Peerless Martial God Chapter 198

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“Shut your mouth!” shouted Duan Tian Lang and then said coldly: “You have the gift when it comes to speech and enjoy babbling nonsense. Don’t think that because you are the princess’ personal guard you can act however you wish. The military has rules.”


“Why don’t you shut your mouth? I, Lin Feng, have come to Duan Ren City to help. I never said that I wanted to give orders to the troops. I am doing exactly what the second prince has asked me to do. I will stay next to the princess and protect her. What gives you the right to give me orders? I am not your subordinate.”


Lin Feng shouted with the same tone as Duan Tian Lang. He had a cold smile on his face. They had already arrived in Duan Ren City, why did he need to fear Duan Tian Lang?


When Duan Tian Lang heard Lin Feng, he narrowed his eyes. He looked cold and murderous. In Duan Tian Lang’s eyes, Lin Feng was part of his army. Even if he was the princess’ personal guard, Duan Tian Lang still thought that he could play with Lin Feng as he wished. He hadn’t thought that Lin Feng was going to contradict him in front of all the troops. What an insanely audacious guy.


At that moment, the crowd was also dumbstruck. They were blankly staring at Lin Feng. That guy was really insane. He surprisingly dared contradict his superior, the Chief Commander.


“Uncle Duan Tian Lang, what Lin Feng said is true. When the people of Duan Ren City see a military force that overwhelms them with numbers of unknown origin, they must adhere strictly to what they have been told and not open the gate. That is precisely why General Liu Cang Lan has ordered them not to act without his orders, and his methods are correct. What you are saying is inappropriate.” said Duan Xin Ye, surprisingly defending Lin Feng. Everybody was astonished.


Under his helmet, Duan Tian Lang’s eyes revealed a cold expression. He then said indifferently: “Princess, Your Highness, before discussing whether what I say is appropriate or not, considering the outrageous words Lin Feng has said, I first want to punish him.”


“Punish me? You want to punish me?” said Lin Feng while smiling coldly. At that moment, Lin Feng already understood that Duan Tian Lang and the second prince were not on the same wavelength at all. If anyone wanted to attack Lin Feng, they wouldn’t act because of Duan Wu Ya. He had said in front of the entire army that the princess was Lin Feng’s only superior.


“Not obeying military orders can classify as treason and insubordination, which is an act that must be punished.” said Duan Tian Lang.


“Treason and insubordination?” Lin Feng was staring at Duan Tian Lang: “What do you intend to do to me?”


“I don’t want to make the princess lose face so I will not kill you. However, I will make your life a sheer hell and confine you to a prison. Then, I will talk with His Majesty and your destiny will be in his hands.”


“Ridiculous.” said Lin Feng with an indifferent attitude. Immediately after, he looked at Duan Xin Ye and said: “Princess, it is not that I don’t want to protect you, it is just that Duan Tian Lang doesn’t want to let me do it properly. I am leaving.” Lin Feng urged his dragon colt horse away using the spurs while saying: “Anyone who wants to come with me is free to do so.”


“I am curious to see who will dare to go with you.” said Duan Tian Lang with a cold smile on his face. That guy was extremely audacious. Did he really want to die?


But when Duan Tian Lang finished his sentence, a great deal of people started moving towards Lin Feng: Meng Qing, Liu Fei, Wen Ao Xue, Yuan Shan, Duan Feng, etc. There was even Hei Mo, followed by thirty-two men wearing bronze masks. A huge group of people had come out to follow Lin Feng. Duan Tian Lang was astonished. He was wondering, since when did Lin Feng have so many companions?


“Princess, it’s not that I am not willing to protect you, but Duan Tian Lang is trying to avenge his wrongs using his current title and doesn’t allow me to protect you. Please take good care of yourself.” Immediately after, Lin Feng left and galloped towards the city gate at full speed.


Everybody else was blankly staring at Lin Feng. The others were closely following him, which made the people in the crowd completely shocked.


“Kill them.” shouted Duan Tian Lang coldly. Danger was imminent. Someone behind him took out an arrow and put it in his bow.


Lin Feng was stupefied. Cold energy was released from his body, but as before, he continued galloping forwards. He was ready to fight, but still continued towards the city gate.


“STOP!” A furious shout filled the air. That voice belonged to the soft and tender Duan Xin Ye.


“Princess, Your Highness, they are soldiers. If they disobey their orders, they must die.” said Duan Tian Lang coldly while staring at Duan Xin Ye. A general in the field is not bound by the orders from his sovereign. That was particularly true in the case of Duan Tian Lang.


Once he left the imperial city, Duan Tian Lang was already ignoring Duan Wu Ya’s orders and wanted to kill Lin Feng and his friends.


“How bold.” thought the crowd. Yue Tian Chen and the others were smiling. What they didn’t dare to do, Duan Tian Lang was going to do it for them.


“Orders?” said Duan Xin Ye looking cold. She wouldn’t have thought that Duan Tian Lang could be that audacious.


“Today, whoever fires an arrow, I will kill you on the spot. We will see if Duan Tian Lang or anyone else will dare to stop me.” shouted Princess Duan Xin Ye coldly. Everyone was astonished and felt extremely awkward.


Indeed, if Duan Xin Ye wanted to try and kill them, even if they wanted to fight back, they wouldn’t. If they injured the princess, they were convinced that Duan Tian Lang wouldn’t hesitate to kill them.


Duan Xin Ye and Lin Feng were not the same. She was the princess and her social status was extremely high. Duan Tian Lang may have been very audacious, but he would never dare cause harm to the princess.


Duan Tian Lang was stupefied. He wouldn’t have thought that the princess would help Lin Feng to such a degree.


In a short time, Lin Feng and his friends were already far away from the army and were very close to the entrance into Duan Ren City. At that moment, even if an arrow touched them, it would not cause them much damage.


“I am Lin Feng. Brothers, could you please open the gate? Sorry for the inconvenience.”


Lin Feng shouted these words to the soldiers at the top of the gate. These people could clearly see Lin Feng’s face, and they smiled at him and said: “It’s young master Lin Feng, open the gate.”


“Lin Feng, young master, is Xiu okay?” said the soldiers on the top of the gate. At that moment, Liu Fei took off her helmet and her beautiful face appeared.


“Xiu, you came back.” said a soldier, looking excited. At that moment, a rumbling noise spread through the air. Lin Feng and the others urged their horses forwards and entered the city.


This scene made the soldiers on the horizon look at each other in dismay. They didn’t understand. They had come because of orders from the imperial clan, even Duan Tian Lang had joined them, but the city still would not open the gates for them.


“They are really audacious, General. Should we attempt to take the gate?” suggested someone behind Duan Tian Lang. Amongst them were many strong cultivators of the Ling Qi layer. The gate wasn’t that high so it was easy for them to jump onto it. Destroying the gate would have looked like the city was being besieged. If given the order, they would fight to death against Duan Tian Lang’s enemies.


Duan Tian Lang turned around and looked at the person with a sharp gaze.


“I came here to cooperate with Liu Cang Lan and defeat our common enemy. Do you want me to provoke them and cause trouble? Get the hell away from me.”


“Indeed, General.” said that person when they heard Duan Tian Lang’s furious shout. They then moved away. The troops were furious and agitated.


How disgusting. They had come to help Liu Cang Lan fight the enemy, but they were blocked at the gate of the city. The good opinion they had of Liu Cang Lan vanished. They didn’t understand why Duan Tian Lang was accepting such a humiliation.


At that moment, Lin Feng and the others were in Duan Ren City and noticed that the city was calm and in perfect order. There wasn’t the slightest bit of chaos. At the same time, Liu Cang Lan appeared; he was taking a stroll through the city.


“Lin Feng, Fei Fei, you’re here.”


“Uncle Liu.” shouted Lin Feng but he was only surprised and bewildered. He was staring at the distance.


“Lin Feng, are you wondering why Duan Ren City is so peaceful and why I don’t let them come into the city?” said Liu Cang Lan as if he could read Lin Feng’s thoughts.


“Please enlighten me with your explanations.” said Lin Feng without admitting it.


Liu Cang Lan smiled wryly and said: “Lin Feng, I will definitely let you know my reasoning. You came to help us fight against Mo Yue Country because they were invading us and we urgently needed help, right?”


“Could it be that is not the case?” Lin Feng, when he heard Liu Cang Lan’s words, narrowed his eyes as if he was realizing something.


Liu Cang Lan was smiling wryly and had a piercingly-cold expression within his smile.


“Duan Ren City is very calm. It isn’t in danger at all. They haven’t come to help us, but rather to seize the power. The Imperial City can’t stand it anymore and has decided to attack me.”

Peerless Martial God Chapter 198

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