Peerless Martial God Chapter 1429

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Chapter 1429

Chapter 1429: Strange Skeleton

“Come out!” his hands turned pitch-black as his demon fire crashed onto the tree.

“Bzzz!” Lin Feng took out the fate seed and stored it away. Then, he released empty space energy and disappeared again.

“Slash, slash…”

The bird kept flapping his wings, lacerating everything around it. Lin Feng was soaked in a cold sweat and was breathing fast. Those people had imperial weapons, so Lin Feng still wasn’t convinced he could escape.

“Die!” shouted the great oriental greenfinch roc. He flapped his wings after he found Lin Feng, instantly throwing himself at Lin Feng.

“Death curse!” shouted Lin Feng, raising his scepter again. The great oriental greenfinch roc pulled in his wings and protected himself.

Lin Feng ran away, throwing his gigantic palace at the bird.

Large rumbling sounds appeared as the great oriental greenfinch roc peaked down, crashing into the ground and creating a crater.

“Die, die, die!” Lin Feng was holding his scepter in his left hand and releasing cursing intent.

“Ah… slash, slash!” the great oriental greenfinch roc cawed furiously. One of his wings was badly injured. In a

flash, he appeared ten thousand meters away, opening his wings again. His body was still being corroded by death Qi. He stared back at Lin Feng, somewhat surprised that his cursing strength could actually kill him, even with his imperial weapon.

“Dirty bird, I’m waiting for you to kill me!” said Lin Feng mockingly. He was infuriating the great oriental greenfinch roc on purpose.

“Caw!” the bird rose up in the sky and said aggressively, “Lin Feng, I, Mo Peng, will definitely kill you!”

“Without an imperial weapon, there’s no difference between you and any other bird. If you want to kill me, kill me, but if you only want to talk shit, do it somewhere else!” said Lin Feng in a disdainful way. The bird was even more furious. He circled above a few time before he disappeared. He flew so fast that people heard a sonic boom issue behind him.

Lin Feng watched him leave, then he turned to a cultivator of the seventh Zun Qi layer and shouted furiously, “Death curse!”

“Die, die, die!” Lin Feng shouted furiously. Even though that cultivator was a cultivator at the top of the

the Zun Qi layer, his life wasn’t as abundant as the bird’s. He also didn’t have any imperial weapons, so Lin Feng killed him easily.

Then Lin Feng looked at the others, but they were scared and ran away instantly.

Lin Feng looked around and found that there was nobody else there. Then he looked at the skeleton in the distance, still perplexed. Just what was that thing?

“Woo, woo!” the skeleton wailed and turned around, pointing at a place in the distance. He wanted to take Lin Feng to another place.

Lin Feng’s gigantic sword appeared again, then the skeleton and Lin Feng flew away.

“He knows where the fate seeds are and he is showing me where to go.” thought Lin Feng. How strange. A skeleton was helping him, and thanks to him, he had obtained another fate seed already.

But since the skeleton was helping him willingly, Lin Feng couldn’t refuse. Fate seeds contained cosmic strength and were incredible treasures. They would be even more useful after breaking through to the ninth Zun Qi layer, as well as being used as keys to the Holy City.

They soon arrived

soon arrived above some ruins. There were no imperial weapons or anything special there. After all, they weren’t the first people to go there. The previous generations had probably robbed all the treasures already.

What was the next place going to be like?

This time, the skeleton brought Lin Feng to the Yun Hai mountain range and pointed at a forest, the Black Wind Mountain.

Lin Feng remained silent on his sword seeing how he couldn’t communicate properly with the skeleton. They both entered the forest and then the skeleton wailed again. Lin Feng stopped to see what he was wailing about.

“Woo, woo!” the skeleton pointed at a tree. Lin Feng was surprised, a tree again?

But that tree was different from the previous one, it seemed dead and it didn’t seem to contain any fate seeds.

“Are you sure there’s a fate seed inside?” asked Lin Feng. The skeleton nodded back unceasingly.

“Alright, move away!” Lin Feng raised his hand and condensed demon fire while the skeleton moved aside. Then, Lin Feng attacked the tree. Lin Feng was surprised though, the fire hit the tree and then disappeared immediately.

“An immediately.

“An illusion!” Lin Feng was guessing that it might be illusion cosmic energies?

It couldn’t be, that tree was definitely real. He had a familiar feeling with it.

“So Close Yet So Far, indeed, I have the same feeling when I use the So Close Yet So Far technique!” thought Lin Feng. That was empty space strength. That tree was in a different space so demon fire couldn’t burn it. Just like when he used the So Close Yet So Far technique, people couldn’t reach him.

“Empty space cosmic strength, that tree is a treasure too.” thought Lin Feng. He stopped condensing demon fire as he walked to the tree. He stretched out his hand and as expected, he couldn’t touch it.

“Where’s the fate seed and how can I get it?” whispered Lin Feng. He then released empty space abstruse energy and it seemed to condense with the tree’s empty space strength.

Lin Feng walked forwards and entered the tree, disappearing from sight.

The skeleton smiled as Lin Feng disappeared, almost like a human being. Then, he turned around and left, not waiting for Lin Feng to come back.

Peerless Martial God Chapter 1429

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