Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 337

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Chapter 337: They Wish to Entrap Me? They Should Make Preparati

[Tian Fa can even track a rat’s movements within its territory in this time of war. So, how can a team infiltrate with utmost stealth?]

[To die is to die… but this team would basically be killing themselves if we take this course of action…]

"There has been no gain today…" Jun Wu Yi sighed, "Tian Fa has declared war. It has given us a preparation time of three days before it initiates a full-scale decisive battle. And, we’re still considering the commander-in-chief…"

Jun Mo Xie rolled his eyes, "What are your thoughts about this topic Third Uncle?"

"Huh…? You mean you accepted it?" Jun Mo Xie stood up, and asked cautiously after he had taken two steps.

"They called your name since they were aware that you wouldn’t say no; there was no other reason except this one alone. They were well-aware that you won’t back down!" Dongfang Wen Qing groaned, "You know that it’s nothing but a trap. And yet, you’re still ready to jump into it? Is this what you call a ‘great man’? This is nothing but a fool’s behavior!"

"Idiot!" Dingfang Wen Qing scolded sharply, "You going to war is just a meaningless sacrifice on your part; nothing more!"
"Real men have to s

houlder their responsibilities. And, the Jun Family’s reputation is my responsibility!"

Dongfang Wen Qing trembled angrily from head to toe. He stamped his foot and cursed, "I’ve never seen anyone so brain-dead in my entire life! You say something Mo Xie!"

Jun Wu Yi’s body started to tremble violently, and his face convulsed with pain. His expression became dark in a split second. Then, he tilted his head, and his cheek vanished in the darkness left by the flickering candle. The man then spoke-up in agony, "It’s not about prestige alone. The battlefield has taken millions of corpses since ancient times. Which one of them didn’t have aged parents? Who didn’t have a lovely young wife? Am I — Jun Wu Yi — special? Am I treasured gold? Isn’t this enough of a reason?"

"It’s okay if you’re going to fight. But, is it necessary that it’s just you alone? Can’t others go to fight as well?"

"Huh? What do you mean?" A bright light flashed in Jun Wu Yi’s eyes.

Jun Mo Xie’s white teeth became visible as he flashed a faint smile. And, they started to glitter in the flickering light of the candle. In fact, he looked like a man-eating beast as he put his hand down, and ferociously said, "This conspiracy to kill you will come with a heavy price. They want us to be finished?! But then, every powerful faction will meet their end with us! Who else wants to leave this world? Who dares to mess with my Jun Family?! How can we allow their plans to work so smoothly? Their fate will accompany ours if we lose even a single drop of blood!"

"It seems like we’ll be throwing away our lives if we agree to this. So, we must have others to die alongside us! These Xuan experts want you to die by sending you to lead only ordinary soldiers. So, we will keep that as our condition! And, we won’t agree to do anything if they don’t agree to this demand. Because… that will be a blatant entrapment! And, why should we go to hell when they won’t? How come their lives are more precious than ours? And if they do agree, then… he he… who knows who will die…"

The three Dongfang brothers glanced at Jun Wu Yi, and walked out as well.

"If only I had known earlier…" Jun Mo Xie said gloomily, "His heart has been showing signs of depression for a while now. If grandfather wasn’t that old… or I hadn’t been such a waste in my early days… then, Third Uncle would’ve perhaps… He had been suffering from that loss for so many years. Anyone else would’ve killed themselves numerous times by now…And now, you have arrived. That tantamount to protection for me… in fact, it’s equal to me getting a tyrannical patron. So, Third Uncle... perhaps can’t bear it anymore…"

"This ordeal of his’ won’t last long — I’ve decided it!" Jun Mo Xie had gone silent for a while before he softly came to speak these words. The other three suddenly raised their heads to look at him. And, their eyes were full of amazement.

"I’m going to sleep. I’m really tired," Jun Mo Xie spoke those few words, turned, and then walked away.

"How is this brat so heartless?!" They shook their heads in unison, and walked away.

He was suddenly outside the Southern Heaven City. Jun Mo Xie then felt at ease, and initiated his Yin Yang Escape at its full force. His body seemed like a meteor as his incorporeal shadow moved onwards.

[And anyway… you people think that I can’t kill with a borrowed knife? I’m much more adept at this kind of game than you are!]

Jun Mo Xie felt like a dragon at sea… or a tiger in the forest the moment he entered Tian Fa. In fact, he had crossed around twenty-five kilometers in a single moment.

Whether it was his outer body or inner soul — everything felt extremely relaxed. And, this relaxed and extremely satisfied feeling started to increase his fondness for the Tian Fa forest.
This was the most dangerous and cruel place in the entire Xuan Xuan Continent as per the common legends. However, this territory was still giving a sense of comfort to Jun Mo Xie’s heart!

Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 337

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