Peerless Martial God Chapter 1508

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Chapter 1508

Chapter 1508: Magnificent Collisions

Qiao Chi Feng looked at Lin Feng and walked towards him . He had no reason not to fight against Lin Feng .

At that moment, Qiao Chi Feng didn’t look conceited at all anymore .

Lin Feng looked at Qiao Chi Feng, he remained calm and relaxed . Nobody could influence his emotions . He looked unfathomable and enigmatic .

Lin Feng stretched out his hand and condensed demonic and immortal energies . He was preparing for a difficult fight .

When Qiao Chi Feng sensed Lin Feng’s energies condensing, he also condensed energies in his fists . His fist became larger, even larger than his own body . His energies were scorching hot and ice-cold at the same time .

“That fist looks scary . ” thought the crowd . Lin Feng and Qiao Chi Feng’s fists were both filled with terrifying energies .

“Die!” Lin Feng moved forwards and raised his

right fist which emitted strident whistling sounds and dim lights . There were trails of black energies left behind his fist as he moved ahead .

Qiao Chi Feng condensed energies in his fist and attacked as well . Their fists collided, and white dazzling lights lit up the sky .

However, the ice-cold fist continued moving towards Lin Feng .

A ferocious ice dragon seemed to be forming .

Lin Feng condensed energies in his left fist, and he used his Deadly Demon Punch again .

Lin Feng raised his fist, while Qiao Chi Feng continued running towards him . His fist looked like an ice dragon which wanted to swallow everything . Lin Feng knew that if that fist reached him, he’d die .  

“Bzzz!” Lin Feng released wind and empty space energies as he descended from the sky . At the same time, he released sword energy .  

Thunderous lights appeared in Lin Feng’s hands as well

well as demon fire . Then, he released desolate and destructive Qi as well as immortal energy . That sword was demonically terrifying . Explosions sounded, and then an ocean of fire filled the sky .

“Godly Dual Fist Attack!” Qiao Chi Feng looked serious as a spirit condensed behind him .

“Die!” Qiao Chi Feng was chanting a mantra as more spiritual fists appeared .  

“That fist attack is extremely powerful, it’s as if a million fists were attacking at the same time . ” thought the crowd .  

Lin Feng was surrounded by those fists . He had the impression that he was going to die .  

“Boom boom!” he released demonic energies and a demon silhouette appeared behind him . He rarely used his demon skills and techniques those days because his abstruse energies allowed him to be a lot more flexible given his cultivation level .

Lin Feng remained calm even though he was facing such terrifying energies .

energies . He knew that if he panicked, the consequences would be tragic . His eyes turned pitch-black, and everything became darkness in his brain .  

Demonic lights streaked across the sky as Lin Feng ran forwards . If he made even the slightest mistake, he’d be riddled with gaping wounds .  

Lin Feng turned into a sharp sword and he condensed Earthen energies in his body too . He tried to condense as many energies as he could at that moment .

“Slash, slash…” Lin Feng destroyed some of the fists, but he didn’t stop .

The sky trembled as Lin Feng continued moving towards Qiao Chi Feng without hesitation, breaking fist after fist . Qiao Chi Feng was stupefied, Lin Feng looked like a madman as he flew forwards .

“Bzzz!” Lin Feng suddenly stopped as his sword descended from the sky towards those fists .

“They have a similar strength . ” thought some people .  

Suddenly, Lin Feng /> Suddenly, Lin Feng disappeared and reappeared again in the sky above Qiao Chi Feng .

“Die!” shouted Lin Feng furiously . The soundwaves created by his voice rolled in waves . Then, Qiao Chi Feng raised his head and looked into Lin Feng’s pitch-black eyes . He sensed death abstruse energy quickly surround his body .

“You’ll lose!” shouted Lin Feng furiously . His voice resonated in Qiao Chi Feng’s brain and turned into demon-cursing energies . Qiao Chi Feng thought that his brain was going to explode . He didn’t know how strong Lin Feng really was and he didn’t know that Lin Feng was a demonic cultivator .

Lin Feng was using his full strength as he appeared in the sky above Qiao Chi Feng and his sword descended towards Qiao Chi Feng’s head . The hearts of the young people from the Holy City were pounding . If Lin Feng was strong enough to kill Qiao Chi Feng, then he could kill them too!

Peerless Martial God Chapter 1508

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