Peerless Martial God Chapter 924

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Chapter 924

Chapter 924: Flame Mountain

In the blink of an eye, Lin Feng, Tian Lin, the patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect and the Zun cultivator ended up fighting in the third mountain, precisely where Lin Feng had wanted to lead them.

“Where are you going?” Tian Lin looked at Lin Feng and released more wind.

“Seal!” Lin Feng used some demon sealing strength. The strength of the sealing stone obstructed the wind.

Lin Feng continued running and used pure Qi to go even faster.

“You want to die, you will definitely die!” shouted Tian Lin furiously. His terrifying wind spirit rose up again and turned into a black cloud. His strength was tearing apart the atmosphere. 

“Boom!” Lin Feng looked at that terrifying spirit. He was almost sure that Tian Lin’s parents were Zun cultivators now, otherwise, his spirit couldn’t be so strong…

“Bzzz!” A beam of light appeared and it moved straight towards the hurricane. A dazzling light also appeared on the ground.

“What?” Tian Lin was surprised. What were those lights?

Tian Lin frowned. His wind spirit suddenly looked much weaker as if he had forgotten that he was fighting.

“What’s that?” whispered Lin Feng. It was as if his pure Qi had activated something.

Lin Feng knew what it was, of course, he was just pretending.

Tian Lin’s hurricane looked much weaker. His spirit came back behind him. He used more pure Qi and more lights appeared.

“Eh?” Some people arrived, they didn’t understand what was happening either. The imperial cultivation disciples were surprised too.

They all started releasing pure Qi. Very quickly, the ground seemed to become brighter. It was as if a picture was appearing on the ground.

“Boom boom boom!” Two marks appeared. The old man and the patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect separated too. The patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect was staring at those marks. Was it… going to appear?

Duan Mu and Mie Qing were also looking at that. It was as if they had thought of something.

Lin Feng and Tian Lin weren’t fighting anymore. The patriarch and the old man also stopped fighting.

People hurried over, they wanted to see what was happening. Something big was happening.

“You knew, right?” said the Zun cultivator to Lin Feng. Lin Feng nodded and said, using telepathy, “Teacher, we’re going to open the door to a small world.” The old man was surprised, a small world? What was going on?

“Please help.” said Tian Lin to all the leaders. He seemed excited. Why did marks appear? Had a strong cultivator cast a Huge Space spell there?

Those marks seemed like those left from casting a Huge Space spell.

“Alright.” The leaders nodded, landed on the marks and released pure Qi. They were surrounded by dazzling pure Qi. The marks were becoming more and more distinct. Quickly, more marks appeared between the three mountains.

“What is that? Why are there such powerful marks here?” the crowd was astonished. Lin Feng had found those terrifying marks. They were curious, why hadn’t they seen them before?

The patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect glanced around. The strength of a small world was emerging.

“Everybody, together!” said the patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect. Everybody nodded. They looked calm and solemn.

Using only one person’s strength, it was impossible to unlock the secrets of that small world.

“Alright, together!” said King Dragon at that moment. He released an extremely p

owerful strength as well.

At the same time, strength was seeping out of the marks.

“Boom!” The patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect stomped on the ground.


“Kacha…” strong cultivators were all attacking the ground together. The marks were becoming more and more distinct.

Apart from those who were in the sky, everybody started feeling extremely hot.

“What’s going on?” the crowd started panicking. The strong cultivators didn’t stop through, they did the opposite, they released even more strength. They looked solemn. Someone was asking them to help open the door to a small world, that was a chance they couldn’t miss.

“Boom boom boom!” People were starting to feel hotter and hotter. The ground had started collapsing.

“Boom boom boom, boom boom boom…”

A scorching hot Qi made them sweat. Steam was propelled upwards from the ground.

“Huge Space spell, a small world.”

Lin Feng looked at the scene. The ground was cracking in the middle of the three mountains and a small world appeared. It was like Shen Gong. However, Shen Gong used an illusion to create a door to the small world. Here, the small world had been sealed.

If Qiong Qi hadn’t found the place, nobody would have. Even the strong cultivators who were there were not able to find the small world.

“Boom!” Terrifying flames appeared. The crowd stepped away from the newly formed hole. The mountain range was shaking as a sea of flames appeared.

It was a mountain range made of scorching hot flames.

“That’s the landscape of the picture scroll, a mountain range made of flames.” thought Lin Feng. The map showed that exact place.

“Flames, flames!” thought Lin Feng. What a strange mountain range. A gigantic cave appeared as well and it was filled with flames as well.

Peerless Martial God Chapter 924

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