Peerless Martial God Chapter 1428

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Chapter 1428

Chapter 1428: A Skeleton Leading The Way!

“I absorbed the death Qi from the crows and made it fuse together with my blood and studied it. Finally, it worked.” thought Lin Feng, sensing his level seven death abstruse energy. Death abstruse energy was different from other abstruse energies, death abstruse energy could destroy life abstruse energy, and mixing it with cursing abstruse energy made it even more horrifying.

A fruit appeared in Lin Feng’s hand, a Bodhi tree fruit. Lin Feng immediately put it into his mouth and chewed it. With it, demon Qi penetrated into his body. This was his method to improving his demon strength. He had tons of Bodhi tree fruits, but he still couldn’t waste them.

Lin Feng then ate some abstruse tablets which he had obtained in Fortune City.

“Dirty bird, I better not see you again!” Lin Feng’s eyes were filled with death determination. He stood up and gazed into the distance where he saw those two white lights.

“Who’s that!” Lin Feng released an incredible amount of death intent. Another monster? Besides, that silhouette was wearing a hooded pitch-black robe so Lin Feng couldn’t see their head. Apart from those two white lights, he could only see blackness.

“Woo, woo…” a strange and mysterious wail sound echoed. The silhouette turned around and glanced at Lin Feng.

“What the hell is that thing?” thought Lin Feng. The thing in the robe seemed small and it had

absolutely no Qi. However, that thing seemed like it was asking Lin Feng to follow him.

“Do you want me to follow you?” said Lin Feng while walking forwards. Lin Feng got closer and saw a white skull under the hood.

The person nodded, which meant he understood Lin Feng. Lin Feng’s mouth twitched. In that world, everything seemed dangerous and strange, but nothing could still be alive in there. The dead man and the woman were both lifeless. Now, a skeleton was asking Lin Feng to follow him. Maybe he had a spirit or a consciousness?

“Let’s go then.” said Lin Feng. He wanted to see where the skeleton would take him.

The skeleton looked strange and was too slow. Lin Feng picked up the skeleton and put it on his gigantic sword, telling him to lead the way. The skeleton took him to a forest where the Qi was very ancient. Besides the ancient Qi, it seemed like there was some life energy in there.

How come such a place existed in there? It almost looked like the outside world with its life energies being so thick. The trees looked fresh and alive, the polar opposite of where he had just been.

“Does that place contain nature strength fate seeds?” asked Lin Feng. If so, then they were probably nature or life fate seeds which contained life or nature cosmic energies.

Lin Feng turned around and looked at the skeleton. The

The skeleton nodded, confirming what Lin Feng had just said. Why did he bring him there though?

“Bzzz!” A spiritual strength surrounded the skeleton. Lin Feng didn’t want to harm the skeleton, he just wanted to check something. Lin Feng was surprised, a spiritual strength actually existed in that skeleton. How mysterious and enigmatic. If he hadn’t checked, he wouldn’t have sensed anything.

“Who are you?” asked Lin Feng, staring at the skeleton. But then he realized the skeleton couldn’t reply, he hadn’t talked this entire time actually.

The skeleton jumped aside and Lin Feng followed him into the forest. Lin Feng used his godly awareness to inspect the surroundings.

“Bzzz!” A light appeared in Lin Feng’s hand, it was a black fire. It slowly burnt in his hand with demon and fire abstruse energies.

“Burn!” Lin Feng’s black fire turned into many threads of energies and they moved in all directions.

“Bzzz!” a terrifying fire started burning, spreading and burning all the living plants around him.

“Bzzz, bzzz!” after a short time, a dazzling light appeared. Each tree suddenly released a terrifying life strength as if it had suddenly started living again. The trees were even more green, at the same time, the trees and plants started growing even larger. It seemed like they wanted to constrict Lin Feng.

“Cosmic strength, there’s a fate seed in here for sure. Those trees look bestial though!” thought Lin Feng. Now, he was sure the

sure the skeleton hadn’t lied to him. But why was the skeleton helping him? Who had sent him?

Plants continued growing, quickly blotting out the sky.

“Bzzz!” Lin Feng released sword energies and began cutting away the branches and vines surrounding him.

“Lacerate!” Lin Feng released even more sword Qi, along with demon and fire energies. He continued cutting plants, however, there were too many branches and vines to contend with.

“Bzzz!” Lin Feng took out his scepter and released cursing strength.


“Death-curse!” shouted Lin Feng. Suddenly, the plants seemed like they were losing their vitality, as if they were dying. Lin Feng then saw a tree which seemed to be millions of years old, its green lights were brighter than all the other plants in the forest.

“The fate seed must be there!” thought Lin Feng excitedly. Even though it was only a tree, it contained cosmic strength, so taking the fate seed away wouldn’t be easy.

“There’s a fate seed!” shouted someone. At that moment and some people appeared above him in the sky. They had seen what was going on over there and had rushed over.

The nature around him was still going insane, but Lin Feng rose up in the air and stopped attacking. Many people were coming, so he wanted to let them try first.


In the distance, golden and green lights shot up into the sky.  The wings of that bird were hundreds bird were hundreds of meters wide. That great oriental greenfinch roc had an imperial weapon, contributing even more to his speed, excellent offensive, and defensive abilities.

The bird looked at Lin Feng mockingly.

“You want to give me some fate seeds?” said the bird aggressively.

Lin Feng smiled in a cold way as he raised his scepter and condensed abstruse energies. He was getting ready to attack the bird.

“Break, break, break!” shouted the bird furiously. Even though that tree had vitality, it couldn’t use it very well. Not to mention its cosmic strength wasn’t that powerful, even less powerful than the death cosmic energies at the start. Besides, wood type entities stood no chance against the bird’s imperial weapon.

“It’s time!” When Lin Feng saw that the bird was about to get the fate seed, he shouted furiously, “Die, die, die!”

“Bzzz!” Lin Feng disappeared and reappeared right behind the bird, striking him with his scepter and releasing cursing energies.


“Caw!” the bird cawed in anger as his body became pitch-black, the death strength draining away his life. Even though he had incredible defensive abilities and terrifying speed, his life was made of life energies, so the death energies could bypass all those defenses.

“Caw!” he cawed furiously and flapped his wings as fast as he could.

“Block!” Lin Feng suddenly disappeared again. Lin Feng didn’t wait for the bird to die, he immediately moved towards the fate seed.

Peerless Martial God Chapter 1428

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