Peerless Martial God Chapter 514

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Chapter 514: Deadly Encounter


A strong wind was blowing. Lin Feng suddenly disappeared from his position and Feng Chen’s attack landed on the spot where Lin Feng was standing. 


Feng Chen’s terrifying wings flapped once and he disappeared, he was following closely behind Lin Feng with tremendous speed. They were both moving extremely fast, much faster than Chu Zhan Peng. Lin Feng was far from being able to reach the same speed as Feng Chen. He could only rely on his extremely acute senses and his understanding of the wind, if he didn’t, he would never be able to dodge Feng Chen’s attack. 


Lin Feng was extremely quick when moving with the wind.


Lin Feng’s silhouette flickered again as he avoided Feng Chen’s attack. The terrifying deadly energy within the thunderfire swept past Lin Feng’s body and ripped his clothes. Lin Feng’s silhouette continuously flickered and disappeared while Feng Chen was following and attacking him. At that moment, they were both moving at extreme speeds and neither of them paused for a moment. 


Lin Feng was well aware that he had no time to waste because Feng Chen would eventually catch him. Therefore, he released his purple spirit again which turned into multiple purple snakes.


“Die!” Feng Chen’s silhouette flickered and he rushed towards Lin Feng again, but Lin Feng’s purple snakes were already closing in on him.


Feng Chen smiled coldly and raised his hand. His thunderfire destroyed Lin Feng’s purple snakes in a flash, nothing remained. Besides, Feng Chen was not slowed at all.


Subtle sounds filled the air. The light of Lin Feng’s deadly sword started flashing around his body, it was gloomy and sinister.




The thunderfire and Lin Feng’s deadly sword collided, diffusing a dazzling light. Immediately after, the crowd saw Lin Feng’s deadly sword disperse inside the thunderfire, it had completely disappeared without a trace. Lin Feng’s deadly sword was unable to block Feng Chen’s thunderfire.


“Feng Chen is much stronger than the second envoy. The second envoy’s thunder was already extremely powerful but Feng Chen’s thunderfire is infinitely stronger. Besides, he is also much faster than the second envoy.” Thought the crowd. At that moment, they didn’t think that Lin Feng had a chance anymore, the situation looked grim for him. He would eventually be killed by Feng Chen if this continued. 


But Lin Feng wasn’t worried, he was still fixedly staring at Feng Chen with his pitch-black eyes. He didn’t look alarmed. Feng Chen was stronger than him by three cultivation layers, that was a fact. Lin Feng couldn’t afford to be careless, he could only rely on his battle energy. 


After Lin Feng’s sword disappeared, Feng Chen stopped, he didn’t rush to attack Lin Feng anymore, he only looked at him while smiling coldly.


“And now, how do you feel?” Asked Feng Chen in an evil way. Lin Feng had extremely high natural abilities but he had only broken through to the third Xuan Qi layer, he couldn’t fight against him, who had broken through to the sixth Xuan Qi layer. 


“You have broken through to the sixth Xuan Qi layer, I have only broken through to the third Xuan Qi layer. I am like an infant compared to you, I really don’t understand how you can act so proud, you’re really shameless. The people from Tian Feng are all shameless.” Said Lin Feng indifferently. He released a terrifying battle energy filled with murderous intent, it seemed like it was ready to explode out.


When the crowd sensed Lin Feng’s battle energy, they shivered. Lin Feng was really an extraordinary person, he was both fearless and unyielding. No matter how strong his opponents were, Lin Feng remained fearless and battled until the end.


Feng Chen was looking at Lin Feng with a cold glare. Even though he had a clear advantage and had broken through to the sixth Xuan Qi, he was fighting against a cultivator of the third Xuan Qi layer and should have easily killed him. Indeed, he had no right to act proud, the battle wasn’t a fair match from the beginning. However, he was feeling extremely proud of himself, it was because Lin Feng was extremely powerful, so Feng Chen had forgotten about Lin Feng’s cultivation. He was regarding Lin Feng as an extremely strong cultivator, which caused him to feel proud. 


“Get ready to die.” Said Feng Chen. He joined his hands with the thunderfire he was holding. A terrifying dark light then revolved through the air. It seemed like the ground was going to explode from the power of the sphere, thunder was dancing inside the sphere. 


He was looking at Lin Feng in an extremely evil way, while condensing the terrifying sphere filled with deadly energy between his hands, his face was filled with killing intent. 


Feng Chen didn’t intend to give Lin Feng a single opportunity to prolong the battle, he would continuously chase him and use his thunderfire to attack Lin Feng. If it touched Lin Feng he would turn into a pile of ashes. Who would say that people from Tian Feng were shameless then? Wasn’t Ruo Lan Shan also looking down on him? He had surprisingly allowed the battle.


Ruo Lan Shan was acting extremely friendly to Lin Feng which infuriated Feng Chen, it made him furious. Therefore, Feng Chen wasn’t going to be merciful to Lin Feng so he immediately started using his most powerful attack. He wanted to crush Lin Feng and show to Ruo Lan Shan how strong he was.


Lin Feng was fixedly staring at that deadly sphere of thunderfire. Of course, Lin Feng could sense the incredible destructive power it contained. 


“Huuuu….” Lin Feng took a deep breath and released his pure Qi which filled the air. It transformed into flames which illuminated the surroundings.


The terrifying flames changed into black flames and moved towards Lin Feng’s hand to form a black lotus. Lin Feng wasn’t going to restrain himself, he immediately released all his pure Qi and formed it into a black lotus, it looked grim and deadly.


The crowd was shaking. Lin Feng was also furious at Feng Chen. He surprisingly used all his pure Qi to condense the black lotus. He was using everything he had to attack Feng Chen. 


Lin Feng’s black lotus was the opposite of Feng Chen’s sphere, it was dark, black, oppressive, and it wasn’t dazzling like Feng Chen’s sphere. Nobody had doubts when it came to the power of the black lotus though. 


Feng Chen also stared at Lin Feng’s black lotus, at first he was surprised, but then smiled evilly.


“That’s the best attack you have. Since that’s the case, I will destroy it and then you can die while knowing you were never my match.” Said Feng Chen in an evil tone while smiling. Lin Feng’s empowered black lotus was stronger than Feng Chen’s normal thunderfire, but his cultivation was much higher than Lin Feng. Feng Chen started to empower his thunderfire with his pure Qi, his pure Qi would be stronger than what Lin Feng used. 


“Die.” Shouted Feng Chen furiously while throwing himself towards Lin Feng at full speed. His speed was inconceivable. 


“Wind!” Lin Feng’s facial expression looked cold, he moved on the wind and rose into the air. He didn’t attack Feng Chen and dodged instead. The crowd was astonished, Lin Feng still wasn’t fighting. 


A banner appeared, it was Lin Feng’s sun banner. Besides, that banner was absorbing sunlight hidden behind the dark sky. 


Lin Feng then raised the hand which contained the black lotus, his body shook and the fire from the banner abruptly rushed into the black lotus. Lin Feng was borrowing power from the sun banner… 


The sunlight was being absorbed into the sun pattern on the banner. The banner was filled with sunlight and was illuminating the dark sky. It seemed like Lin Feng’s banner had become the sun. 


“How terrifying. What kind of skills did Lin Feng learn? Astonishingly, he could borrow the strength of the sun.” The crowd was surprised. Lin Feng wasn’t retreating, he was stalling for time to unleash all of his strength. His black lotus could still become much stronger.


Feng Chen raised his head and looked at Lin Feng in an evil way. The wind character between his eyebrows was shining in a peculiar way. 


“Lin Feng, die!” Shouted Feng Chen furiously. His speed increased and he dashed into the sky. 


“Die!” Lin Feng, this time, didn’t dodge, he moved towards the incoming Feng Chen. His terrifying deadly energy filled the air, and his sword Qi was lacerating the atmosphere as he moved. The entire atmosphere was filled with deadly energy.


“BOOM!” A loud explosion filled the sky which made people shiver. A dazzling light appeared in the sky, it was the result of the collision between the grim black lotus and the dazzling thunderfire. A terrifying black light spread across the sky as far as the eyes could see. The black light was flashing and twinkling. Feng Chen and Lin Feng had disappeared for a few moments as the black light spread in every direction. 


Piercingly sharp sounds filled the air, Feng Chen’s sphere and Lin Feng’s black lotus were in a constant battle of power, they were both fighting to destroy the opposing power. Besides, a terrifying energy filled the skies. 


“How terrifying.” The thunderfire and the black lotus were both extremely powerful, they wouldn’t stop until the other was destroyed. Nobody could say which of the attacks would beat the other. They had destroyed everything in their path and their energy filled the sky. It created a dazzling light in the sky, the crowd had to move back unceasingly. They could only retreat into the distance to avoid the violent energy that was being released. The terrifying energy which resulted from those attacks even made a huge crevice appear beneath their point of collision, it was astonishing! 

Peerless Martial God Chapter 514

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