you think?" Seeing Xiaoyue Zhang’s pale face and sadness, Bo Wang felt very excited.

"You, you are shameless. I will never be your woman." Xiaoyue Zhang was extremely angry at how shameless this guy was and yelled at him.

Bo Wang had an evil look on his face, his eyes were full of threats.

"Little sister Xiaoyue, what happened to you?" Qingfeng asked with concern after seeing Xiaoyue Zhang’s pale face that was like she had lost her soul.

In his memories, this was a keen and extremely optimistic girl. Whoever dared to make her sad deserved to die.

After hearing Qingfeng Li’s comforting words, Xiaoyue Zhang could no longer hold her tears in and started to cry loudly. Her beautiful face was covered in tears.

An excellent employee like Xiaoyue Zhang, in addition to her commissions in selling jewelry, she could get 10 thousand dollars a month.

And these medical costs were all taken on by her.

Xiaoyue Zhang’s cries were extremely sad and helpless. Her pretty head lied in Qingfeng Li’s arms, her charming face was covered in tears.

Qingfeng Li extended his finger to wipe off the tears from her eye and comforted her quietly.

Thinking about this, she started crying again.

Qingfeng Li pinched her face and said with determination.

"Big Brother Li. That manager Bo Wang gave me two choices. One was to be his woman. Two was to go collect the million yuan of debt from the Three-Yuan Gang."

"Big Brother Li, don’t. If you beat Bo Wang up you will get fired."

"Xiaoyue. Bo Wang has a human face but the heart of an animal. You absolutely cannot be his woman." Qingfeng Li was scared that she might give in so he comforted her immediately.

"Li, don’t worry, even if I die, I still wouldn’t be Bo Wang’s woman." Xiaoyue Zhang nodded and said with determination.

"Xiaoyue, you said that if you could collect on the million RMB debt from the Three-Yuan Gang, then Bo Wang would stop trying to embarrass you right?"

"Xiaoyue, you come with me, the million yuan debt of the Three-Yuan Gang, I will help you collect it." Qingfeng Li waved his hand and said bravely.

"Hmph, I can bet that he definitely cannot collect on that million yuan of debt."

The dozen of salespeople inside the office were all discussing. They were all ridiculing Qingfeng Li. They thought that there was no way he could collect that million yuan in debt.

"Big brother Li, there are only two of us. How can we go against those gangsters?"

The Three-Yuan Gang had tens of gangsters. They were all brutal and a lot of the people who were beaten up by them didn’t even dare to speak up.

"No, I don’t want that."

Qingfeng Li smiled full of pride and confidence.

Fists speak louder than words.

My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife Chapter 22

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