Peerless Martial God Chapter 316

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When the crowd saw Lin Feng on the stage, they were stupefied.


“Who’s that? How audacious! Surprisingly someone dare to act aggressively here…” many people in the crowd thought. It was Wen Ren Yan and Duan Yu’s wedding. How could Duan Lie tolerate such behaviour? Could it be that that person wanted to die?


There were also some people who had already seen Lin Feng so when they saw him, they had a familiar impression.


Carefree and unconventional, a person that despised these types of people, but because they were all facing Lin Feng’s back, coupled with the fact that he hadn’t shown himself in six months, many people didn’t think that it could be Lin Feng.


However, even though the crowd couldn’t see him, the ones in front of Lin Feng could see him clearly. Duan Lie, Wen Ren Yan, Duan Yu, Yue Tian Chen, Yu Tian Xing and all the others could clearly see Lin Feng, and they all had a strange and familiar impression.


That person, whom they bitterly hated, had appeared before them.


Wen Ren Yan was especially upset when he saw Lin Feng, whom he hadn’t encountered in such a long time. He even started shaking. Back in the past, he considered himself the most talented disciple of the Yun Hai Sect, to the extent that he assumed that he would surpass Tu Fu, even Ling Hu and He Shan, but Lin Feng had appeared and humiliated him, destroying his pride.


Back then, Lin Feng was still young. People used to call him a piece of trash, but he had defeated Wen Ren Yan in front of everyone, which gave birth to his legend.


His proud brilliance had vanished, so he had chosen to become a traitor and follow Duan Tian Lang. He hated Lin Feng from the bottom of his heart because, out of all the strong cultivators of the Yun Hai Sect, the Yun Hai Sect had chosen to die for Lin Feng and not him. They had given up their lives to save Lin Feng. That tragic event proved that Lin Feng was seen as precious, so he was still receiving all of the glory in the end.


At the time when Lin Feng became a source of hope for the Yun Hai Sect and people considered Lin Feng a hero, Wen Ren Yan had already become a traitor. He didn’t want people to see him as a traitor which is why at that moment, on the wedding stage, he was describing himself as perfect. In order to protect his vanity, he didn’t want to be known as a traitor.


Besides, he also didn’t want to compete with Lin Feng. He had heard that Lin Feng, six months ago, had already broken through to the seventh Ling Qi layer, set a city on fire and had gone into another country to save the princess. Everything about Lin Feng was spectacular and grandiose. Many people were talking about Lin Feng, but Wen Ren Yan could only suffer in silence at the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue, practicing cultivation until exhaustion, and even there he would constantly hear Lin Feng’s extraordinary stories.


It seemed like Lin Feng was protected by the gods. If Lin Feng was somewhere, there was no space there for Wen Ren Yan as well. He made Wen Ren Yan seem insignificant.


That god of war had appeared again.


Wen Ren Yan wasn’t the only whose thoughts were moving at the speed of light, Yue Tian Chen and Yu Tian Xing were also astonished. Lin Feng was appearing before them once again.


No need to mention the hatred these two people felt for Lin Feng. Lin Feng had humiliated Yue Tian Chen a few times and had prevented his relationship with Duan Xin Yue.


In Duan Xin Ye’s heart, there was only Lin Feng, she wasn’t interested in Yue Tian Chen at all. What made him extremely angry and ashamed was that he, young master of the Yue Clan, couldn’t compete with Lin Feng.


Yu Tian Xing hated Lin Feng even more. He hadn’t forgotten that he was beaten by Lin Feng, it was still one of his worst nightmares. A young master of the Yu Clan had surprisingly been beaten to a pulp by Lin Feng in front of everybody. How could he ever forgive such a humiliation?


Seeing Lin Feng made people’s heartbeats accelerate.


Besides, the crowd at the bottom of the stage could still only see Lin Feng’s back, but they could see the facial expressions of the people on the stage. They had also noticed the terrifying silence. Their eyes started to narrow. Who was that person? That person had surprisingly humiliated Wen Ren Yan but nothing was happening as they would have imagined, nobody was attacking the young man and sending him flying off the stage, the people on the stage were not reacting at all, they all just remained silent.


“It’s you!” Said Duan Yu while staring at Lin Feng. She, of course, knew that handsome young man. When she had wanted to slap Lin Feng, Lin Feng had heartlessly slapped her instead.


“It’s me.” Said Lin Feng indifferently. He looked at Wen Ren Yan and said: “Wen Ren Yan, we haven’t seen each other in such a long time. Not only haven’t you gotten rid of your arrogance but you have also become more shameless than ever. What you said today left me truly speechless at your lack of shame.”


Lin Feng was clearly making fun of Wen Ren Yan, which progressively made his facial expression become hideous.


“Who the hell are you to dare talk in this way? Who do you think Wen Ren is? Since when can a idiot like you can come here and speak like this?”


At that moment, someone looking at the stage said while sounding cold and indifferent. That person was one of the students of the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue. He wasn’t weak and had already broken through to the fifth Ling Qi layer. After having joined the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue, he had become one of Wen Ren Yan’s friends and had decided to follow him. At that moment, there was suddenly a young man who dared humiliate Wen Ren Yan. That guy wanted to die!


That person even immediately started running towards Lin Feng. His Qi was very thick and dense as if he wanted to punish Lin Feng for his offense.


Wen Ren Yan’s eyes flashed but he said nothing to stop that person. He could use that person to find out Lin Feng’s cultivation level.


“I want to see what cultivation level that idiot relies on, daring to  insult my brother Wen Ren Yan!” that person shouted, sounding ice cold. Immediately after, his fist started moving towards Lin Feng at full speed. It created a strong wind which rolled through the atmosphere and made Lin Feng’s clothes flutter.


However, at that moment, a cold and indifferent smile appeared on the corner of Lin Feng’s mouth. What a pity, this person would die in such tragic conditions.


A powerful sword energy emerged in the atmosphere. It was monstrous. That sword energy covered everything as far as the eye could see. At that moment, Lin Feng seemed like he could pierce anything.


The heart of the person who was running towards Lin Feng suddenly twitched. Surprisingly, his attack also stopped moving forwards as he was clearly hesitant.


Standing in the middle of that sword energy, he felt like he was a small paper boat on a vast ocean during a storm. He couldn’t help but be thrown around by the power of the energy.


“How terrifying.” That person’s heart was pounding. He started to retreat and didn’t attack Lin Feng, he started to lower his fist. He couldn’t provoke a person who had such terrifying sword energy.


“Too late.” Said Lin Feng while smiling coldly. Lin Feng raised his finger and immediately pointed at the cultivators hand. A horrible shriek spread through the air, he hadn’t even had the time to pull his fist back and his hand had already been cut cleanly from the rest of his arm. An expression of agony appeared on his face.


Lin Feng’s finger had also destroyed the internal blood vessels of the arm, his sword energy was causing heavy damage.


His horrible shriek abruptly came to an end because at that moment, Lin Feng’s finger was suddenly pressing against his throat. If Lin Feng moved his finger even slightly, that person would lose his life.


The cultivator seemed like he had forgotten the pain. He was fixedly staring at Lin Feng and saw that Lin Feng’s eyes were filled pity. Lin Feng then said coldly: “You wanted to protect Wen Ren Yan, but Wen Ren Yan let you die, how pitiful.” Said Lin Feng which made the person surprised, Wen Ren Yan was letting him die?


When he thought about it, his heart started pounding. Indeed, since Lin Feng had come for Wen Ren Yan, it meant that Wen Ren Yan knew him but wasn’t warning his fellow disciple about Lin Feng’s strength. He let Lin Feng attack him to test his strength. When he thought about it, his face turned deathly pale. A sad expression appeared on his face.


Indeed, how pitiful!


Lin Feng raised his head and looked at Duan Lie in the distance. He then said coldly: “Duan Lie, is that the perfect young man you were talking about? Someone is fighting for Wen Ren Yan, but Wen Ren Yan just watches as that person gets killed protecting him. As expected, he is truly rare and outstanding.”


Lin Feng’s words made Duan Lie’s lips twitch and immediately after, Lin Feng turned around and looked at Wen Ren Yan. He looked like he wanted to burst into laughter.


“Wen Ren Yan, I can see that you have found yourself a shameless father in law to match your own shamelessness. You like to shine in front of everybody. I admire you, praising yourself and changing the truth to make it sound spectacular. Wen Ren Yan, could it be that the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue gives lessons on how to act shameless?”


“Oh, you like telling lies…” Said Wen Ren Yan, looking colder and colder.



“Lies?” Said Lin Feng while smiling coldly and continued: “Wen Ren Yan, you don’t need to talk to me about such things, you are my fellow disciple of the Yun Hai Sect, yet you acted as if you didn’t know me. You can’t have forgotten our fight during the competition of the sect. You let him rush to attack me, you didn’t tell him that coming to fight against me would lead to his death. How could he stand a chance at defeating me, Lin Feng?”


When the crowd heard the name Lin Feng, their hearts started pounding.


Lin Feng!


That aggressive young man is Lin Feng!


No wonder he behaved that way. No wonder that these people remained silent. That is Lin Feng, Lin Feng is back!

Peerless Martial God Chapter 316

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