Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 12 - Clan Meeting

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Chapter 12 Clan Meeting (Teaser)

At this moment, Qin Clan, Hall of Conference. 

Qin Tian sat cross legged, his face tranquil. People were simply unable to guess what he was thinking. 

Beneath him was the Supreme Elder, Qin Tieba, as well as the Second Elder and Third Elder. During this period of time, the three elders of Qin Clan wore very ugly faces, especially Qin Tieba. His complexion was ashen, and his eyes indistinctly flashed a killing intent. 

Beneath the three Elders were the attendees of Qin Clan; there were 30 people in total. 

No one in the Hall of Conference said a single word. The atmosphere was heavy. 

Those present understood that what happened within the Qin Clan a few days ago was the cause. It was due to Qin Clan’s Patriarch, Qin Tian, he no longer received any cultivation resources from the Qin Family. Instead, he withdrew five hundred Body Tempering Pills and gave them all to Qin Nan. 

This was an entire five hundred Body Tempering Pills! That is equivalent to five months of what all the disciples within the Qin Clan received! If Qin Nan was still the former number one genius, then that’d be a different story. However, who was the current Qin Nan? He was the number one waste of the Qin Clan!

Giving five hundred Body Tempering Pills to a waste was simply outrageous! 

“Our Qin Clan will commence a Clan Meeting once a month,” Qin Tian finally said, while his face was expressionless, “The Clan Meeting is to report all the smaller and bigger matters that have happened, and then have everyone give their input on them. As the Patriarch, I don’t understand why no one has anything to report? If no one is going to report anything, then I will declare the end of the Clan Meeting!” 

As the attendees heard this, each and every one of them was dumbstruck. Ever since the Qin Clan became the second ranked Clan of Linshui City, a case of the Clan Meeting ending early was unprecedented.

“I have something to say!” at this moment, a chilly voice resounded. 

Everyone’s gaze immediately looked toward the person who spoke. It happened to be Qin Changkong! 

Translator: Tofu
Editor: MindLitUp

Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 12 - Clan Meeting

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Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 12 - Clan Meeting summary

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