Peerless Martial God Chapter 1333

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Chapter 1333

Chapter 1333: Carnal Pleasures

“You’re a demon too!” said Lin Feng when he sensed the desire abstruse energies controlling his body.

Yi Ren Lei looked sexy, beautiful. She even stood on the tip of her toes and suddenly kissed Lin Feng passionately. She snuggled with him, made out, her body was firmly pressed against his.

“I’m not the same, I’m pure and clean my love. You’re my first man, my first love and you’ll be the last one too. I’ll always be the best woman I can be with you.” she said in a low and sexy tone.

“Slash…” Lin Feng’s clothes were suddenly torn apart, some parts of them flew away in the wind.

Yi Ren Lei took off her clothes, only leaving her underwear. Her beautiful white skin was perfect, without impurities. Lin Feng’s clothes continued falling down and flying away with the wind. He only had his armor left, but it was mixed with his skin.

“My love, let’s take off everything!” said Yi Ren Lei. She took Lin Feng’s hand and put it on her skin.

“Are you sure you won’t regret this?” asked Lin Feng, his eyes were gradually filled with fire and passion.

“These next one-hundred days, only you and I matter. After those hundred days, you won’t need to bear any responsibility.” said Yi Ren Lei shyly, putting Lin Feng’s hand on the last clothes she was wearing.

“You’re even more evil than the snow leader.” said Lin Feng. He was going insane, his eyes were filled with fire, desire, passion.

He finally took off her last clothes and couldn’t hold himself back any longer.

Lin Feng’s armor disappeared, so now they were completely naked in that icy world. A icy-lotus appeared beneath them and hid them from the rest of the world.

“My love, let’s succumb to our carnal desires!” said Yi Ren Lei in a seductive way. He immediately succumbed to her beautiful body and they made love for a long time. Yi Ren Lei was moaning in Lin Feng’s ears.

They forgot about everything around them while making love.

Lin Feng had never had that feeling before, even while making love to Xin Ye, he had never felt that way. Yi Ren Lei seemed to know everything there was to know about carnal pleasures. She showed him everything.

At that moment, Lin Feng could sense his vital energies condensing. He had the feeling he was fusing together with the Earth, a perfect fusion. In that world, there were only Lin Feng and Yi Ren Lei. Lin Feng’s demon intents, abstruse energies and soul were raging inside of him.

The Kamadhatu – the Six Heavens of Desire and Passion, the carnal pleasures skill, made the fusion between a man and a woman perfec., Lin Feng was discovering the real pleasures of making love while sinking into deprivation. However, in softness, there was hardness, in hardness there was softness, when sinking, one could rise. Yi Ren Lei was Lin Feng’s mistress, he was her object, he only had to enjoy those pleasures.

After a long time, the lotus eventually disappeared, Lin

Lin Feng and Yi Ren Lei were lying there. Lin Feng was looking at the sky, Yi Ren Lei was in his arms, her head was on his shoulders, and her face was red.

Lin Feng suddenly stood up and rose up in the air. He said, “I’m going back to practice cultivation!”

Yi Ren Lei looked at him and said in a gentle way, “My love,you don’t understand emotions.”

Then, she looked at her clothes. The dress which they had been lying on had a blood stain on it. She put it in her ring and put on something else. The she rose up in the air as well, following Lin Feng.

Time passed slowly that night. There was a terrifying demonic Qi filling Yi Ren Lei’s palace. It seemed like the room could explode at any moment.

Yi Ren Lei was sitting in a pavilion, her cheeks were rosy, and she looked stunning.

“That’s my man, he’s incredibly strong.” thought Yi Ren Lei, looking at the room from which the demonic Qi was emanating.

“Kaboom!” Finally, the small room exploded and Demonic Qi spread thousands of meters around. Demon clouds even appeared in the sky.

“Eh…” Yi Ren Lei was amazed and smiled wryly.

Was that a demon skill? It had to be from the antiquity, perhaps even demonic scriptures. Only imperial skills could be called scriptures.

As expected, the demon clouds attracted many people. A group of soldiers appeared in the air and stared at it.

Yi Ren Lei stopped smiling. She left the pavilion

the pavilion and said to the soldiers in a cold way, “Who told you to come here? Piss off!”

“Your Highness, for your safety, I need to inspect those demonic clouds.” then he opened his third eye and moved his godly awareness towards Lin Feng’s room.

“You want to die!” said Yi Ren Lei. She opened her third eye and an ice-cold light shot out.

At the same time, Yi Ren Lei moved quickly, energies rising to the skies. She was releasing water energies as a lake appeared in the sky and water dragon came out of it, heading towards the soldiers.

“Level five abstruse energies!” the soldiers were pale. They wanted to run away but they had no time, the water dragon caught up with them.

“Those who come to my palace without my authorization will die!” said Yi Ren Lei in a cold way.A few people gave horrible shrieks, and some drowned in the water abstruse energies, their bodies disappearing.

Because Yi Ren Lei seemed so strong, many people didn’t dare bother her those days. After a few days, the demonic clouds became less distinct. Yi Ren Lei had to release some energies around the room where Lin Feng was practicing cultivation, as to hide the demonic energies.

Seven days later, the demon Qi gradually disappeared. Yi Ren Lei was still in the pavilion waiting when she looked in the direction of the room and whispered, “He should be coming out now!”

“Plop, plop!” sounds like water dripping sounded. Quickly, it sounded like there was an ocean, and a storm and a storm and thunder. Then, blood-like red lights emerged from the room he was cultivating..

Yi Ren Lei was wondering what was going on.

More time passed, some days, and then the sounds became less intense. After a few days, Dao He came to Yi Ren Lei, looked at her room and said, “Your Highness!” Yi Ren Lei came to him and Dao He bowed before her, but not that deeply. He no longer respected her as much as before.

“What do you want?” asked Yi Ren Lei in a cold way.

“I want to fight your boyfriend, a battle to death!” shouted Dao He furiously. His voice spread everywhere in the surroundings.

Yi Ren Lei frowned and said, “He’s busy, leave now!”

“Come out!” shouted Dao He furiously, ignoring Yi Ren Lei.

Yi Ren Lei slowly rose up in the air, but at that moment, others appeared: Dao Gu and some others.

“Your Highness!” shouted Dao Gu politely while nodding.

“What’s going on?”

“Your Highness, Dao He wanted to challenge your boyfriend and the snow leader agreed. I hope you won’t go against her will.” said Dao Gu calmly.

“Piss off!” shouted Yi Ren Lei, surprising Dao Gu.

Dao He looked up at the room Lin Feng was cultivating, “Are you a coward?”

“I told you to piss off!” said Yi Ren Lei.

“We disturbed you. Dao He, let’s go!” the members of the Dao Clan left, but the fact that Dao He had challenged Yi Ren Lei’s boyfriend spread around quickly.

Peerless Martial God Chapter 1333

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