Peerless Martial God Chapter 1543

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Chapter 1543

Chapter 1543: Qing Di Mountain’s Cultivators

That night, there were candles placed everywhere . Lin Feng was asleep and dreaming while cultivating .  

The one in purple clothes rose up in the air and used his godly awareness to inspect Lin Feng’s room . He wanted to see if Lin Feng was practicing cultivation, but a cold facial expression appeared on his face after he saw that Lin Feng was sleeping again . He was lying on his bed and snoring .

He was furious . He had told him a few times to practice cultivation, that he needed to break through to the Huang Qi layer, and that he’d be stronger than Qi Yu Shen someday .

On the second day, those who were controlled had to practice cultivation, but Lin Feng kept sleeping, however, the one in purple clothes didn’t wake him up . He wanted to see how long Lin Feng would sleep .

But Lin Feng’s ability to sleep surprised him because Lin Feng slept for ten days straight . Strong cultivators were gathering outside, but it seemed like the outside world had nothing to do with him .

On that day, the one in purple clothes couldn’t let Lin Feng sleep any longer . He entered Lin Feng’s room angrily .
“Wake him up!” said the emperor in purple clothes to a Priestess . The Priestess nodded and entered Lin Feng’s room .

“Master!” shouted the Priestess, but Lin Feng didn’t move . She was surprised, she grabbed his arm and shouted again, “Master!”

“Boom!” the

Priestess was suddenly propelled away and crashed into a wall, breaking a piece of it off . Then she fell to the ground, her face was deathly pale, and she was bleeding from her mouth .

“What’s going on?” the emperor in purple clothes’ facial expression changed drastically . He walked over to the girl who said, “Master, I…”

When she had touched Lin Feng’s arm, she sensed a terrifying force assault her . If she had been a bit weaker, she would have died .

“I’m sorry, Master, I slept for a long time . ” said Lin Feng stepping out of the room . “When I sleep, I’m not used to people touching my body . ”

“It seems like I’ll have to be careful next time if I want to practice cultivation while sleeping . ” thought Lin Feng . The emperor in purple clothes didn’t seem happy .

“You know that you slept for a long time then!?” said the emperor in purple clothes unhappily . “Only a few days are left before the start of the competition!”

“Roger, Master . ” said Lin Feng nodding . Then, he left with the emperor . They left Jin Chen Jun’s palace and after a short time, they arrived at public square . It seemed to be made especially for battles . There were nine bleachers for people to watch battles from .  

Apart from the seats on the bleachers, people could also stand on the edge to watch the battles .

At that moment, many people were there already .

Those battles happened every ten thousand years, so of course people didn’t want to miss them .

“Just like the small world, people from the great world like to use battle stages . ” thought Lin Feng glancing at the gigantic battle stages .  

Lin Feng followed the emperor in purple clothes . Everybody else was already gathered together . Some people who were going to fight for the Celestial Qi Castle were there too . There was a gigantic cauldron in the bleachers which was used to make sacrifices to their ancestors .

“They’ve been protecting the place for a few days already . I told you to practice cultivation, but in the end, you just slept . You’re wasting your talent and humiliating Master Mi who thinks so highly of you . ” said the emperor in purple clothes, scolding Lin Feng .  

“I’m sorry for my mistakes . ” said Lin Feng calmly . He was amused on the inside though . Those people who controlled him hoped he’d become stronger . However, if he became stronger, then he might be doomed .

“Alright, we’re staying here these days . Maybe some incredible people will come, so don’t talk carelessly . Your life belongs to the Celestial Qi Castle, so you can’t go and cause trouble . Of course, if someone comes and causes trouble, just listen to my orders . ” said the emperor in purple clothes . He seemed a bit worried about Lin Feng . He had been sleeping the whole time . If Lin Feng continued

Feng continued sleeping the whole time, he’d only have himself to blame after they gave up on him .

“Roger, Master . ” said Lin Feng . Then, he went to the bleachers and sat down cross-legged . He immediately started dreaming again .

“Eh…” the emperor in purple clothes was astonished . He didn’t understand, was Lin Feng practicing cultivation or sleeping?

Was he hiding something? Lin Feng had no Qi at that moment and he looked like he was sleeping .

“Forget it, he can do whatever he wants these days . After some time, I’ll check his cultivation and I’ll know if he was practicing or not . ” thought the emperor in purple clothes . Then, he ignored Lin Feng .

At that moment, on the side of the Celestial Qi Castle, the emperor in purple clothes looked grave and solemn . He gazed into the distance as some people were approaching . They all looked like princes: confident, at ease and extraordinary .

“Lin Feng, get up!” said a voice in Lin Feng’s brain . He opened his eyes and saw all the members of the Celestial Qi Castle gazing into the distance .  

Lin Feng looked at them, and they looked extraordinary indeed . They seemed like they were one with the Earth and sky . They looked to only be about thirty years old, but they were all emperors .

Of course, Lin Feng knew that they were probably older .

“Welcome, incredible people from the Qing Di Mountain!” said the emperor in purple clothes in purple clothes and Jin Chen Jun while bowing politely before those people . Lin Feng and the others also bowed before them .

“Qing Di Mountain’s cultivators!” thought Lin Feng . Those young people were all cultivators from the Qing Di Mountain . No wonder the emperor in purple clothes and Jin Chen Jun were acting so polite .
“That’s little Yu Chen, right?” said one of the young men who was smiling at Qi Yu Chen .

“Uncle Yun Sheng, that’s me!” said Qi Yu Chen smiling at Qi Yun Sheng . His eyes were filled with cold lights . Yun Sheng was his uncle and he had become a cultivator of Qing Di Mountain . In the future, he’d become one of the leaders of Celestial Qi Castle .

“Not bad . This time, there will be a great cultivator representing Qing Di Mountain and many others from the Qing Di Mountain . Show us how strong you are and maybe you’ll become a cultivator of Qing Di Mountain as well . A small fish will join dragons!” said Qi Yun Sheng tapping Qi Yu Chen’s shoulder . Then, he looked at the other cultivators from the Qi Clan and said, “Make great efforts to show us how strong you are . Even though many of you don’t have the family name “Qi”, in the Celestial Qi Castle, you are part of their family . Besides, the Qing Di Mountain doesn’t care about your family name, only strength and talent matter to them . ”

“Roger, Master . ” said everybody bowing .

Peerless Martial God Chapter 1543

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