Peerless Martial God Chapter 180

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“Hehe.” Yu Qiu was evilly looking at Lin Feng. He was burning with anger and his face was bright red. He was smiling, but killing intent was obvious.


“Shameless? Today, no matter what you say, I will kill you. The only reason is because I am stronger than you and my Yu Clan is unstoppable.”


Yu Qiu’s voice couldn’t sound more arrogant and aggressive than it did at this point. His reason was enough to kill Lin Feng, he was stronger than him and his clan was extremely strong as well. Without listening to anybody else’s opinion, he could kill Lin Feng as he wished.


“Why are you not coming then? Why are you still standing up there?”


Lin Feng was looking at Yu Qiu and his voice sounded indifferent. The crowd was, once again, stupefied. What….. could it be that he really wanted to die?


Yu Qiu narrowed his eyes while looking at Lin Feng and his face crumpled in anger. He looked like he had become completely furious. Yu Qiu had clearly expressed his wish of killing Lin Feng. He wanted to make Lin Feng’s blood flow to prove to everyone that his clan, the Yu Clan, was too powerful to be insulted.


“You want to die and so I will help you achieve your aim.”


When Yu Qiu finished talking, Lin Feng started freezing from the cold energy that had started to surround his body. Under the pressure of that energy, he felt like he was frail and brittle.


And Yu Qiu seemed to be thinking about killing Lin Feng right there.






Two sounds spread through the air at the same time. The first one had obviously come from Yu Qiu, who wanted to kill Lin Feng.


However, Yu Qiu hadn’t attacked because that second sound had come from the second prince, Duan Wu Ya, who was next to him. Duan Wu Ya’s seat made of stone was broken into pieces. Duan Wu Ya was standing up. He didn’t look soft and gentle anymore, he looked fierce and heroic.


“Mister Yu, what happened today is the business of Celestial Academy. Now stop with this foolishness, how does that sound?” said Duan Wu Ya while looking at Yu Qiu. He sounded indifferent and calm but his voice was filled with determination.


Yu Qiu had come to make the Yu Clan gain prestige, could he back down so easily? He was Yu Qiu after all.


He wanted to prove to everyone that the Yu Clan was unstoppable. He wanted all these unimportant people to understand clearly how powerful the Yu Clan was.


“Your Highness, you heard that boy. He humiliated my Yu clan. How could I, Yu Qiu, let him off? If I let him off, my clan would endlessly lose face.”


Yu Qiu was looking at Duan Wu Ya and sounded neither servile nor overbearing. The crowd was stupefied.


What was going on? The situation was very strange. It seemed like there was now tension between Yu Qiu and the second prince.


First, Yu Qiu wanted to kill Lin Feng and then the second prince was preventing him from doing so. When everybody thought that Yu Qiu wouldn’t make the second prince lose face, he insisted that he wanted to kill Lin Feng. The crowd was puzzled by Yu Qiu’s actions.


At that moment, Lin Feng looked at Yu Qiu and the second prince arguing. He took a deep breath and tried to relax.


Since Yu Qiu had arrived, he had been trying to prove to everyone how powerful he was to the extent that he had even contradicted and argued with Long Ding, the Vice-Principal of the Celestial Academy. Even though Lin Feng hadn’t been there at the start, after he arrived, Yu Qiu was still humiliating the Celestial Academy to the extent that he had even threatened to destroy it.


There seemed to be nothing taboo for Yu Qiu, he felt like he could act any way he chose and say whatever he wanted. He had even dared to interrupt Lin Feng and Hei Mo’s battle. It seemed like he was constantly trying to prove how powerful the Yu Clan was. The rules did not matter to him.


Why was Yu Qiu acting that way?


By making a display of his strength and not letting Lin Feng off; he would prove to everyone that the Yu Clan was the most prestigious and majestic of all the clans and sects.


Even Long Ding remained silent when Yu Qiu threatened to annihilate the Celestial Academy, as if he couldn’t bear the responsibility of getting involved.


Everybody could see that the Long Ding and Duan Wu Ya’s friendship was quite solid. However, even though the second prince and Yu Qiu’s relationship seemed to be of a polite nature, it was still difficult to understand their mysterious relationship.


Lin Feng had already met Duan Wu Ya. Duan Wu Ya had acted as the referee for one of his battles. The result had been that one of the Yu Clan members, who was a student at the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue, had been humiliated and had lost his daemonic fire lion.


Lin Feng had guessed that Duan Wu Ya and the Yu Clan didn’t maintain good relations.


It seemed very clear at this moment that there was not a good relationship between them.


Duan Wu Ya wanted to protect Lin Feng but Yu Qiu really wanted to kill Lin Feng, to the extent that he didn’t even care about making Duan Wu Ya lose face. Lin Feng didn’t know exactly what Yu Qiu’s main motive was though.


But Lin Feng had an even more audacious thought. He thought that the second prince, Duan Wu Ya, was actually the person at the origin of the Celestial Academy, he was the principal who never showed up.


Everybody knew that an institute such as the Celestial Academy could only be established by a powerful person and it probably even belonged to the Imperial Clan. Besides, on that day, Duan Wu Ya had appeared at a critical moment for the academy, which made Lin Feng have the audacious thought that Duan Wu Ya was maybe the person who established the Celestial Academy.


Yu Qiu certainly knew about it, but still didn’t care about threatening to destroy the Celestial Academy in front of Duan Wu Ya.


Lin Feng had been gambling since the beginning on the fact that Duan Wu Ya had connections with the Celestial Academy. Lin Feng was putting pressure on Yu Qiu, who wanted to kill him, but he was also putting pressure on Duan Wu Ya to act. He wanted to see if Duan Wu Ya was going to watch him die. He was gambling with his life at stake. He was betting on the fact that Duan Wu Ya and Yu Qiu’s relationship would worsen because of him and that they would not be able to maintain appearances.


If Lin Feng guessed right, Duan Wu Ya was actually the creator and principal of the Celestial Academy. If Yu Qiu killed Lin Feng, his goal to make the Yu Clan prestigious would be accomplished. Lin Feng’s conjectures were right so far as Duan Wu Ya was now confronting Yu Qiu. If he had really understood Duan Wu Ya’s background, then the latter wouldn’t watch Lin Feng get killed.


In fact, Duan Wu Ya was already getting involved, he had smashed his stone chair but Yu Qiu kept insisting.


When Duan Wu Ya heard Yu Qiu’s words, he looked expressionless. Immediately after, he stopped talking, slowly turned around and moved down the stairs of the viewing platform. He then left and while leaving, he said a proud and majestic sentence.


“Yu Qiu, try and kill him, then see what happens.”


Try and kill him, then see what happens.


That was a very simple sentence with a clear meaning. When Duan Wu Ya had finished talking, he was already leaving. The most frightening was that he had left right after he finished speaking… Yu Qiu could try and kill Lin Feng, but what would happen to him?


“What a strong method.” thought Lin Feng.


Lin Feng was looking at Duan Wu Ya’s silhouette as it vanished. He was very mysterious. All the problems were in Yu Qiu’s hands, he also had the choice.


At that moment, Yu Qiu’s facial expression was rigid. If Duan Wu Ya had still been there, he could have justified himself, but now that Duan Wu Ya had left, he could not argue his side anymore. He could only choose whether he wanted to kill Lin Feng or not.


After travelling for a short time, Duan Wu Ya arrived at a private mansion of his which was situated within the territory of the Celestial Academy. A silhouette suddenly appeared behind him. It was a black silhouette. Lin Feng had already seen that man in black clothes when he first arrived in the external part of the Imperial City at Qing Xin’s restaurant.


“Nan Shan, what do you think?” asked Duan Wu Ya who sounded completely calm.


“Your Highness, Yu Qiu’s move was a three-in-one one. He would gain prestige, damage the reputation of the Celestial Academy and make the Nie Clan’s opinion of you worsen.” replied Nan Shan calmly and indifferently.


He was obviously talking about the opinion of the Nie Clan after Duan Wu Ya acted as the referee. The Nie Clan’s esteem for Yu Qiu had probably increased. Besides, it had made the Nie Clan and Duan Wu Ya’s relations worsen as well. That was an extremely powerful method.


“I know. I need your opinion, what do you think of Lin Feng?” said Duan Wu Ya indifferently. Nan Shan was surprised. The expression of uncertainty flashed in his eyes.


“He’s an unparalleled genius.” replied Nan Shan sounding indifferent. He was lost in thought for a brief moment. After a while, his mouth moved again and he said: “If, today, he confronted Yu Qiu because he was furious, that’s alright, but if he did everything after understanding your status, that’s truly terrifying.”


“Hehe, of course, it’s the second reason. If he had done it out of anger, I would be really disappointed.”


Duan Wu Ya said: “Are you sure about what happened on that day?”


“Yes, I am sure that it was the girl who was next to Lin Feng.” nodded Nan Shan.


“A cultivator of the Xuan Qi layer… What a pity that we cannot let anyone follow Lin Feng any longer.”


When Duan Wu Ya finished talking, he started walking quickly and his silhouette vanished.

Peerless Martial God Chapter 180

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