My Entire Class Was Summoned to Another World except for Me Chapter 23

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I gave a confused expression to Karen, who just asked me for advice. It was quite rare for her to come to me for consultation. Karen has always been a girl who showed no emotions. So usually, nobody would think that such a girl would ask for advice. And to top it off, she was asking me, her elder brother. It must be a serious problem.

"How uncommon for you to ask for advice."


"What is it?"

"Never mind, just forget about it." Karen said after being silent for a while.

Karen left my room.

"Eh, w-w-wait a second!"

I was further confused by Karen's sudden move and tried to stop her. It was already too late.

What was that about?

I remained lying down on my bed while trying to figure what just happened.

Going back to her room after leaving Yato's, Karen was greatly embarrassed.

(Just why did I do something like that…)

Honestly speaking, she had not been intending to ask him for advice.

For some reason, when passed by her brother's room, her body unintentionally moved and spoke.

(Am I getting cornered, I wonder…)

Karen kept on blaming herself for what she did.

Today as well, another student confessed to me.

This time it was a very popular guy in the school. Despite that, I refused him using my usual phrase.

After I spoke my decisive line, the guy asked back with an astonished expression, "It wasn't me?!".

There's no way it would be you. This guy was to conceited.

Finished with him, I walked back to my classroom. Once again, those same three girls stood before me.

Don't they have anything else to do besides follow me? I had a strong urge to ask them such a question, but since talking with them disturbed my mood, I decided to ignore them and continued to walk.

This was my usual routine now.

When I returned to the classroom and took my seat to prepare for the next lesson, I realised that my notebook was missing.

A doubt flew in my mind for a instant, but I cleared it away thinking that I forgot it at home and picked up a different notebook. We had a homework for today, but I thought I could redo it during class. No big deal.

Unfortunately, not only my notebook had disappeared. When taking out my pencil, I noticed that my eraser had also disappeared from my pencil case. I don't remember dropping it anywhere recently.

At that time, I understood something. Someone was stealing my stuff.

As for that someone, it was clearly those three.

I took a quick glance and realised that they were watching me while chuckling.

They were really annoying.

I let out a long sigh at their childish act.

After the end of the lesson, I called the three of them so I could confront them.

"Hey, can you give me back the eraser you stole?"

"Ee? What are you talking about?"

"I'm not sure what you're saying…"

"Can you stop accusing us like that?"

The three of them feigned ignorance in an obvious way.

Well, I had expected such a reaction.

I kept calm and inserted my hand inside one of their pencil boxes.

"W-Wait what do you think you're doing?"

"What is this?"

I ignored their warnings and picked up an eraser and displayed it to them. That old-looking eraser gave me a familiar sensation when I held it. It was my eraser.

"What about it? That's my eraser."

"No, it's mine."

My Entire Class Was Summoned to Another World except for Me Chapter 23

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