Peerless Martial God Chapter 1382

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Chapter 1382

Chapter 1382: Insane Demon – Lin Feng!

“We must kill that person, no matter who he is.” said Qi Qian Ren, standing at the top of Qi Tian Peak.

“Keep calm.” said Emperor Qi indifferently. He looked over at Qi Qian Ren and said, “Qian Ren, cultivators must remain calm and control themselves. Even if you’re furious, you can’t show it. If you want to kill him, fine, just don’t show it. However, demon cultivators are strong, especially this one. He killed a cultivator of the sixth Zun Qi layer in one strike. He also knows five different types of abstruse energies: demon, death, curse, soundwave and immortal abstruse energies. He understands them quite well. Do you understand what I’m saying?”

“Five types of abstruse energies!” Qi Qian Xing, Qi Qian Ren and the others were astonished. Demon abstruse energy was normal, but the four others were extremely rare, especially death, immortal and cursing abstruse energies. Few people knew those individually, but Lin Feng knew all of them.

And, Lin Feng hadn’t shown all the abstruse energies he knew.

Emperor Qi was telling them that Lin Feng wasn’t only strong, he was extremely talented. Besides, he was probably hiding much more. Therefore, he hoped his son wouldn’t take useless risks.

“Father, what should we do then?” asked Qi Qian Xing. Qi Qian Ren couldn’t necessarily defeat Lin Feng, so the others couldn’t either.

“Just gamble and slowly

give him one-hundred victories.” said Emperor Qi calmly. Qi Qian Xing’s heart sank. Lin Feng only had eight victories, so how many people did the Qi Clan need to sacrifice to give him a hundred victories?

Emperor Qi’s goal was to prevent Qi Qian Ren from taking any risks.

“Alright.” said Qi Qian Xing nodding. Then, he looked for other people to go and fight Lin Feng. He was looking for people the Qi Clan didn’t necessarily care about, people who weren’t related to them by blood.

Lin Feng was still standing on the stage and the one who had cheated remained silent. Then, he disappeared into the crowd.

“The Qi Clan doesn’t have anymore fighters?” asked Lin Feng.

“I’ll fight you.” said a voice coming from the top of Qi Tian Peak. It was a cultivator of the third Zun Qi layer. Everybody was surprised, could a cultivator of the third Zun Qi layer fight against Lin Feng? Besides, his Qi was different, he actually looked very ordinary.

“Die!” Lin Feng rose up in the air and punched that cultivator, killing him instantly.

Lin Feng was surprised too, but he quickly understood what the Qi Clan was doing. Emperor Qi looked calm and serene too, as if what he was doing wasn’t humiliating.

People descended from the sky, one after the other. Lin Feng killed each and every one of them with a single punch each

each time. His number of victories kept increasing.

“That demon cultivator is oppressing the Qi Clan, and nobody strong is willing to fight him.” thought the crowd. They thought even more highly of Lin Feng. The Qi Clan had many geniuses, so if they had a cultivator who could defeat Lin Feng, they would have already sent him on stage, but since the Qi Clan decided to sacrifice people, it meant that they had nobody as strong as Lin Feng.

“Forty victories, the Qi Clan already lost more than thirty people.” thought the crowd.

If Emperor Qi had known someone would do that, he would have changed the rules before. For example, he would have said that it wasn’t possible to fight on the same stage all the time.

“Eh?” This time, his punch didn’t kill his opponent out right.

In a flash, a terrifying energy surrounded Lin Feng, surprising him.

“Slash…” a dazzling sword light descended from the sky. It was so bright that he couldn’t do anything besides squint above. He had the feeling that the sword was going to pierce through his head.

“An assassin!” thought Lin Feng.

“Argh!” Lin Feng shouted furiously and condensed demonic Qi. A gigantic demon king appeared and rose up in the air with his fist raised.

“Kacha!” the sword lights broke apart and the cultivator died.

“Come back!” Lin Feng’s insane demon then disappeared.

That was

/> That was a… demon king?

And how come the demon cultivator on the stage had almost died to that assassin?

“That assassin attacked me in the same way as the assassins from the assassin union do. Are there assassins from the union inside the Qi Clan?” thought Lin Feng.

Did they collaborate?

Lin Feng didn’t know anything at this point, he could only guess.

“The Qi Clan!” Lin Feng raised his head and looked at the members from the Qi Clan at the top of Qi Tian Peak. He realized that everything was more complex than he had previously thought. For example, the shrines of Jiu You, and the visitors inside Ba Huang.

“Next one!” said Emperor Qi calmly. Someone else descended from the sky. As before, Lin Feng defeated him in one punch, racking over fifty victories.

“Since the Qi Clan likes to play, I’ll have the honor of keeping them company until the end.” said Lin Feng. He rose up in the air and left for Si Kong Clan’s battle stage.

“Die!” Lin Feng aggressively punched the air in the direction of the cultivator from the Si Kong Clan who was standing on the stage. That cultivator had four victories already, but Lin Feng still killed him in a flash and jumped onto another battle stage. The crowd was astonished because that demon cultivator was killing people, one after the other, without stopping. They didn’t understand that didn’t understand that Lin Feng was choosing his prey though methodically.

After that, he killed some people from the Church of Desire, then from the Sunset Pavilion. Then he jumped on the battle stage of Tian Long Divine Castle.

At that moment, the strong cultivator from Tian Long Divine Castle already had twenty-five victories. He had the strength of the top of the fifth Zun Qi layer, so he was considerably strong. However, once he saw Lin Feng, his mouth twitched and he looked scared.

“Die!” said Lin Feng. Demonic intent rolled in waves as he threw himself at the opponent. Demon Qi and bestial Qi collided, and after a short time, the strong cultivator from Tian Long Divine Castle was lying on the ground with a large hole in his chest.

“What are you doing!” shouted a cultivator at the top of the Zun Qi layer furiously. He had been paying attention to Lin Feng, so now he was furious. Lin Feng had humiliated the Qi Clan for a while and now he was attacking people from the Church of Desire, the Si Kong Clan and now from Tian Long. He had just killed a cultivator who had the potential to win one-hundred times.

“He doesn’t want to let any cultivators from Tian Long Divine Castle reach a hundred victories.” thought the crowd. Tian Long Divine Castle and the Qi Clan’s people were furious, they couldn’t stand it anymore.

Peerless Martial God Chapter 1382

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