Peerless Martial God Chapter 1041

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Chapter 1041

Chapter 1041: Killing Shadow Hunters

“I encountered two strong cultivators in such a short time. Luckily, I was stronger than them, otherwise, I would have died.” thought Lin Feng. At that moment, he was starting to realize how scary that place. Luckily, the cultivator with the shadow spirit wasn’t stronger than Lin Feng and luckily Lin Feng had managed to injure him.

In that place, there were all sorts of Tian level cultivators. In order to finish as fast as possible, high level cultivators had to kill a lot of people. In order to become a good hunter, cultivators in that world also had to learn how to watch their own back.

“Drip, drip.” Lin Feng heard some water and frowned.

He raised his head and without hesitating, he immediately punched the air. At the same time, he released some dazzling energies and noticed people.

“Die!” said Lin Feng. He had injured the cultivator with the shadow spirit, but he was still trying to kill him. He was hiding in trees now.

“I was too careless.” thought Lin Feng wiping sweat off his forehead.

Everything became dark around Lin Feng as he was surrounded by

an incredibly sharp Qi. He started moving like the wind.

Lin Feng tried to follow the cultivator with the shadow spirit by listening to the sounds the leaves made as he moved. The cultivator with the shadow spirit had tried to kill Lin Feng twice. Did he think Lin Feng was that easy to kill?

Suddenly, the sounds stopped. Lin Feng raised his hand and released energies.

“Die!” shouted Lin Feng coldly. Lights of energies streaked across the sky and disappeared.

“Slash, slash.” another sound spread in the air. Lin Feng looked, was that guy leaving?

“Drip, drip.” Blood appeared. Someone was injured. Lin Feng had managed to injure him with his last attack.

“Hmph!” Lin Feng groaned coldly. If that guy hadn’t tried to kill him twice, Lin Feng wouldn’t have chased him. If he didn’t do anything, the guy with the shadow spirit would probably try a third time and a fourth time.

Lin Feng chased him. They arrived in a field, but as before, Lin Feng couldn’t see anything. He was just relying on the sounds he heard and the Qi. For him, that was enough. 

The cultivator was quite

quite fast though. They weren’t far from each other, but Lin Feng’s opponent wasn’t any slower than him. That guy was probably using advanced agility techniques.

“Kacha, kacha!” another sound was heard. Two dazzling white wings appeared and illuminated the surroundings.

“Bzzz!” a strong wind started blowing as Lin Feng became even faster.

“You’re insane!” shouted someone furiously. The guy with the shadow spirit was furious. He wouldn’t have thought he’d meet such an insane guy as Lin Feng who didn’t care about drawing other people’s attention. Many people would come over.

He didn’t dare stop now. He had even been injured by Lin Feng so if he stopped again, Lin Feng would certainly kill him.

If he had known that Lin Feng would chase him like that, he wouldn’t have attacked him.

“Almost there.” thought the guy with shadow spirit. 

“Slash, slash…” Lin Feng threw himself at him. He looked scary.

“You want to die!” said the guy with the shadow spirit. Lin Feng sensed desolate Qi and rumbling sounds spreading in the air.

“Desolate Qi!” They were under the Huang Sea. Even though there was a separation between the Huang Sea

Huang Sea and that small world, some Qi still spilled into that world. Surprisingly, the cultivator with the shadow spirit could use the desolate Qi there.

“Die!” shouted that person furiously. The cultivator appeared in Lin Feng’s field of vision. It was a slim young man. He avoided Lin Feng’s sword Qi and attacked him with some desolate Qi.

“Bzzz!” The desolate Qi approached Lin Feng. The young man was smiling in a cold way. Lin Feng moved backwards as if he was still worried that the desolate Qi could affect him.

Lin Feng calmly looked at the desolate Qi. Desolate Qi had no impact on Lin Feng. It was just a energy energy for Lin Feng. The young man’s facial expression changed drastically.

Desolate Qi had no effect on Lin Feng?

“You must be disappointed.” said Lin Feng coldly. He opened his silver wings and turned into a white beam of light, throwing himself at the young man while condensing sealing strength in his hands.

“Shadow!” The young man disappeared once again. Lin Feng didn’t give him any chance to escape though. Lin Feng’s sealing strength was more than enough for him.

“Bzzz!” Lin Feng’s /> “Bzzz!” Lin Feng’s opponent could barely move. He fixedly stared at Lin Feng. Lin Feng could block desolate Qi and could use sealing strength. How scary was that! Why had he attacked Lin Feng? What a tragedy. He had come there to practice cultivation and he was very strong. But that small world was cruel. They were all hunters in there. He hadn’t thought he’d meet someone with such a diverse skill set as Lin Feng’s.

“Don’t you want to kill me?” said Lin Feng raising his finger and shooting a beam of light towards the young man. Blood splashed again.

“Die!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. He punched the atmosphere in the direction of the young man who suddenly looked hopeless. In a flash, he died. Lin Feng had even released some desolate Qi in his attack. How was that possible? He clearly saw that Lin Feng possessed desolate Qi, he hadn’t borrowed it from his surroundings.

No matter what, he was dead now. He was Lin Feng’s first prey.

Many people came closer, but when they sensed the desolate Qi, they moved back. Desolate Qi was terrifying.

Lin Feng raised his head and continued releasing desolate Qi.

Peerless Martial God Chapter 1041

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