Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 14 - Astonished Clan

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Chapter 14 - Astonished Clan (Teaser)


The sudden explosion caused the former passionate Hall of Conference to sink into complete silence. 

The gazes of the attendees subconsciously shifted over.

Qin Tieba and Qin Changkong, the father and son duo were slightly shocked by the explosion. They had never imagined that there would be anyone who would dare to destroy the gate to the Qin Clan’s Hall of Conference.

Following this, their expression turned ugly as their gazes shifted. 

The duo wanted to know just who had balls large enough to interrupt them during such a crucial moment and disturb their joyous occasion. 

However, as they carefully shifted their gaze to the perpetrator, they were both completely shocked. 

Not only were the father and son duo shocked, but the faces of all the people present were also petrified. They had never imagined that the person who had come crashing into the Hall of Conference during this crucial time would actually be the notorious  waste of the Qin Clan, Qin Nan!

“All of you want to impeach my father?” Qin Nan’s complexion was ice cold. He acted as if he didn’t do anything wrong as he asked this question to the crowd. 

“Nan’er, you….” At this moment, Qin Tian was also speechless due to Qin Nan’s actions. However, he quickly gathered his thoughts and his complexion changed as he said with a stern voice, “Qin Nan, what are you doing? You are not allowed in here, hurry up and--” 

Before Qin Tian could finish his sentence, he was interrupted by Qin Tieba who emitted a faintly discernible killing intent and his expression turned cold as he said, “Qin Nan, you have quite the audacity. This is the Hall of Conference of he Qin Clan, yet you dare to destroy the gate and disturb this meeting. Are you planning to cause trouble?

Qin Tieba suddenly raised his voice as he spoke. The majestic aura of a tenth-layer Body Tempering Realm Expert erupted while he attacked Qin Nan. 

From this, one could tell that Qin Nan’s abrupt action had enraged Qin Tieba.

If it wasn’t for Qin Tian’s cultivation level, there’d be no doubt that Qin Tieba would directly kill Qin Nan. 

Qin Nan acted as though he hadn’t noticed Qin Tieba’s anger, instead, his eyes inspected the audience with his saber-like gaze. He said slowly, “Let me ask once again. Are you people planning on impeaching my father’s position?” 

Translator: Tofu

Editor: Mantou

Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 14 - Astonished Clan

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Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 14 - Astonished Clan summary

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