Peerless Martial God Chapter 1369

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Chapter 1369

Chapter 1369: Going Back to Ba Huang

“The twelve shrines are now connected!” the emperor whispered.

He glanced at Lin Feng, Lin Feng had teleported from the Ice and Snow Shrine to the Demon Shrine, so did he also have ice skills?

“I didn’t know the ice emperor had a son called Mu Feng, I’ve also never heard of the ice emperor letting anyone from the Ba Huang Province go to the Ice and Snow Shrine.” said the emperor, still skeptical.

“Mister, I come from Ba Huang, but my girlfriend is the daughter of the snow leader. I was allowed to go to the Ice and Snow Shrine because I was with my girlfriend!” said Lin Feng. He really wanted to go back to Ba Huang so he had to be honest.

“I see. You and Xiao Yu can go together then, he’s going to Ba Huang as well.” said the emperor, pointing at a young man.

“He’s going as well?” Lin Feng said. The meeting of the emperors was going to start soon and the meeting of the imperial union was also going to start.

“I’m from DevMara Palace and my name is Xiao Yu. Let’s go together.” said the young man smiling.

He was from the mysterious DevMara Palace, an influential imperial group from the sanguinary part of Ba Huang.

“It seems like I underestimated Ba Huang.” thought Lin Feng. Ba Huang and Jiu You had so many connections. Xiao Yu came from the DevMara Palace in Ba Huang, and he had joined the Demon Shrine. Si Kong Clan and Qi Qian Ren had also appeared in the Empty Space Shrine. He hadn’t seen everybody on the first floors of

the shrines, but maybe he knew some of them who had been there. Besides, it meant that apart from Qi Qian Ren and Si Kong Xiao, some other members of the Qi Clan and the Si Kong Clan had been to the shrines, but they hadn’t reached the seventh floor.

“Alright, thank you!” said Lin Feng, nodding back at Xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu nodded at the emperor and his silhouette flickered, Lin Feng quickly following behind him.

“Mu Feng, brother, your demon cultivation is incredible. Why have I never seen you? Whom do you follow?” asked Xiao Yu smiling.

“I’ve been hiding in the mountains and practicing cultivation both day and night. I’m not very well-known, and I’ve only been in Ba Huang for a short time.” explained Lin Feng. Xiao Yu knew that Lin Feng didn’t feel like talking about it, so he didn’t ask anything else.

“Mu Feng, brother, you reached the eighth floor of the Demon Shrine. Maybe that you can tell me something about it because I’m too curious.” said Xiao Yu. He had reached the seventh floor, but only Lin Feng had managed to reach the eighth floor.

“No problem, the seventh and the eighth floors are similar. On the seventh floor, we had eighteen demon generals, on the eighth floor, there were four picture scrolls, each containing a great demon emperor’s image. After understanding them the picture scrolls merged with the cultivator’s body.” replied Lin Feng.

“Demon great emperor picture scrolls!” Xiao Yu smiled and said, “Did you get one of them?”

“I did, but I don’t know what I can use it for.”

“Haha, you’re more talented than me though!” said Xiao Yu smiling. They soon

soon arrived in a den with strong guards, but they didn’t pay any attention to them. They knew Xiao Yu, so they let them pass.

They both crossed the entrance, which was like the entrance of the Ice and Snow Empire: a long corridor. Quickly, they arrived at a junction, it was the junction of twelve roads.

“There aren’t as many people as last time!” said Lin Feng glancing around. The meeting of the emperors in Ba Huang and the imperial union meeting were going to take place soon.

“How long do we have before the meeting of the emperors?” asked Lin Feng.

“It’s tomorrow!” said Xiao Yu smiling. Mu Feng also wanted to go to the meeting of the emperors?

“Where?” asked Lin Feng.

Xiao Yu looked at Lin Feng in a strange way. Lin Feng didn’t know where the meeting of the emperors was? Maybe he was telling the truth about being in Ba Huang for only a short time!

“In eastern Ba Huang. The Qi Clan is the main clan in eastern part Ba Huang and the event is planned to take place on Qi Tian Peak.” explained Xiao Yu.

“The Qi Clan in eastern Ba Huang!” What a coincidence!

“Let’s hurry up!” said Lin Feng. Then he started running using the Xiao Yao agility technique.

“Eh?” Xiao Yu looked at Lin Feng and then looked at the ground. Lin Feng was leaving trails behind him as he ran, they even contained marks.

“The Xiao Yao agility technique, interesting!” thought Xiao Yu surprised.

His silhouette flickered and he caught up with Lin Feng. There was absolutely nobody on the way over.

“Si Kong Xiao, Qi Qian Ren

Qian Ren and Qi Tian Xu are there too!” thought Lin Feng, looking in the distance. He saw a dozen Zun cultivators, the strongest one had broken through to the sixth Zun Qi layer. They were all heading back to Jiu You.

“The Qi Clan and the Si Kong Clan seemed to be very close.” the influential groups of Ba Huang were mysterious to Lin Feng, he couldn’t understand those imperial clans.

The crowd also saw Lin Feng and Xiao Yu. The Si Kong Clan looked at Lin Feng and smiled, “Your Excellency, here we meet again!”

Lin Feng looked at him. Si Kong Xiao had broken through to the third Zun Qi layer and was a bit stronger than before. He had been to the Empty Space Shrine and had probably learnt a lot there.

“Qi Tian Xu has broken through to the fifth Zun Qi layer. He used to be one of the ten strongest young cultivators back in the day, but even he didn’t reach the seventh floor. Determination, understanding abilities and cultivation levels are all very different things.”

“Brother Xiao, is he from the DevMara Palace?” asked Si Kong Xiao after waiting for Lin Feng to reply. He was a demon cultivator so he could be a cultivator from the DevMara Palace.

“I and Mu Feng haven’t known each other for a long time, do you know him too?” asked Xiao Yu indifferently.

“Haha, I saw him in Xue Yue last time, he had only broken through to the ninth Tian Qi layer back then, but was still stronger than me.” said Si Kong Xiao smiling.

“Mu Feng and you have similar levels. I look forward to seeing you tomorrow at the tomorrow at the meeting of the emperors.” said Xiao Yu, and then he left with Lin Feng.

“Mu Feng!” thought Si Kong Xiao laughing and looking at Lin Feng. “Lin Feng died and suddenly a Mu Feng appeared, geniuses are rising in Ba Huang and Jiu You!”

“Lin Feng or Mu Feng, both will die because the Qi Clan and the Si Kong Clan will destroy their enemies.” said Qi Qian Ren.

“Haha, of course.” said Si Kong Xiao. The future belonged to them!

After an hour, Lin Feng and Xiao Yu arrived at the exit. Just like in Jiu You, there were several exits, even more than in Jiu You. All the exits represented an influential imperial group.

“Those roads lead to the Qi Clan and the Celestial Palace of the Immortals in eastern Ba Huang. We should go there if we want to be at the meeting on time.” explained Xiao Yu.

“We have to go through the Qi Clan or the Celestial Palace of the Immortals?”

“Indeed, we have to choose one road, which one do you want to choose?”

“I’m going to the Celestial Palace of the Immortals first.” said Lin Feng. Xiao Yu looked at him and said, “Lin Feng, the emperor of the Celestial Palace of the Immortals is very sick, so it’s dangerous there. You should go to the Qi Clan.”

“Nah, it’s fine. I’m sure I want to go to the Celestial Palace of the Immortals.” said Lin Feng, shaking his head. He couldn’t take the risk of crossing the Qi Clan. Even though he was disguised, it was still too dangerous!

“Alright, I’ll see you on Qi Tian Peak!” said Xiao Yu, smiling before leaving.

Peerless Martial God Chapter 1369

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