Peerless Martial God Chapter 1425

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Chapter 1425

Chapter 1425: Stealing A Fate Seed

A thousand years passed in the dream.

Finally, Lin Feng woke up and felt that his consciousness had changed. Demon Qi was flowing around and throughout his body. His demon Qi had become a lot stronger.

“What’s going on?” Lin Feng’s mouth twitched. He tried to move his legs, but they felt so soft. He turned around and saw a beautiful face, but that face was deathly pale, like a ghost.

“You woke up.” said the beautiful woman in a gentle voice. She was still caressing Lin Feng’s head, making his muscles twitch.

“How long did I sleep?” asked Lin Feng.

“You slept for a year. I helped you practice cultivation in your dream.” said the beautiful woman. Lin Feng gulped down, a year? He had really slept for a year? And that woman had helped him practice cultivation in his dream?

“No wonder I feel like I have become stronger. I have the strength of the top of the fourth Zun Qi layer!” thought Lin Feng.

Lin Feng smiled wryly. Had he wasted time that year? He didn’t care that he had leveled up, the main question was: was it worth it?

“Can I move?” asked Lin Feng. He didn’t want to offend her, maybe she could make him sleep for another ten or even a hundred years.

“You can, young child.” said that beautiful woman. Lin Feng was speechless. Child? That beautiful woman looked young and he wasn’t used to hearing beautiful women call him a child.

Lin Feng stood up and asked, “Madam, what kind of skills do you practice? And why

did you make me practice cultivation while sleeping?”

The woman was nice and gentle to Lin Feng. Lin Feng considered her as a nice old woman, so he wasn’t afraid.

“The Dream Of Life Ancient Scriptures, I can control dream cosmic energies. I created that dream for you.” said the beautiful woman honestly. Lin Feng was curious and intrigued. Such terrifying ancient scriptures!

“Sigh, a hundred years passed, you probably came here for some emperor fate seeds!” said the beautiful woman, sighing heavily again. She seemed unhappy that time passed so fast.

“Indeed, Madam.” replied Lin Feng.

“It’s not easy to get emperor fate seeds. Each time people came in for emperor fate seeds, the consequences were tragic.” said the beautiful woman, shaking her head. “Young child, don’t try and find emperor fate seeds, you should stay here and practice cultivation. I can make you fall asleep and practice cultivation in here, I can even transmit the dream of life ancient scriptures to you.” said the beautiful woman in a gentle way. 

Lin Feng was surprised and shook his head: “Madam, even though it’s difficult to get emperor fate seeds, I must try. Maybe I’ll be lucky in my search.”

“No, why would you want emperor fate seeds anyways? I can help you become stronger and teach you the dream of life cosmic energies!”

“Madam, fate seeds are really important to me, so I’m leaving.” said Lin Feng. Then, he glanced around. The woman didn’t seem like she wanted to attack him. His silhouette flickered, but suddenly, he began to feel drowsy again. Lin Feng bit his lips to stay awake.

“Why do you

you need fate seeds? Why do you want to leave me every one-hundred years? All my friends and close ones are dead. We should become a family, why do you want to abandon your family?” asked the beautiful woman in a cold way. She then landed next to him again, she wasn’t warm anymore, she was rather cold.

Cosmic energies emerged and illuminated the atmosphere.

“Comic strength, there are fate seeds in the castle!” Lin Feng was surprised. The beautiful woman looked like she could disappear at any moment when she casted her energies. Her silhouette flickered every now and then.

“She’s not alive either. She lives thanks to cosmic energies.” realized Lin Feng. There was probably nobody alive in there. Those people existed, all thanks to the strange energies.

Bzzz… bzzz…” a strong wind started blowing and dazzling wings blotted out the sky. A roc had appeared. Rumbling and explosions sounded as the castle broke apart. The great roc was moving towards the source of the cosmic energies.

“Oh no!” Lin Feng suddenly moved in that direction as fast as he could. The woman also followed him.

“Break!” the young man from the Qi Clan lacerated the space with his sword. A terrifying tornado started rotating as he threw himself at the castle.

“Caw!” More rumbling sounds as the roc arrived from another direction. There were ancient scriptures in his claws and one fate seed which contained cosmic energy.

“Sleep!” shouted the beautiful woman. The fate seed released cosmic energies and the roc closed his eyes, falling asleep.

“Lacerate!” shouted the young man from the Qi Clan. Explosions sounded as he attacked the roc’s

the roc’s body, making it fly far away.

“No…” shouted the woman furiously. Her body became even more blurry, as if she was going to disappear. The young man from the Qi Clan smiled coldly and didn’t pay any attention to her. He hadn’t thought the roc would steal his fate seed.

The woman couldn’t be far away from the fate seed or the ancient scriptures, otherwise she would disappear.

Lin Feng understood quickly understood this. Lin Feng grabbed the woman’s body which was disappearing and ran after the roc. Then, she slowly appeared again.

“Piss off!” shouted the young man from the Qi Clan, lacerating the sky with his sword.

“Boom boom!” A loud sound rumbled as a castle appeared in front of Lin Feng, blocking the sword attack. Then, that castle disappeared again. Lin Feng continued chasing the roc with the woman in his arms. Some people looked at him from higher up in the sky, they were strong cultivators who had come with the east emperor. There was also a roc who had the great oriental greenfinch roc’s blood.

“Piss off!” shouted the cultivator from the Qi Clan, attacking again. However, the roc was too fast, he lacerated the young man’s colleague with his claws and took the ancient scriptures and fate seed again.

“Thousand Year Dream of Life!” shouted the woman. The fate seed became dazzling, but the roc immediately threw it at the young man from the Qi Clan.

“Stop!” shouted the young man from the Qi Clan, but the dream of life cosmic energies moved towards him. He struck the fate seed with his sword, making it fly away. At the away. At the same time, the dream of life cosmic energies still made him fall asleep.

Rumbling sounds appeared in the air again as a palace fell towards him. Then, the palace crashed onto his head.

“Boom!” He was buried under the palace. Lin Feng didn’t look at him, he was still holding the woman in his arms and had ran after the fate seed. The woman didn’t pay him any attention, she couldn’t be too far from the fate seed so her focus was on it. Of course, the young man had also struck the seed with his sword, making her want to attack him.

“Die!” one of the strong cultivators from the east emperor’s side and a roc chased after Lin Feng and the woman. They knew that if the woman was near the fate seed, they wouldn’t be able to to deal with her. In the distance, another cultivator from the east emperor’s side flew towards the fate seed.

“No…” shouted the woman. She had lost all her friends and family members. Why did people want her to disappear?

She started crying and her body started disappearing again. Lin Feng felt incredibly sad for her. He still remembered what he had seen in the dream.

“Ah…” the woman shouted. A terrifying strength surrounded him and made him fly away. The woman attacked those two people, making one of them explode and the other one fall asleep. They both fell down from the sky

“I’ll take care of you!” Lin Feng released demonic intent and jumped on his gigantic sword. He followed the one who had stolen the fate seed as fast as he could.

Peerless Martial God Chapter 1425

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