Peerless Martial God Chapter 135

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When the young man in black felt Lin Feng’s cold Qi moving towards him, he couldn’t help but shiver. Cold sweat was flowing down his back.


“This is the Celestial Academy, students can fight but they cannot kill!” said the young man in black. He felt like he was about to faint. He was scared to death.


“I know.” said Lin Feng coldly. The young man in black felt some relief on hearing this. It gave him hope.


“But I also know that it is forbidden to disturb other people while they are in a cultivation room… and what have you been doing for the last three months?” said Lin Feng which made the young man in black fall back into his panicked state.


“I admit that I violated the rules but the consequences are not important when compared with killing a student. Killing a student is completely different.”


“Are you trying to scare me?” said Lin Feng. The young man in black was growing more terrified with each passing moment. His forehead was covered with sweat.


“Besides, the consequences are not important?” said Lin Feng while glancing at the poor and exhausted Liu Fei. He then added: “Well, that’s your opinion. As I see it, the consequences of you having harassed her for three months are much more serious than taking your pathetic life.”


“You cannot kill him.” repeated Cui Ting which attracted Lin Feng’s attention. Lin Feng slightly turned around and looked at him.


“You cannot kill him, otherwise, you’ll regret it.” Said Cui Ting.


“I’m sorry, I’ll  have to disappoint you. I never regret anything that I do.” Lin Feng’s hand continued to move and Cui Ting quickly shouted: “Wait, wait!”


“Do you have anything else to add?” said Lin Feng.


“He is Hei Mo’s little brother, if you kill him, Hei Mo will never let you off.”


“HEI MO!” said some people who had come over to see what was happening. They were stupefied. He was surprisingly Hei Mo’s brother.


Yuan Shan was in the crowd as well and was stupefied like everybody else. He had also heard about Hei Mo.


“Lin Feng, Hei Mo is one of the ten best students of the Celestial Academy! He almost never practices here and when he does, it’s on the ground floor!” warned Yuan Shan from the middle of the crowd. Indeed, Hei Mo wasn’t someone one wanted to fight.


A light flashed in Lin Feng’s eyes. The young man in black looked like he was relieved.


“Indeed, I’m Hei Mo’s little brother. If you kill me, he will definitely kill you.” Said the young man in black proudly.


“Moron.” said Lin Feng when he heard the young man’s threat. He raised his sword and then carefully slit the young man’s throat from ear to ear. At that moment, everyone was completely stunned and shaking in fear.


Nobody had thought that Lin Feng, after hearing that he was related to Hei Mo, would actually dare to kill his little brother without the slightest hesitation.


The young man in black hadn’t thought that his death would come so quickly. At the moment when Lin Feng’s sword penetrated his throat, he was still hoping that Lin Feng would retreat on hearing his brothers name.


His last thought was that he hated himself for acting so foolishly. He hated himself for having provoked Lin Feng. He didn’t hate Lin Feng to such an extent and Lin Feng didn’t hate him, there was no great enmity between them until he had caused it. He had thought that dying for what had happened was too grave a punishment and he truly felt that Lin Feng wouldn’t do it. He had been stupid until the end.


“What a cruel and heartless person.” sighed Cui Ting. He hadn’t thought that Lin Feng would kill him after hearing about Hei Mo.


Lin Feng took out a rag and wiped the blade of his sword. Then, he put it back in its sheath and looked at Cui Ting.


“If he hadn’t been Hei Mo’s brother, he would have never dared to be that audacious and violate the rules of the academy, am I right?” said Lin Feng coldly pointing at the young man’s corpse lying on the floor.


Cui Ting was surprised and then nodded. Without Hei Mo’s reputation the young man in black would never have behaved in such a way.


“Therefore, the one who caused this is actually Hei Mo… so it was actually Hei Mo who broke the rules of the academy. Because of him, my friend was constantly harassed day and night for a hundred days… but Hei Mo will not bear the responsibility for that, am I right?” said Lin Feng. Cui Ting suddenly came to a realisation. He now understood why Lin Feng had actually killed the young man in black.


It was not that Lin Feng hadn’t thought about Hei Mo when killing his little brother, it was actually the exact opposite. Lin Feng just didn’t think of Hei Mo as someone above the rules, he only thought that because of him, Liu Fei had been harassed for a hundred days without rest. That’s why he killed the young man in black. It was a warning. He wanted to tell everyone in the academy that anyone who assaulted him or his friends would pay with their life!


“Let’s go.” said Lin Feng to Liu Fei. Liu Fei, Yuan Shan and Jing Yun all started leaving with Lin Feng. Cui Ting and the young man’s dead body were just left behind as they walked away.


“What’s your name?” asked Cui Ting.


“Lin Feng.” Replied Lin Feng as he walked away.


“Lin Feng…” whispered Cui Ting, he would make sure to remember that name. The rest of the crowd also took note of his name. Who could forget the name of someone who had dared to provoke Hei Mo?


After Lin Feng and the others left. The tenth floor was still filled with people. There were more and more people gathering at the location. There was a corpse on the tenth floor. Surprisingly, there was someone who had dared to kill someone in the cultivation tower. They didn’t know who could be so audacious. At that moment, an evil looking young man was walking towards the tenth floor.


The evil looking young man arrived on the tenth floor and looked at the corpse on the ground. His facial expression didn’t change. He still looked incredibly calm as he looked at the scene. The crowd who was surrounding that evil looking young man backed away from him and made sure to give him enough space. They were looking at him as if he was a deity walking amongst them. It was Hei Mo who had climbed the tower looking for his little brother.


“Who killed him?” asked Hei Mo with an indifferent tone. He even looked calm which scared the crowd to death.


“Lin Feng.” replied Cui Ting and then added: “He’s much too strong for me to fight against.”


Hei Mo remained silent and looked at the corpse. He then said: “Make him come to my clan… and double check his name. Make sure you got the name correct.” When Hei Mo finished talking, he turned around and slowly walked towards the flight of stairs. He then left the tower without another word.




When Lin Feng and the others arrived in the palace where they lived, He let out a deep sigh and got ready to go back to his living quarters.


“Don’t get too impatient to go and find the other one.” said a quiet voice next to him.


Lin Feng was surprised. What was said sounded incredibly strange. Lin Feng had a strange smile on his face as he looked at Liu Fei with a blank expression.


“Are you angry?” asked Lin Feng while smiling and gazing deeply into her eyes.


“Why would I be angry?” replied Liu Fei coldly while avoiding Lin Feng’s eyes.


Lin Feng had a smile on the corner of his mouth and said: “Since you are not angry, why can I feel that there is bitterness in your voice?”


“Maybe because you have dirty ears and can’t hear properly.” replied Liu Fei. What was that guy’s problem staring at her like that?


“Is that so?” said Lin Feng while scratching his head. He then smiled and said: “We just came back from training, obviously we would go back to our respective living quarters… and you seem to think that it is because I was impatient to see Meng Qing? Could it be that you want me to come to your room?”


“Stop dreaming!” said Liu Fei while stamping her feet. That guy really had mental problems! She then immediately left and went straight to her room.


Lin Feng looked at Liu Fei and smiled. Even though she was often in a bad mood, she was really adorable and cute when she hid her feelings like that.


Lin Feng didn’t rush back to his room within his living quarters and rather knocked at Meng Qing’s door.


“Come in.” said Meng Qing coldly. Lin Feng immediately entered. He saw Meng Qing who was sitting on the bed. She said: “Oh, you came back.”


Meng Qing hadn’t covered her face with her fine veil. Her entire face was visible to Lin Feng which made him sigh with exasperation. How could the creator of all things, create such an unrivalled beauty? That was too cruel.


“In the previous world, even the richest man in the world would have given up his entire fortune for this beauty.” thought Lin Feng. While in his presence, Meng Qing wasn’t as cold as before. If he could make her smile once every day then he would have a wonderful life.


“What happened on that day… has it happened again?” asked Lin Feng calmly while walking towards Meng Qing’s bed.


Meng Qing looked at Lin Feng, slightly shook her hand and said softly: “Have I not told you about this? It happens every six months.”

Peerless Martial God Chapter 135

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