Peerless Martial God Chapter 1501

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Chapter 1501

Chapter 1501: Destroy

“Watchers!” the crowd in the distance were amazed . The legendary Watchers were there, in front of them! Besides, they looked a lot stronger than in the legends!

According to legends, the Watchers only protected those who had the potential to become emperors, but those ones seemed different .

“The Imperial Assassin Union hadn’t appeared for so many years . Last time it was a bloodbath . Now, they’re here again, so there must be an impending tragedy for Ba Huang . ” thought the crowd .  

“Why are the Imperial Assassin Union and the Watchers in Ba Huang?” wondered so many people . That was its own mystery . Why did the Imperial Assassin Union want to take over Ba Huang?

At that moment, Emperor Tian Long felt the pressure . The Watchers’ Father had even shown up, which spelled bad news for him . Emperor Tian Long knew that Emperor Yu had prepared for this for a while already . He had brought Tiantai’s disciples to kill his disciples, he had killed his two sons, he had infuriated him to the point where called

upon the Imperial Assassin Union .

“Emperor Yu!” Emperor Tian Long looked furious .

“Emperor Tian Long!” said Watchers’ Father hoarsely . Emperor Tian Long raised his head and looked at him .

“Emperor Tian Long, why did you join hands with the Imperial Assassin Union?” asked the Watchers’ Father in a deep voice .

Emperor Tian Long glanced at the members of the Imperial Assassin Union and then looked at the Watchers’ Father, then Emperor Yu and the others again . He was furious and scared . He was at a dead end .

“Watchers’ Father, I also want to ask you a question . ” said Emperor Tian Long . “You’re joining hands with Emperor Yu from Tiantai, who are you actually?”

“It seems like it’s useless to discuss those things, so die!” said the Watchers’ Father hoarsely . In a flash, many of his shadows appeared in the sky, and dazzling arrows filled with cosmic energies descended .

The other Watchers also attacked and shot arrows . There were so many arrows that they blotted out the sky .

“Slash, slash…”

slash…” many people were transpierced by the arrows Only the strongest ones could resist, otherwise, they died instantly . In a short time, five-six assassins had died .

Emperor Wen was still in the sky, releasing cosmic energies . He raised his hands and sealed the space . A curtain of energies appeared all around them, of which only emperors could destroy .

The person Emperor Yu was facing stepped back . He feared that the Watchers’ Father could still chase him if he ran . Emperor Yu didn’t chase him, instead he raised his hands and released his force, which was multiplied by one-thousand . That cultivator felt oppressed, like his soul was going to be kicked out of his body .  

A yellowish stone crushed the cultivator, reducing them to dust . Even if a Zun cultivator controlled cosmic energies, they couldn’t defeat emperors .

Emperor Tian Long crushed two arrows which were moving towards him . A second later, the Watchers’ Father appeared in front of him .

“Be careful!” shouted someone at Emperor Tian Long, making him shake violently .

The Watchers’

/> The Watchers’ Father didn’t move, as if he was in his natural state, but Emperor Tian Long was shaking and sweating . He’d never had that feeling, the feeling that he was going to die . He looked desperate .

“Boom!” a terrifying strength bombarded Emperor Tian Long’s body .

“I can’t block that attack!” Emperor Tian Long couldn’t think clearly . He didn’t try to block it, instead he ran away as fast as he could .

“Dong!” Emperor Tian Long’s soul shook violently as if it was going to explode . A hand passed in front of him . If he had been even one second slower, he would have died .

He was already a thousand meters away, but he was soaked in a cold sweat because the Watchers’ Father was relentless .

“He is hiding his real Qi . ” thought Emperor Tian Long . The Watchers’ Father’s attacks don’t seem to contain Qi, which means the Qi inside is hidden . If a cultivator closed their eyes, they wouldn’t know that he was there, even an emperor couldn’t .  

Besides, that attack aimed that attack aimed at a cultivator’s soul . Emperor Tian Long knew that if that punch had reached him, he would have died, and his soul would have been destroyed .

However, Emperor Tian Long felt like he had managed to escape from death .

The Watchers’ Father didn’t stop though . He continued chasing Emperor Tian Long silently . Emperor Tian Long was scared shitless when he saw that person wearing the plaited bamboo hat appear here-or-there .

“Bzzz!” several silhouettes of the Watchers’ Father appeared all around and condensed strength at the same time .  

“Kacha!” at that moment, a metallic sound rang . Emperor Wen’s curtain of energies broke, and a strong cultivator rushed out towards Emperor Tian Long .

“Boom!” Emperor Tian Long was suddenly surrounded by cosmic energies, but he didn’t look scared . On the other hand, he looked pleasantly surprised . He had hope again . He had managed to escape from death once more .

Amongst the other strong cultivators from the Imperial Assassin Union, there was still one left . It was an emperor-level cultivator!

Peerless Martial God Chapter 1501

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