Peerless Martial God Chapter 801

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Chapter 801

Chapter 801: Palace Hologram

Lin Feng and his friends arrived at the palace to find a pile of corpses on the ground. 

“How tranquil…” whispered Lin Feng.

“The fourth palace has already been found.” said Jun Mo Xi. Huang Fu Long and Yun Fei Yang nodded, “Yes, someone must have obtained great treasures.””

“As expected.” Lin Feng noted that the four palaces were found and now wondered where the great emperor’s palaces was.

“Hehe. I think I can find the great emperor’s grave.” said Huang Fu Long giggling. Instantly, the others looked at him. Could he really find it?

“I learnt many things from the Zun cultivator at the pool. Nobody knows where his grave is but it has to be on a vein of Earth where dragon Qi is extremely dense. The four Zun cultivators’ palaces are on veins of Earth where dragon Qi is. Now that they have all been found, the dragon Qi is much denser than before so I can use my dragon blood spirit to sense where the densest dragon Qi is.” said Huang Fu Long, still giggling . The fact that the dragon Qi was initially not perceptible meant that the great emperor’s palace had to be discovered first.

Everything was

preordained fate.

“Can you sense the Dragon Qi now?” asked Lin Feng to Huang Fu Long. Huang Fu Long’s eyes were twinkling while pointing in one direction, “That is where the dragon Qi is the densest.”

The place that Huang Fu Long pointed was in the middle of the four palaces. Many had already found out about the palaces, so there was no time to waste. They all went in that direction, finding nothing on their way. The center of the region was a vast and desolate area, devoid of Qi and corpses.

That place seemed so uninteresting that nobody would have wanted to stop there.

“Could the great emperor of legends be underground?” thought Lin Feng. There is nothing there but if the great emperor is here, it has to be underground.

“Huang Fu Long, we are following your instincts.” said Lin Feng. Huang Fu Long nodded, his silhouette flickered and he pressed himself against the ground. He could sense the dragon Qi the best if he got closer to the ground. 

Lin Feng and his friends continued to move around but saw no one. The strong cultivators who came to the mysterious world were looking for treasure, nothing else.

“The dragon Qi is incredibly dense”

dense” said Huang Fu Long, smiling. His senses wouldn’t betray when it came to sensing dragon energy. If the grave really was at the place where the dragon Qi was the densest, then they were very close. 

What would happen if they found his grave? Maybe, finding the great emperor’s grave would lead to their deaths. Maybe the great emperor wanted them to receive his teachings, or maybe he didn’t want to be found at all.

Regardless, the great emperor’s grave definitely contained some amazing treasures. He buried his people with him so it was easy to believe that he buried his treasures as well.

“What a powerful Dragon Qi” said Huang Fu Long walking slower and slower. He was walking around slowly, step by step.

Huang Fu Long stopped, raised his head and looked around, there was nothing. There were some white clouds in the sky and only dust on the ground. However, Huang Fu Long was convinced there would be something there.

“You also found the place.” someone said. Lin Feng and his friends looked at the person coming towards them, tt was Yu Tian Ji. He had also found the place but he was frowning because nothing happened there.

“Nothing happened. I have the

have the strange impression that the great emperor’s grave might be here but I’ve been turning around for a while and haven’t seen anything. It’s a boundless and desolate place.” said Yu Tian Ji before continuing, “Of course, I could be mistaken.”

“I have the same impression as you so we can’t be mistaken.” said Huang Fu Long. His blood was flowing quickly as if it were boiling. How could I be mistaken? “There’s a very powerful dragon Qi here just like you said, if the great emperor’s grave really exists, it must be here.”

“I’m going underground to see.” said Huang Fu Long while taking down his dragon axe. He stomped onto the ground, making it shake and crack. Then he dove in.

“No use, I already tried that.” Yu Tian Ji shook his head. As expected, Huang Fu Long came back out after a while and looked annoyed. He explored the depths of the area but found nothing.

“The dragon Qi is so thick and dense, what could be the cause? Could it be that my ancestor lied to me?” cursed Huang Fu Long in a low voice. He felt very uncomfortable, his Qi was revolving intensely.

“Huang Fu Long.” Lin Feng looked astonished, he looked astonished, he was staring at Huang Fu Long. Everybody else was looking at him as well.

“What’s wrong?” asked Huang Fu Long surprised to see everyone look at him. He scratched his head in a confused way. Why were they looking at him?

“On your body…” They all stared at Huang Fu Long’s body, there was a drawing on it. There was a magnificent pattern on his body, the pattern of a gigantic palace.

The hologram of a palace was on Huang Fu Long’s body! 

“What is going on?” Lin Feng and his friends’ pupils shrank. They inspected it closer but didn’t see anything. However, the hologram on his body looked real. 

“Release the strength of your blood spirit and the dragon Qi.” said Lin Feng as if he had thought of something.

“Ok.” said Huang Fu Long, nodding. Even though he didn’t understand what Lin Feng meant, he still obeyed and released the strength of his blood spirit and Qi. His Qi was incredible powerful, it seemed like dragons were furiously roaring inside.

The hologram became more and more distinct. That palace was vast, majestic, it seemed endless.

“Is that a palace or a grave?” asked Lin Feng to the others. The hologram was becoming more clear!

Peerless Martial God Chapter 801

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