My MCV and Doomsday Chapter 80

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Chapter 80: Jiang Liushi’s Choice

The bottle of gene evolutionary fluid would enhance or activate one of Jiang Liushi’s abilities.

Seeing the first option, Jiang’s mind was perturbed. The defensive ability was what he needed most. If the defensive ability could help him getting stronger, he would not be afraid of zombie attacks anymore.

"Second option: Evolve strength! The user will gain unparalleled strength."

"Fourth option: Evolve physique! The user will gain strong vitality. If the user suffers a serious injury, it can be restored within a short amount of time. Also this ability helps the user resist the virus if he or she has been bitten by a zombie."

Jiang Liushi thought that if he could obtain all those capabilities, he would become a superhuman. Unfortunately, he could only choose one of those. Regardless the strength, agility, defense ability, they were all too simple. Although they could help him become a powerful person, he needed an ability to immediately enhance his comprehensive combat capability.

"Tenth option: Nerve and brain evolution! Enhance the neurons, so that neurons have faster conduction speed, as a result the brain will have a stronger and faster computing power!"

Most people's nerve information transmission speed was 100 meters per second. And for a complete nerve information reflection, it needed at least 0.1 to 0.2 seconds of time, this was already good.

However, what if the nerve transmission speed reached one thousand meters per second?

Large-scale electronic computers used power to transmit a signal, in fact, because the electronic after all was made from physical particles, the real information transmission speed failed to meet the requirements. When, the photon computer came into being, its calculation speed was measured in trillion times.

Once the evolution was complete, although he would still be considered as an ordinary person, his brain would be extremely powerful. The speed of neuronal information transmission didn’t need to reach the speed of light, as long as it reached 10,000 meters per second, then when he looked at other people's actions, whether it was offensive or defense, they would become a hundred times slowdown scene!
Moreover, because his brain and nerve would become powerful, his muscles’ control would b

e more accurate and efficient.

Jiang Liushi made no bones about choosing.


[Gene evolution liquid is being created, it needs ten minutes until it’s completed]

In the glass tube was a purple liquid, looking crystal clear, like a vintage red wine in general.

The modulation of each gene's evolutionary liquid required materials, such as a large amount of mutant meat, as well as mutant nuclei. In addition, some gene evolution liquids’ modulation needed the MCV completing "secondary evolution".

Jiang Liushi was stunned for a moment. He really did not pay attention to this. He decided to investigate it later, the enemies were outside so he had to hurry.

The liquid did not have any taste. After drinking it, Jiang Liushi felt like he had drunk fire, a burning sensation came from the stomach quickly rushing to the head. Jiang Liushi felt a headache.

At the same time, the Starseed suggested, [Neurons and brain transformation will cause headache, but the host can choose to be put in an artificial coma, and the gene evolution can be automatically completed.]

Ten minutes had passed! Jiang Liushi suddenly opened his eyes, he felt like he had experienced a long nightmare. Suddenly he sat up from the seat with lots of sweat.

He just glanced at the MCV’s windshield. But when his eyes swept it, he found that he could even count the number of cracks on it.

[Jiang Zhuying…]

When Jiang Liushi was drinking the gene evolutionary liquid, others did not have time to pay attention to him, but his sudden reaction had shocked Jiang Zhuying. However, the MCV’s door was locked, so she could not get in. Seeing that Jiang Liushi had recovered, she was relieved.

"I am fine." Jiang Liushi waved his hand, and he found himself easily counting the number of Jiang Zhuying’s breaths.

He could even accurately calculate the time without looking at a watch. Jiang Zhuying’s breathing was 26 times per minute, which was probably because she worried about his security, so it was accelerated.

My MCV and Doomsday Chapter 80

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