Peerless Martial God Chapter 1477

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Chapter 1477

Chapter 1477: Seven Fish Caught in a Web

When he sensed the attack, Emperor Yan thought he was hallucinating. He couldn’t believe his eyes.

He had raised Xiao Yan for a long time, wholeheartedly and happily. He had always thought of Xiao Yan as a great disciple. He wouldn’t have thought that his disciple would try to kill him.

If Emperor Yan had prepared himself for such an attack, even with the poison, the energies wouldn’t have penetrated his body that easily. Unfortunately, his disciple was trying to kill him.

Emperor Yan looked like he was in incredible pain. Xiao Yan wasn’t smiling anymore, instead his eyes were filled with murder.

“Die!” said Xiao Yan furiously. 

“Argh…” Emperor Yan roared with pain, the Earth around him crackled even.

A fire armor formed from cosmic energies appeared on Xiao Yan. However, it broke apart when the attack reached it. Xiao Yan was propelled backwards and coughed up some blood. 

Not many people paid attention to Emperor Yan because at the same time, Emperor DevMara’s disciples and the other disciples who hadn’t shown

up in a hundred years attacked at the same time. Emperor DevMara was ready though because he had sensed something fishy. He counterattacked and sent his disciple flying.

“Why!” said Emperor Yan furiously. 

“Teacher!” Fu Hei’s face turned deathly pale as he was worried for his teacher. Surprisingly, his fellow disciple was attacking their teacher!

Emperor Yu, Lin Feng and the others moved further away. Lin Feng glanced at Emperor Yan and felt sad for him. Attacking your teacher was the worst thing you could do.

“Emperor DevMara, Emperor Lei, the emperor of the Church of Desire, the emperors of the Qi Feng Mountain, the Sunset Pavilion and the Magic World Heavenly Palace are all so unlucky. Their disciples came back and immediately attacked them by surprise.” thought Lin Feng. He looked at Emperor Dong, that day was Qi Yan’s wedding, so did Emperor Dong have anything to do with that? If he hadn’t organized the event, nobody would have been poisoned.

“There’s no why, you’re just going to die!” said Xiao Yan to Emperor Yan. 

“Teacher, you’re poisoned, so you can’t control your

your strength. If you use energies, you’re going to hurt yourself.” said Xiao Yan smiling. 

“Fu Hei, go!” shouted Emperor Yan furiously. He was surrounded by fire, so he didn’t chase after Xiao Yan. Instead, he grabbed Fu Hei and started running away. He knew that he didn’t have much time left. His energies were chaotic, and even though he was still alive, his cultivation was probably going to be crippled. 

“Boom boom!” in the sky, a gigantic hand formed from the Earth. That piece of earth bombarded Emperor Yan and crushed him into the ground violently. Then a silhouette appeared.

“Teacher!” shouted Fu Hei coughing blood. He was still looking at Emperor Yan though, everything was happening too fast. Was it the emperor’s judgement day?

All the disciples from the other groups were also sad. Emperor DevMara and the empress of the Human Desires palace were fine because they had blocked the attacks, but the emperors from the Sunset Pavilion, the Qi Feng Mountain, the Church of Desire, the Island of the Thunderbirds and the Magic World Heavenly Palace were severely injured, especially Emperor Lei from

Lei from the Island of the Thunderbirds.

The emperor from the Church of Desire looked furious, he was soaked with blood and his face was deathly pale.

Feng Xuan and Feng Ling were also devastated.

The emperors from the Six Desires and the DevMara Palace looked at Emperor Yu. He had shouted to warn them a moment before, so they were appreciative.

At that moment, the crowd looked at the sky. A bunch of people in black clothes had appeared and they all looked extremely strong.

“They’re surrounding us!” shouted someone. There were people all around them.

“The one who attacked Emperor Yan a moment ago used earth cosmic energies, so there must be an emperor amongst them.” thought the crowd. Where were those people from? Had they poisoned them? And why were those disciples attacking their teachers?

“Who are you?” asked Emperor Dong.

But they ignored him. One of them looked at the Messenger and said, “Your Highness The Messenger, you are in charge of Jiu You and Ba Huang, please continue drinking and eating. I hope you are not offended by anything offended by anything we do. Thank you for your understanding.”

The Messenger smiled, he looked indifferent. Then he continued drinking and eating.

“The Imperial Assassin Union?” said someone at that moment. 

Everybody hated the Imperial Assassin Union in Ba Huang. The influential groups of Ba Huang and Jiu You had prevented them from existing. Sometimes, a few assassins appeared, but this time they had all appeared. 

At that moment, someone whose face was covered eveiled themselves. Their eyes looked evil and their hands looked like those of a very old person.

That person had a black pill in their hand and their voice sounded very hoarse.

“Who wants to have it? You’ll live only if you take it.”

“A pill?” the crowd didn’t believe it was medicine, they believed it was poison. 

“I guarantee you that it can heal you.” said that person with reassurance. But the crowd remained silent. 

Why had those disciples betrayed their respective groups? 

What was Emperor Dong’s role in that story?

Even though some people of the Qi Empire were also injured, could people trust Emperor Dong?

Peerless Martial God Chapter 1477

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