NEET Receives a Dating Sim Game Leveling System Chapter 103

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‘Enough already!’

Rampantly displaying his handsomeness everywhere, saving girls everywhere he goes, and making girls fall in love with him so easily… It was obvious that he was staring at her huge chest just now, but he still had the gall to act so gentlemanly. What was up with that!?

Mika’s heart was filled with frustration.

Her inner self was raging with turmoil.

That girl… just happened to have a bit of a large chest… Just what was up with his expression when he looked at her!?

Of course, this was her biggest complaint.

‘Mine aren’t all that small; besides, the shape is the most important…’


‘What do you want!?’

Although Mika inwardly complained upon hearing Seiji call her, she still obediently looked back at him.

She saw that he was smiling gently at her while pointing to the freezer next to him.

"I’ll treat you to some ice cream, how about it?"

His sincere smile was quite moving.

Mika couldn’t think of any words to say.

They left the supermarket and were now in a park together.

Mika and Seiji were sitting on Chiaki… whoops, swings as they opened up their ice cream cups.

"This is probably the last month we can enjoy ice cream outside like this." Seiji placed a spoonful of ice cream inside his mouth as he talked. "Yeah, this ice cream is really cold… The weather will turn chilly soon, and the supermarket’s ice cream sales will probably fall."

"Yeah…" Mika also tried a spoonful of ice cream, shivering as it sent chills running through her body.

‘D… don’t think that I’ll forgive you just because you treated me to some cheap ice cream, hmph!’

Although she said that in her heart, Mika knew that her frustration had already largely dissipated.

Seiji secretly glanced at the girl beside him. He noticed that she still seemed slightly unhappy, but her dissatisfaction was obviously much weaker than earlier.

‘So easy to bribe… whoops, I meant to say that she’s so simple.’

She gets lost in her thoughts easily, and she’s prone to acting out and getting angry easily. However, she’s also really easy to coax… Mika Uehara was just a classic tsundere, a soft and cute beauty who had a large variety of expressions.

She wasn’t a natural jokester like Chiaki; he felt a different type of relaxation when he was with her.

Seiji smiled as he averted his gaze from her.

As the sun set in the park, the beautiful girl and handsome boy eating ice cream on the swings seemed like an attractive scene out of a television drama.

"A new tenant moved in today." Mika suddenly broke the silence.

"Yep, I met her already."

"She said she already knows you, and that she absolutely has to live next door to you in order for her to feel safe."

"Er, about that…" Seiji scratched his face awkwardly. "One night when I was out walking, I met her on the street… She was being harassed by some people, so I slightly helped her out a little."

"What kind of ‘slight help’ are we talking about here?" Mika looked directly at him.

"Er…" Seiji averted his gaze. "I… knocked out… most of the people that were harassing her."

Mika thought back to Seiji’s astonishing performance at the karate club, before she envisioned her version of the meeting between Seiji and the blonde beauty.

The blonde girl, who had been out on her own business, unfortunately bumped into a group of hoodlums. While they were harassing her, a tall and handsome boy just happened to pass by and…

This was the most cliché scenario possible: a prince on a white horse saving the damsel in distress! Even television dramas weren’t using such scenes anymore!!

Mika couldn’t help but make a forceful comment at her own imagined scene.

But no matter how cliché or overused, he still saved a damsel in distress, and handsome was handsome!

Didn’t she herself also fall victim to his charm because of such a cliché event?

‘I have no right to comment about how others are the same as me,’ Mika reprimanded herself. ‘Mm, I’ve improved since before, young woman.’

Mika pouted. "Hmph, Seiji, you’re just too cool."

Seiji couldn’t formulate a response to this.

Was she praising him? Why did it sound like she was actually unsatisfied?

"Congratulations, you saved a beauty, and now she’s specially come all the way just to find you. She’s even living next door! You must be overjoyed!"

"No… although she’s living next door to me on purpose, it might not have been coming here just to find me…"

Mika stared at Seiji in disbelief.

"…Fine, she came here all the way just for me."

Seiji had no choice but to admit the truth when faced with Mika’s unfamiliar sharp gaze.

"I didn’t expect such a thing would happen, and I can’t say that I’m overjoyed…"

"You don’t like her?" Mika asked incredulously while blinking in disbelief.

"I can’t say that either… I should say that it’s not at the degree of like or dislike, since I’ve only met her a few times, and we haven’t even talked much yet."

"But she likes you to the point of following you all the way here!"

"Er… yes, that’s why… I don’t know what I should say." Seiji tilted his head in confusion. "She seems to have fallen in love with me at first sight, and as for me… I just think she’s an okay person. I don’t have a bad impression of her, nor do I dislike or like her. She’s just… a normal acquaintance to me."

"You weren’t even moved by the fact that she followed you all the way here?"

"More than that, I’m surprised." Seiji smiled wryly. "As for what I think of her feelings… I’m happy, since it’s only natural to be happy at being liked, but as you already know, I currently have no desire to get a girlfriend."

"That’s why I’m grateful for her feelings, but as for her actions… it’s slightly inconvenient."

A strange light flashed through Mika’s eyes. "Then will you reject her bluntly and tell her to go home?"

"If she confesses to me, I’ll reject her politely, but as for whether or not she returns home… That’s her choice; I can’t tell her what to do," Seiji told Mika honestly.

Mika looked deeply at Seiji.

‘Seiji… he’s just this type of person.’

He would face girls’ feelings directly and respond honestly to them. Even if a girl’s actions inconvenienced him, he wouldn’t force her to leave, and he’d respect her freedom as much as possible.

‘Ahh, enough already! Why is he so cool even in this matter!?’Mika inwardly complained. But she secretly felt delighted at the fact that the person she liked was such a good person.

‘The person I like is too cool! It’s really frustrating; what should I do!?"

Mika Uehara felt quite torn over this matter.

Mika finally let out a deep sigh. ‘Forget it. At least I know how Seiji feels about that blonde beauty. At the very least, he wouldn’t hook up with the new tenant anytime soon.’

But this was only the beginning!

Although Mika hadn’t met her yet, she was certain this blonde-haired young missus she’d heard about wouldn’t give up easily, even if she was rejected by Seiji and learnt of his attitude.

After all, being willing to leave home and move in next door to the person she liked showed an incredible determination. This girl definitely wouldn’t retreat easily!

Also… it was certain she knew how cool and worthy of her love this boy was!

Just like Mika.

After being moved by being saved as a damsel in distress, she discovered that he was cooler than she expected!

How could any girl easily give up on such a boy!?

Mika wouldn’t give up.

That blonde girl she hadn’t met yet would act in the same way; this blonde beauty definitely wouldn’t give up either.

It was going to be a long battle!

"What’s her name?" Mika suddenly inquired.


"That blonde beauty, what’s her name?"

"Oh, she’s called Kaede Juumonji."

‘Kaede Juumonji… a beautiful name. I’m going to remember it!’ Mika felt an intense feeling of competition well up within her.

At almost the exact same time.

"What’s your daughter’s name?"

"Her name is Mika."

"Mika… Mika Uehara, right?"

‘This name, I’m going to remember it,’ Kaede Juumonji silently thought to herself.

The battle between the girls was about to begin.

NEET Receives a Dating Sim Game Leveling System Chapter 103

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