My Entire Class Was Summoned to Another World except for Me Chapter 24

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Inside a random abandoned building, I, once again, was purging the spawning monsters.


"Shut up."

Like always, I kicked a lizard-like monster moving on all four of its legs, while closing my ears from its annoying scream.


However, despite receiving a critical kick, he immediately turned to counterattack after staggering slightly.

I was taken by surprise because I didn't defeat it with one kick, but before the lizard thrust in, I reclaimed my stance, activated【Body enhancement (medium)】and kicked it in the head.


The monster's face was buried in the floor and resulted in small crater remaining on the ground. I had gone overboard.

The monster lizard turned into light particles and left the gouged floor clearly visible.

I had done it again. I activated 【Body enhancement (medium)】on a whim after realizing that my kick didn't affect it.

Every time I used it, I was unable to control my strength. Next time I should be careful to not leave a trace when using it.

After reflecting on my hasty move, I started thinking about the monster.

At long last, the time when I was unable to finish a monster with one kick had come. I was aware that they were getting slowly stronger, but I was still slightly surprised.

Rather, How long am I gonna have to keep doing this?

I thought it was safe to assume that I was close to the end since the monsters were getting considerably stronger.

If this was a template event, then some super strong monster should appear in the end and things would settle down once I beat it. But that wouldn't happen right?

"… No way."

A felt a strange premonition after thinking so, but I decided to switch my concern to the broken floor.

"Well, whatever. Nobody will see it anyway."

Uttering those words, I judged that I shouldn't stay longer and teleported back to school.

During the afternoon break I, Karen, had a bad feeling about my current situation.

Despite confronting the three bullies, today, they didn't seem to have made any moves.

Today as well, someone confessed to me.

Needless to say, I rejected that person and walked back to the classroom, expecting for them to show up and stand on my way. However, surprisingly enough, they were chatting with each other inside the classroom.

I considered the possibility they were moved by my words yesterday, but judging from their characters, that would be impossible.

I went to check if any of my stuff had been stolen, but nothing seemed out of order.

What did that mean? I suddenly became suspicious and kept being vigilant during class, though they didn't make any strange moves.

At the time when I started thinking that it would be okay if they continued being docile, I discovered a letter inside my desk as I was preparing for the next class.

"Meet me behind the gym after school."

I placed the letter back inside my desk while feeling irritated. I'm gonna have to go reject someone again.

I let out a sigh after thinking about the troublesome task I would have to go through after school. Geez, it was really annoying.

Piin poon paan poon…

"Stand up, Bow!"

"Careful on your way back!"

Right when I decided to go home after a long day of school, I detected the presence of a monster nearby.

Again… I was taken over by a difficult feeling before realizing that this time the reaction was somehow different.

(What is this? Two reactions? Four… seven? Wait, they're increasing!)

Overwhelmed by astonishment, I instantly went to the place where I sensed the reactions.

The place I teleported to was in the middle of a full green mountain.

My eyes wandered, looking for the monsters when I saw an irregular scene that made me doubt my eyes.

In front of me was a large flock of monsters wearing black clothes around their hips and with two horns on their heads. It was an Ogre group.

My Entire Class Was Summoned to Another World except for Me Chapter 24

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