Peerless Martial God Chapter 1512

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Chapter 1512

Chapter 1512: The Limits of the World

Emperor Dong looked at the Watchers’ Father, he was wondering who he really was . Did the Watchers’ Father really know the truth or was he bluffing?

“Hmph!” the Watchers’ Father smirked . Then he said, “Did you think hiding in an empty space battlefield was useful? I don’t even need to fight myself . ” said the Watchers’ Father . Emperor Dong looked petrified . The Watchers’ Father hadn’t fooled him, he knew about it all .

“Boom boom!” the ground broke apart . At the same time, a few people emerged from the ground .

“Emperor Tian Long!” the crowd saw Emperor Tian Long emerge .

“The Watchers’ Father is right . Emperor Tian Long is hiding inside the Qi Clan, which means that the Qi Clan are also members of the Imperial Assassin Union . ”

In the ruins, Emperor Tian Long appeared and a few assassins in black clothes . There were also other emperors, the Six Desires Empress, the Assassin Emperor, the Celestial Thunder Temple’s Emperor and the Fairyland of the Nine Songs’ Emperor .

“Who invited them? The Watchers’ Father or Emperor Yu?” thought the crowd . That battle was no longer about Tiantai and the Qi Clan, it was about Ba Huang and the Imperial Assassin Union .

“Were you waiting for him in the empty space

battlefield?” asked Emperor Dong . His voice carried threads of golden energies . He glanced at the four emperors . Emperor Dong had informed Emperor Tian Long who was hiding in the empty space about the situation and told him to leave . However, the ground exploded, and all the strong cultivators appeared .

“Luckily, I was prepared so even if you told him to leave, I’d catch you . ” said the Watchers’ Father .

“You must have left something on his body last time when you were in Tian Long Divine Castle . ” said Emperor Dong . He was full of doubt . Could the Watchers’ Father gather all the emperors of Ba Huang together like that?

Emperor Tian Long remembered back to his battle against the Watchers’ Father . Had the Watchers’ Father left a memory on his body? How could he have done that silently and intangibly? Wouldn’t he have found out about it by now?

“It’s not important . What’s important now is that I am sure that the Qi Clan and the Si Kong Clan are the leaders of the Imperial Assassin Union . Then, Emperor Tian Long and Emperor Dan decided to join them . Am I right everyone?” asked the Watchers’ Father .  

“Emperor Dan, you poisoned everyone . If you hadn’t helped, then emperors wouldn’t have died . ” said the Great Ape Emperor

Emperor extremely loudly .

Emperor Dan’s mouth twitched, but then he controlled himself and said indifferently, “The disciples from the Celestial Land of Alchemists didn’t know that I had participated . ”

“We will go to the Celestial Land of Alchemists and make everyone disperse . ” said the Assassin Emperor . Emperor Dan shivered and glanced at the Assassin Emperor, but then he sighed .

“The people from the Si Kong Clan didn’t know either . ” said the emperor of the Si Kong Clan .

“Hmph!” the old emperor groaned coldly and said, “The Si Kong Clan and the Qi Clan are the same, they’re both core members of the Imperial Assassin Union . ”

“Slash…” The emperor from the Si Kong Clan looked at the old emperor using his celestial vision and said, “Do you want to fight?”

“Do you know who the old emperor is?” asked the Watchers’ Father .

The emperor of the Si Kong Clan frowned and said, “Who?”

The crowd was surprised, did the old emperor have another social status?

The Watchers’ Father grinned as he talked to the emperor of the Si Kong Clan using telepathy . The emperor of the Si Kong Clan suddenly looked astonished . He suddenly stopped using his celestial vision, but it was useless . They were not going to let the Si Kong Clan off anyways .

“Old emperor, you’re really

you’re really going to die . ” said the emperor of the Si Kong Clan, smiling in a cold way . Then, he started running away .

“Bzzz!” He used his celestial vision, and the space around him became distorted . A curtain of energies enveloped him and then a vortex . The emperor of the Si Kong Clan ran towards that vortex . The Si Kong Clan would probably become a target now, so he had to leave .

“Slash, slash…” suddenly, a black, fiery vortex appeared and surrounded the emperor of the Si Kong Clan .

“Piss off!” shouted the emperor of the Si Kong Clan using his celestial vision again . The space became distorted again and the flames moved aside . However, two demonic eyes appeared from within the vortex, forcing him back .

The emperor of the Si Kong Clan used his hands to cover his eyes, which felt extremely sore . Then he yelled at the one in the vortex, “Who the hell are you! Come out!”

“Another emperor?” the crowd was awestruck . Who else could be there? 

The emperor of the Si Kong Clan was a medium-level emperor, but surprisingly, someone had hurt him .

“Your son was killed at the banquet in the Qi Empire, the watchers killed him if you remember . Don’t you want to avenge him? Why do you want to leave?” want to leave?” asked the Watchers’ Father hoarsely . Those words hurt him deep down . He hadn’t been able to save Emperor Si Kong .

“Brother, are we really leaving?” asked Ruo Xie to Mu Chen .  

“We’re in a hurry . Do you not feel like leaving?” asked Mu Chen to Ruo Xie, smiling indifferently . They were still flying in Xuri’s direction though .

The sun was shining upon them, and it felt warm . Lin Feng had the sensation that the sun was getting closer and closer . He knew that he would leave that small world sooner or later, but it was so sudden now .

They were rising higher and higher up, just like the day when Yan Di had emerged from the small world, the energies were beautiful . Lin Feng turned around once . This time, he knew that they were going to leave the small world for real . They were going to go to the real world .

Mu Chen glanced at everyone . Mu Chen’s force was already multiplied by a thousand, so Lin Feng was wondering why Mu Chen still hadn’t broken through to the Huang Qi layer?

Finally, a sunny castle appeared, and it was scorching hot . Mu Chen protected them, Feng Xuan and some of the other weaker cultivators would have died otherwise .

Peerless Martial God Chapter 1512

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