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While shopping, Mika suddenly received a text message from her mother.

"The new tenant who moved next door to Haruta-kun is a young missus who fell in love with him after being saved, just like you."

It wasn’t a long sentence, but a lot of information was contained within it.

A wave of anxiety swept over Mika.

She was already aware that a female blonde beauty was becoming a tenant today. She knew the beauty requested to live in the apartment adjacent to Seiji’s, claiming she was familiar with him.

Mika had an ominous premonition about it at the time, and now her premonition had proved itself correct!

‘A young missus… that was saved by him just like me?’

Although Mika didn’t know the origins of this young missus, for a young missus to be willing to live in a cheap apartment due to a boy meant that this… definitely wasn’t some random impulse!

‘That beauty should… no, she’s definitely serious about Seiji!’ Mika made a swift judgement.

This instilled her with an impending sense of danger.

Seiji Haruta was very popular with the fairer sex. He received daily love letters the second week after he’d transferred into Genhana High School! Although the "confession" love letter which Chiaki had mentioned hadn’t appeared yet, one would probably come sooner or later.

Luckily for her, Seiji wasn’t inclined to being in a romantic relationship for now and rejected all the girls politely. Even if a confession love letter appeared and he was confessed to, he would likely reject it politely as well.

This made Mika feel rather relieved inside.

She was the closest girl to Seiji… Although she felt like Chiaki’s bond with him could surpass hers, Chiaki only viewed Seiji as a friend, so it wasn’t a problem... probably.

At any rate, she had the best chance as long as Seiji still didn’t want to get a girlfriend!

She had the greatest advantage since Seiji was living as a tenant of her family’s apartment.

Mika planned to spend more time together with him and deepen their feelings before confessing to him.

That was because she could detect Seiji currently didn’t feel any romantic feelings for her.

She needed time, so she could put in more effort.

But she was unprepared for a girl who liked Seiji moving in next door to him!

A blonde beauty who was a young missus to boot!

After this person came here, Mika’s greatest advantage, formerly exclusive to herself, would disappear!

‘Honestly, Mom, why did you let such a person come live here and even give her the room she wanted…’ Mika couldn’t help but complain in her heart.

Truthfully, she knew her complaint was unreasonable.

After all, an apartment was a business which rented the room to anyone who was willing to pay, and the apartment next door just happened to be empty. For a customer who was moving in to request a specific room was quite reasonable.

Apartments needed customers, especially reliable ones. As a landlord, Nozomi Uehara shouldn’t refuse a paying customer just for her daughter’s romantic feelings.

But apart from being a landlord, Nozomi was still Mika’s mother, so of course she would help Mika out wherever possible.

Such as now, when she sent the information she obtained after spying… oops, that she heard.

Mika sighed. ‘Thank you, Mother, even if this is giving me pressure.’

Suddenly, her phone started ringing.

It was Seiji!

Mika realized her mother had requested for Seiji to come help her do the shopping.

‘Good job, Mom!’

‘I don’t know what I can do in such a short time, but I need to do something.’ Mika clenched her fists in anticipation.

Before long, she saw his familiar figure walking over towards her.

A tall and handsome figure which attracted many young women’s gazes just by walking past… he was simply that handsome.

Mika let out a light sigh. ‘Seiji, why did you have to become so handsome?’ Mika couldn’t help but complain once more.

Seiji was mystified. He felt like the look in Mika’s eyes was slightly abnormal.

"What else do we need to buy?" he asked as he took the shopping cart from Mika.

"An item to make you less handsome…" Mika mumbled to herself.


"Nothing! Next on the shopping list is paper." The haughty pigtailed girl flicked her hair around as she walked in front of Seiji with resounding steps.

Seiji could only follow behind her.

Since Mika was being distracted by her thoughts, she didn’t pay attention while turning the corner and ended up crashing into another girl.

The other girl wasn’t paying attention either; she was looking at her cell phone while walking, so she lost balance after being crashed into.



The girl was about to hit the ground when a tall figure instantly rushed over. One of his hands supported the girl’s back firmly while the other hand caught the cell phone which was sent flying by the initial collision!

Of course it was Seiji.

"Are you okay?" he asked the girl in his arms.

Looking up at him, the girl was greeted by the sight of an incredibly handsome face smiling gently at her. She was momentarily dazzled.

As for Seiji…

‘Wtf, this girl’s breasts are huge!’

Please forgive his shock that was just like that of a middle schooler’s. This girl had shiny brown hair, delicate eyelashes, orange eyes, and she was wearing a khaki cardigan… But her breast size was just too astonishing!

Was it F, or was it G?

No! It was even higher that that!!

Seiji couldn’t help but remember a harem anime (for gentlemen) that he enjoyed in his past life. The female lead’s name was Ai-chan, but this name actually had a double meaning… it referred to her cup size!

The legendary I-cup.

Seiji felt like this girl in front of him was probably at that level.

Let’s practice the alphabet.


Who can say it out loud, what level is I?

That’s right, the ninth level! The ninth level, everyone!!

Even Kamijou Touma’s world had only five power levels; do you understand what the ninth level means!?

That was a divine level!! Breasts that unfailingly surpassed all others!!!

Seiji’s mind was thrown into turmoil due to these divine breasts!

If it wasn’t for his strong mental resistance, he would surely be left with a dazed expression right now. Actually, his current expression wasn’t all that far off from such an expression… If the girl had observed him a little more closely, she would have discovered his face had already frozen solid.

"I… I’m fine…" The large-breasted beauty took a while to recover her senses before she answered, her soft, beautiful face flushing deep red.

Seiji regained his senses as well and let go of her after steadying her on her feet.

"Your cell phone."

"T… thank you." The girl took her cell phone back and lowered her head in thanks.

"No need! My friend is the one who should be apologizing to you." Seiji looked towards Mika.

Mika’s expression was rather complicated, and a hint of red crept into her cheeks.

"I’m sorry… I wasn’t paying attention and bumped into you," she apologized sincerely to the large-chested girl.

The other girl smiled brightly. "It’s okay. I was also in the wrong for walking while being distracted by my cell phone."

And so, the accident left no ill will between either party.

"Her chest sure was big! Wasn’t it, handsome?" Mika asked in an icy and strange tone of voice after the girl had left.

Seiji could tell she wasn’t feeling happy about the way he’d reacted.

"Objectively speaking, of course she did. Very few girls have such a large chest… Are you jealous?"

"Of course not!" Mika flicked her pigtails in disdain once more, displaying her innate haughtiness. "Having a large chest… It’s very uncomfortable to have such large breasts! It’ll be really inconvenient with many frustrations! Only you idiot boys would like such a thing!!"

Seiji could only smile wryly.

He felt like no matter what he said right now, she would find something to complain about, but not talking seemed even worse…

Seiji sighed inwardly. ‘Mika seems to have suffered quite the impact, but I still need to try and console her.’

Seiji continued following behind the tsundere girl.

He didn’t notice that behind him, the big-breasted girl had stopped walking, and her gaze was firmly fixed on his back.

"Such a handsome boy… Is that cute girl his girlfriend?"

NEET Receives a Dating Sim Game Leveling System Chapter 102

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