Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 13 - Mystic Spirit Sect

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Chapter 13 - Mystic Spirit Sect (Teaser)

The entire Conference Hall of the Qin Clan sunk into dead silence. 

All of the attendees had gaping eyes, they had never thought that Qin Tieba would actually impeach Qin Tian’s position as Patriarch. 

The expressions of the Second Elder and Third Elder beneath Qin Tieba were exceedingly calm, it was as though they were expecting this to happen. 

“Impeach me?” Qin Tian broke the silence, his smile revealed a trace of indifference, “Supreme Elder, you want to impeach me due to this? In that case, why don’t you show me what abilities you have to impeach me!” 

As Qin Tian spoke, majestic True Qi violently surged from his body. 

Body Tempering Realm is equivalent to tempering the body. Xiantian Realm was the Spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth, absorbing and transforming it into one's own True Qi

The expressions of the present crowd simultaneously changed as they felt immense pressure, it was as though even breathing had become exceedingly difficult.

This was the innate difference between Body Tempering Realm and Xiantian realm. 

Qin Tian stood up and observed the audience before his gaze finally landed on Qin Tieba as he said, “I, Qin Tian, am the only Xiantian Realm expert within the Qin Clan. If you want to impeach me, then I’d like to see just what qualifications you, the Supreme Elder, have to be on an equal standing as the Fang Clan.”

As Qin Tian finished speaking, the faces of a large majority of the crowd changed abruptly. 

Qin Clan and Fang Clan are the two major Clans of Linshui City, they were also incessantly battling against each other. Moreover, the Patriarch of Fang Clan was also a Xiantian Realm expert. If Qin Clan didn’t have Qin Tian, the Qin Clan definitely wouldn’t be on par with the Fang Clan.

Qin Tieba remained unperturbed, instead, a mocking smile appeared on his face, “Qin Tian, I assume you’re going to rely on your cultivation to deal with this affair? Do you think you are the only one who can support the Qin Clan? 

The crowd was dumbstruck. What did Qin Tieba imply? Could it be that Qin Tieba has broken through and achieved Xiantian Realm? 

Translator: Tofu

Editor: Mantou

Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 13 - Mystic Spirit Sect

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Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 13 - Mystic Spirit Sect summary

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