Peerless Martial God Chapter 1505

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Chapter 1505

Chapter 1505: Tiantai’s Terrifying Army

The Qi Clan had existed for many years in Xuri City and was quite famous . Last time, Lin Feng and Ruo Xie had gone there and killed hundreds of Zun cultivators from the Qi Clan . They didn’t destroy the Qi Clan entirely, but at least they had caused some damage .

At that moment, in Xuri City, many people were heading towards the Qi Clan . They looked both confident and at ease .

Behind them, there were many people who were following while maintaining a certain distance from Tiantai’s disciples . They wanted to watch what happened .

The Qi Clan also knew that Tiantai’s people were coming but they didn’t do anything, instead they remained particularly calm . Nobody ran towards Tiantai’s people . Maybe if Emperor Qi didn’t show up, all the Qi Clan’s people would die .

The eleven disciples stopped in front of the governmental buildings and calmly stood there without saying anything .

Hou Qing Lin shook his hand and the disciples rose up in the air at the same time .

“We are Tiantai’s disciples, we came to pay a visit to the outstanding and heroic disciples of the Qi Clan . ” yelled Hou Qing Lin, loudly enough that everybody heard him in the surroundings .

From the distance, some silhouettes flickered . Lin Feng looked at the leader of the group and recognized him to be Qi Qian Xing .

Very quickly, those people arrived in front of Hou Qing Lin and the others .  

“We’ve been looking for you . ” said Qi Qian Xing in a cold way .

“What a coincidence because we’re here now . There’s no need to continue looking for us, I guess . ” said Mu Chen as he slowly descended from the sky .  

The twelve disciples of Tiantai were together now .  

Mu Chen just smiled indifferently and said, “A year ago, the Qi Clan and some other people came to Tian Jing, but Tiantai had dispersed already so we didn’t have the opportunity to fight . So I decided to bring my fellow disciples here to fight against you now, a battle to the death . ”

“How do you want to organize the battles?” asked Qi Qian Xing pensively .

“The emperors can’t participate . You and I are cultivators at the very top of the Zun Qi layer, so if you don’t get involved, I won’t get involved . You can decide whether you want to have one on ones, two on twos, etc . But not matter, they will all be battles to death . ” said Mu Chen indifferently and calmly .

“My people can choose whomever they want as an opponent?” asked Qi Qian Xing .

“You’re lucky you’re a cultivator at the very top of the Zun Qi layer, because what you say is ridiculous . I already gave you the chance to choose the rules . What do you want now? Make the strongest cultivators of the Qi Clan fight against the weakest cultivators of Tiantai? If you choose one person, I’ll send Hou

Hou Qing Lin or Lin Feng, two people, Lin Feng and Hou Qing Lin together, three people Lin Feng, Hou Qing Lin and Tian Chi, four people, Hou Qing Lin, Lin Feng, Tian Chi and Ruo Xie, and so on . ” said Mu Chen . “You know who’s going to fight now, so you choose if you want to fight or not . ”

“If I refuse, what then?” said Qi Qian Xing . After he heard Mu Chen, he knew that they had no chance to win . Hou Qing Lin’s strength was enigmatic . Lin Feng was also extremely strong . In the Qi Clan, apart from Qi Qian Xing, nobody could defeat those two . With those rules, the Qi Clan would definitely lose .

“Then, we’ll fight against all the disciples of the Qi Clan . ” said Mu Chen calmly .

“You’re in our territory!” said Qi Qian Xing .

“I already invited you to fight, if you refuse, we can only take the initiative to start battling . When you killed people from Tiantai, we didn’t say anything . ” said Mu Chen .

“Bastard!” said Emperor Qi at that moment . Then he descended from the sky .

“Why do you insult my disciples? They just came to exchange their views on cultivation . ” said Emperor Yu . He also appeared after Emperor Qi showed up .

“Do you think you’re in Tian Long Divine Castle’s territory or what?” asked Emperor Qi in a cold way . The situation was similar to before, but things were

things were less brutal and violent so far . Tiantai didn’t greet Tian Long Divine Castle’s people when they had arrived, they just started killing them immediately .

“You and Emperor Tian Long attacked my small world together, so there’s no difference between the Qi Clan and Tian Long Divine Castle . ” said Emperor Yu, who was smiling coldly .

However, Emperor Dong appeared next to Emperor Qi at that moment and looked at Emperor Yu in a cold way .

However, after Emperor Dong appeared, a terrifying strength surrounded his body . He was incredulous and instantly recognized that another extremely strong cultivator was there . He knew who it was, so it was useless to say it .

“Emperor Wen, surprisingly, you dare attack the Qi Clan?” said Emperor Dong . Another emperor had appeared next to Emperor Dong: it was the medium-level emperor from the Si Kong Clan . He was terrifyingly strong .  

“Hehe!” Emperor Wen appeared next to Emperor Yu and smiled . However, they were facing two medium-level emperors .

“I’m late!” said someone at that moment . Then an old man appeared in the sky . He looked like an illusion, even to the emperors . When Emperor Dong, Emperor Qi and the others saw him, they were aghast . He wasn’t dead yet?!

“What are you doing here?” said Emperor Dong, still smiling . That was the old emperor from the Celestial Land of Immortals . Surprisingly, Emperor Yu had invited him .

“I heard that Tiantai and the Qi Clan had some Clan had some tensions, so I came to solve that problem . ” said the old man . He was still hiding in the clouds though .

“How do you want to solve the issue?” asked Emperor Dong indifferently .

“I heard that Emperor Qi attacked Tiantai’s small world, and that there are tensions between Tiantai and the Qi Clan, so I thought our younger disciples could also participate and fight . ” said the old man smiling . Emperor Dong just groaned coldly .  

“So many emperors . Even the old man from the Celestial Palace of the Immortals is here! Tiantai has a lot of influence!” thought the crowd, shivering . Tiantai was gambling . Emperor Tian Long couldn’t appear anymore and Emperor Si Kong was dead, so the Qi Clan’s alliance was losing influence .

“You’re threatening the Qi Clan?” said someone at that moment, it was Emperor Dan .

“What the hell is going on?” people’s hearts were pounding .

“The Qi Clan attacked Emperor Yu’s small world, but Tiantai can’t do the same? Don’t forget that Tiantai only has twelve disciples while the Qi Clan is a clan, they have countless disciples . ” said Emperor DevMara appearing .  

Emperor Qi’s face gradually changed . How many emperors had Emperor Yu called?

“Emperors can’t get involved in young people’s fights . Emperors can only fight each other . ” said someone at that moment . This time it was the Great Ape Emperor, he was holding a gigantic wooden stick . The Mountain of Flowers and Fruit were supporting Tiantai!

Peerless Martial God Chapter 1505

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