Peerless Martial God Chapter 1461

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Chapter 1461

Chapter 1461: Emperors’ Battle

When the ordinary inhabitants of the small world realized that they were living in a small world and that it was fake, they were dumbstruck. The small world had existed for a few hundred years. They hadn’t seen much of the outside world, so they didn’t understand what was going on.

“They’re going to be annihilated!” thought Lin Feng. For the ordinary inhabitants of the small world, it was a tragedy.

“Emperor Qi, there’s no need to attack again, I’ll just come out.” said Emperor Yu calmly. He rose up in the air and the small world progressively went back to normal again.

“Let’s go out!” said Mu Chen to everybody, leaving the sky above the sky.

Once they got outside, they saw three emperors flying above them.

“Emperors are going to fight, this will be a tragedy!” thought some people. Emperor Tian Long and Emperor Qi were joining hands to fight against Tiantai’s emperor.

“You could have just talked. Why scare ordinary people?” asked Emperor Yu calmly and serenely after remaining silent for a few seconds.

“Doesn’t it work better that way?!” said Emperor Qi indifferently.

“Maybe, but it’s impolite.”

“So what?” said Emperor Qi smiling in a cold way. 

“Attack.” said Emperor Yu calmly. Emperor Qi and Emperor Tian Long hadn’t come to have a cup of tea, obviously, they wanted to fight.

They were all low-level emperors but killing Emperor

Yu wouldn’t be easy either.

“Die!” shouted Emperor Qi jumping forwards. In a flash, the sky shook violently and the people residing in Tiantai looked extremely nervous. Emperor Qi and Emperor Tian Long wanted to kill Emperor Yu.

Some black fissures and marks appeared in the sky and they were heading for Emperor Yu.

“Empty space cosmic strength, those are empty space fissures!” thought Lin Feng. Those fissures were extremely fast, they also looked powerful. If such an attack reached Tiantai, many, if not all of them would die.

But it didn’t seem like Emperor Qi wanted to attack Tiantai. 

“Don’t forget that there are binding forces between emperors. If Emperor Qi and Emperor Tian Long kill us, Tiantai still has two emperors. Their descendants and disciples would all die if they did.” said Mu Chen. Everybody nodded. Even if those people were emperors, before killing the two emperors of Tiantai, they wouldn’t be able to kill Tiantai’s disciples.

That was an intangible rule, that was also why until now, no emperor had ever dared attack Lin Feng directly. The previous time outside of Tian Yuan City, Emperor Qi and Emperor Tian Long were there to block Emperor Yu, but they wanted Qi Qian Xing to kill Lin Feng.

The fissures, which were as fast as lightning, lacerated the sky and moved towards Emperor Yu. Emperor Yu was surrounded by incredible yellow lights which condensed into an earthen armor.

The gigantic fissures

fissures crashed onto his earth armor, and a layer of armor broke apart, but Emperor Yu still looked calm and serene.

“They use cosmic energies to protect themselves and attack. The intensity of their force is similar, but their cosmic energies make all the difference.” thought Lin Feng. Emperor Qi couldn’t kill Emperor Yu with one strike with cosmic energies. 

“Boom boom!” Lin Feng suddenly shook violently and so did the Earth and sky around him. Emperor Tian Long jumped forwards, punching the air in Emperor Yu’s direction. A gigantic dragon fist appeared, and it contained a terrifying strength. Emperor Tian Long understood physical strength cosmic energy, so his attacks were extremely powerful.

Emperor Yu shook his hands and a mountain appeared, causing the Earth and sky to shake even more. Emperor Tian Long felt oppressed beneath that mountain.

“Earth Punch!” shouted Emperor Yu furiously. A strong wind blew, and a hole appeared in the sky. Emperor Qi’s silhouette flickered, and he appeared near Emperor Yu. He shook his hand and a broken empty space appeared next to Emperor Yu. The crowd couldn’t even follow their attacks with their eyes because they were too fast.

“Kacha!” Emperor Yu’s body turned into a mountain. The mountain exploded after the two enemies’ attacks crashed onto it, however, when it broke apart, Emperor Yu was still looming above them.

“Die!” shouted Emperor Yu furiously. Several gigantic mountains descended from the sky, faster than anyone ever imagined a mountain

a mountain could travel.

“What a terrifying strength.” thought the crowd. Lin Feng couldn’t believe his eyes, it reminded him of when he watched movies on TV in his previous life. For example: Su Wukong the Monkey King who could destroy mountains with just his five fingers.

Emperor Qi was already blurry, he was moving too fast actually. Emperor Tian Long didn’t dodge them, instead he destroyed a mountain heading towards him.

Lin Feng’s eyes turned black. He was in his own world, watching those people fighting at the speed of light. Their moves seemed slower in his head, but as before, he could only see their shadows.

Emperor Yu wanted to move back, but suddenly, an empty space wall appeared. Golden lights appeared and sealed the space around him. Emperor Si Kong appeared out of nowhere and attacked by surprise.

“Break!” shouted Emperor Yu furiously. He punched the empty space wall, causing explosions to light up the sky. As he wanted to leave, Emperor Si Kong attacked him, and blood splattered.

“Emperor Yu is injured!” people from Tiantai were extremely worried and scared. Emperors were the hearts of influential imperial groups. Three emperors were fighting against Emperor Yu, so if Emperor Yu died, things would become difficult for Tiantai.

Emperor Qi and the others entered the empty space and chased after Emperor Yu. In the distance, some terrifying sounds appeared.

“It’s Emperor Wen, he came to help Emperor Yu.” thought the crowd. They the crowd. They felt a bit relieved.

“Don’t worry. They’re all low-level emperors. They can’t really kill each other.” said Mu Chen to the crowd. An emperor had to be a lot stronger than another emperor to kill him.

“I wonder how the strength of emperors is classified, but it seems that I’ll have to wait until I’m an emperor to learn more about that.” thought Lin Feng. He felt like an alien watching that battle. He couldn’t imagine how strong those people were, were they all equally strong? Were there ways to differentiate emperors in terms of strength?

A silhouette came out of the empty space and the crowd was surprised. Emperor Tian Long had left the empty space.

Tiantai’s people were extremely nervous and fixedly staring at Emperor Tian Long. Did he want to attack Tiantai’s disciples?

“Lin Feng!” said Emperor Tian Long coldly. Lin Feng had killed seven princes, so he wanted to avenge them.

Mu Chen moved in front of Lin Feng and said coldly, “Emperor Tian Long, don’t forget imperial rules. If you attack our disciples, Tian Long Divine Castle will be annihilated.”

“Emperor Yu won’t come back to Tiantai, so get ready to die.” said Emperor Tian Long. Then he moved back into the empty space and disappeared.

Tiantai’s people were sad and worried.

“Hmph! Emperor Tian Long couldn’t catch up with Emperor Yu, otherwise he wouldn’t have come back.” said Mu Chen smiling in a cold way.

Peerless Martial God Chapter 1461

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