My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife Chapter 24

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The cars on the street quickly made way for the police car. They did not have the guts to obstruct its way.

If the driver was slightly inattentive, both the motorcycle and driver would be destroyed.

"You dare to speed in front of me. You’re done." Mengyao viciously said while looking at the speeding motorcycle.

Mengyao’s face was charming. Her exquisite feet slammed on the accelerator and the car sped out like a wild horse towards the motorcycle.

Qingfeng’s motorcycle let out a beastly roar and speedily ran like a bolt of lightning. The surrounding trees were retreating swiftly.

"Attention motorcycle ahead! You are over the speed limit. Stop immediately!" Mengyao shouted with her pouty red lips.

But when he saw the woman sitting in the car, he was stunned and nearly jumped out of his seat.

One must know, Mengyao Xu was the Captain of the East Sea City Police Force. Furthermore, he had seen her body at the hotel.

My titanium alloy eyes are blinded! He cursed in his heart.

Qingfeng knew that nothing good would come out of meeting this woman.

He was about to head to Du Mountain to grab his 1 million RMB debt from the thugs. He had no time to badger with this violent woman.

His driving skills were the best in the world. Moreover, the road was congested with numerous cars. Mengyao’s car was big. There was no way she could catch up with his motorcycle.

They happened to be in the city. The roads were extremely congested. There were already more than ten cars congested in front of Mengyao Xu. There was no way she could catch up to the motorcycle. She could only watch as it disappeared from her vision.


"Officer Xu, did you need something?" A cropped haired officer answered the phone. He was the captain of the traffic police and classmates with Mengyao Xu in the police academy. They were very close.

"Captain Zhao, could you help me check a black motorcycle. It was speeding on Tian He road but has escaped. After you find, let me know and I’ll catch him myself." Mengyao coldly said with her face red with anger.

After the cropped-haired police officer hanged up, he started to investigate the black motorcycle.

Soon, Mengyao Xu received a message on her phone. It was the route and location of the motorcycle. But it was located very far from her.

Mengyao coldly hummed and started the car with a vroom. She sped towards the location of the motorcycle.

"Big brother Li, that’s Du Mountain." Xiaoyue Zhang said while pointing towards a small hill at the front. Her pretty face was pale.

Du Mountain?

At the top of the hill, there were a dozen metal tents. The thugs lived in the metal tents.

He saw the wind-blown pale face of Xiaoyue so he rubbed her face to help improve her circulation.

She has heard that these thugs were all scoundrels and did bad things. What if they went and got beaten up?

"Sister Xiaoyue, don’t worry. Let’s go. These thugs are no match for me."

There was a ramp at the top of Du Mountain with lots of motorcycle tracks. It looked like the thugs often rode their bikes here.

The thugs were enjoying themselves. They were shirtless and revealed the tattoos on their arms.

"Who are you? Why are you here?"

"Is your boss here? I’m here to see him." Qingfeng frowned and lightly said.

"Fellow, not anyone can meet our boss. Leave immediately! Don’t interrupt my drinking!"

"I’ll give you three seconds. Ask your boss to meet me or don’t blame me for being unkind to you." A flash of coldness appeared in Qingfeng’s eyes and he coldly said.

My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife Chapter 24

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