Peerless Martial God Chapter 1513

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Chapter 1513

Chapter 1513: Two Emperors’ Fall

“Let’s go inside!” said Mu Chen, bringing everyone into the ancient castle .  

“Is that sun the path to the Holy City?” thought Lin Feng and the others . There was a statue which looked like a statue of the Messenger! It even looked alive .

“Your Highness The Messenger!” shouted Mu Chen to the statue . His voice echoed against the castle walls .

Suddenly, the statue moved .

Mu Chen was waiting for something to happen .

A short time after, some lights dazzled . The Messenger’s statue became bright as some vitality appeared inside it . After it finished moving, the dazzling lights faded away .

“Your Highness The Messenger!” Mu Chen bowed before the Messenger . They wanted to go to the Holy City, so they had to give him face and act polite .

“What do you want?” asked the statue .

Lin Feng and the others were unhappy by his demeanor . Since they were there, what else could they want?

“Your Highness The Messenger, we came with fate seeds, we want to go to the Holy City . Can you let us pass, please?” asked Mu Chen . He didn’t

show how displeased he was .

“I don’t have time today . Another day . ” said the Messenger firmly .  

“Your Highness The Messenger, we’re in a hurry . Please let us pass . ” said Mu Chen calmly .

“I told you to come back another day!” said the Messenger in a cold way . Everybody was astonished, even furious .

“Your Highness The Messenger, you’re the protector of that corridor, you must stay responsible!” said Mu Chen . Then, someone suddenly appeared in front of him . It was the Messenger himself .

The Messenger released a cold Qi .

“I don’t have time today, so piss off!” a strong wind brushed against everybody’s bodies as they were pushed backwards .

A terrifying strength oppressed them, but Mu Chen used force to protect his friends . The Messenger just smiled indifferently and said, “Next time you come, watch your words . ”

Then, he went back into the statue of himself and his Qi disappeared .

“No time?” the crowd was astonished . How was that possible? Mu Chen had been very polite until the Messenger refused .

“Brother!” shouted Lin Feng .

“I’m alright . ” said

said Mu Chen to Lin Feng . Mu Chen looked calm and serene again . Then he said to the crowd, “Let’s go back!”

Mu Chen released more force to protect everybody as they left the castle .

The Qi Clan’s territory was already wrecked and there were ruins of buildings and trees everywhere .  

Emperor Dong, the emperor of the Si Kong Clan, Emperor Wen’s father and the old emperor of the Celestial Palace of the Immortals had finished their great war and were gone already .

Emperor Qi was the fastest one with his empty space energy, so once Emperor Dong and the others were fighting, he had started escaping .

Emperor Tian Long turned into a dragon . Although he looked strong and powerful, he was already soaked with blood .

“Another emperor is going to fall today . ” thought the crowd who was still in the distance . The Watchers were fighting against the assassins of the Imperial Assassin Union, Emperor Dong and the four others were fighting in an empty space . The other emperors were taking care of Emperor Tian Long and Emperor Dan .

Trying to kill all the emperors at once wasn’t the best solution, it was more difficult, and it gave them

gave them more chances to escape . So that’s why they were focusing on Emperors Tian Long and Dan .

“Emperor Yan, let’s go and kill him!” said the Great Ape Emperor to the Taoist monk, Yan Di .

“Call me Yan Di!” shouted Yan Di . The Great Ape Emperor rolled his eyes and said, “Alright, Yan Di, let’s attack together . He won’t be able to withstand our attacks if we do . ”

Emperor Tian Long used a mysterious cosmic energy after turning into a dragon which made his defenses even more amazing . He was surrounded by Emperor Wen, the Great Ape Emperor, Yan Di and Emperor Yu . Emperor Wen had sealed the space, so Emperor Tian Long couldn’t escape .  

At least, the Assassin Emperor, the Six Desires’ Emperor, the Celestial Thunder Temple’s emperor and the others were fighting against Emperor Dan . Emperor Dan had mysterious attacks, including types of poisoning attacks .  

In front of such a powerful army, Emperor Dan and Emperor Tian Long couldn’t do much .

“Bzzz!” the Great Ape Emperor started attacking with his gigantic wooden stick .

“Strength, Gigantic Destruction Rod Spell, sky destructive strength!”

Emperor Tian Long raised his head and shouted . Emperor Wen smiled Emperor Wen smiled coldly and said, “Emperor Yu!”

“Slash, slash…” the stick turned into very sharp blades which sufficed to make almost anyone suffocate . Emperor Tian Long started flying away, but the space suddenly shook and energies crashed onto his body, causing blood to splash . Emperor Tian Long gave a horrible shriek and started shaking convulsively .

He was forced back into a human form again . Some more Qi appeared above his head, and he released strength in his hand, but some marks appeared in front of him which turned into a black fire, which easily burnt his hand .  

“Destroy!” a finger crashed onto Emperor Tian Long’s third eye . Then, his head started burning .

Cosmic strength moved throughout Emperor Tian Long’s body . The Taoist monk moved backwards, joined his hands together, and said, “You can proud to be killed by me . ”

Emperor Tian Long didn’t want to die .

On the other side, the Assassin Emperor’s sword pierced through Emperor Dan’s head and cosmic energies dispersed . The two emperors died at the same time .

“Two more emperors died!” thought the crowd .  

Lin Feng and the others came back just as Emperor Tian Long and Emperor Dan died .

Peerless Martial God Chapter 1513

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