Peerless Martial God Chapter 940

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Chapter 940

Chapter 940: Revealing His Social Status

The crowd ran away. Those who hadn’t died and were standing in the sky could only observe. 

The stage was completely destroyed and turned into dust. The bodies of those who had died had turned into dust too. What a tragedy. Those who had managed to avoid the attack were all injured though, just not to the same extent. The members of the six influential groups were furious.

Someone had cast a deadly spell on the stage which could kill Zun cultivators. Even those who had managed to escape would have died if they had moved a second too late.

“Mysterious marks!” Hou Qing Lin’s eyes were twinkling. Surprisingly, someone extremely strong and powerful knew how to use mysterious marks. It aroused his curiosity. Even amongst Zun cultivators, only the strongest ones could understand and use mysterious marks. Besides, that Qi was extremely pure. That kind of strong cultivator was much, much stronger than the patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect and the others. Such a strong cultivator didn’t even need mysterious marks to defeat those people.

“Unless…” Hou Qing Lin suddenly thought about something. There were two possibilities, the first one was that there was an incredibly strong cultivator who has mastered mysterious marks, but was bad at practicing cultivation. That possibility could be eliminated immediately, such strong cultivators didn’t need to do things that way. The second possibility and the only probably one was that there was an incredibly strong cultivator who was injured and could only rely on mysterious marks to kill his enemies.

Hou Qing Lin had no choice but to accept that hypothesis. He was very intelligent and had almost guessed right. However, no matter how smart he was, he couldn’t guess what was really going on. There was a great emperor who wasn’t as strong as before and who could only rely on mysterious marks to kill people.

Yu Xiao had also recognized those mysterious marks and his facial expression changed drastically. Surprisingly, someone was plotting against them and was attempting to ruin the great sect meeting.

King Dragon and the other strong cultivators pulled a long face from their injuries.

“Who did that?” asked King Dragon to the other leaders.

“No matter who did that, that person must be in Asoka Mountain and possibly amongst the crowd.” said Duan Mu coldly. The fire Qi was still burning his skin. 

“That’s abstruse strength. There are not many people who can get that many abstruse crystals. Besides, with that many crystals, it must be someone from a very large influential group.” said the patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect. Everybody thought the same thing. They were getting closer to the truth.

“Tian Chi!” said some people at the same time. Who would waste so many crystals to kill them apart from Tian Chi? Nobody.

“It surely is Tian Chi, no doubt about it, we already knew that they were here. However, who is that strong in Tian Chi?” asked King Dragon. Even the strongest cultivators of his clan couldn’t cast such powerful spells, especially without being noticed.

“No need to guess. I know who.” said someone at that moment. They all looked at that person, it was Mie Qing.


Everybody was staring at Mie Qing.

“King Dragon, Duan Mu, have you forgotten how your people died in Xue Yue?” said Mie Qing looking at King Dragon and Duan Mu. They grew angry as they remembered someone in particular. 

“Lin Feng!” the strong cultivators said Lin Feng’s name at the same time, Lin Feng!

They wanted to destroy Tian Chi but their real targ

et was Lin Feng. How could they forget their real target?

Back then, the East Sea Dragon Palace, Jade Heaven and Shen Gong had sent Zun cultivators to Xue Yue and the mysterious marks had reportedly killed them. They could only guess that Lin Feng had obtained a precious weapon which allowed him to make mysterious marks and that was how he had set up traps in his palace in Xue Yue. It was similar to what had just happened on the stage.

They now understood that it wasn’t a weapon per se but a skill that made mysterious marks.

“Lin Feng, where is he?” The crowd was wondering. Very quickly, they looked in his direction but he had disappeared.

They were furious. They grinded their teeth, “He is… Lin Feng!”

They were right. The sick-looking young man was Lin Feng. Each time he appeared, it was to confront them. He was definitely Lin Feng. 

Those people were furious. They had organized the great sect meeting to plot against Lin Feng and when he appeared before them, they didn’t even recognize him. Lin Feng had even repeatedly humiliated them. He even called the patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect an old dog.

If that was Lin Feng, then the old man with him could only be the old man who had destroyed Shen Gong, the strong cultivator from Tian Chi, the leader of Tian Xuan.

No doubt it was them. It was no wonder that he was that strong.

But where were they now? They had seemingly disappeared.

“Chase them, hurry up and chase them. The old man and the sick-looking young man with a yellow face are from Tian Chi, they are precisely Lin Feng and his teacher from Tian Chi. They wanted to kill us all!” shouted the leaders furiously. They weren’t interested in how Lin Feng had managed to make those mysterious marks appear, it was more important to capture them.

Their ultimate target was Lin Feng.

“Lin Feng, that was Lin Feng!” the crowd was astonished. Surprisingly, the two people who had spread chaos throughout the meetings were Lin Feng and his teacher.

“Chase them!” said people one after the other.

Lin Feng had precious treasures.

Could they find him though? Who could have thought that Lin Feng was still in the crowd and had transformed again. He was even chasing himself with the others. While the spell was activated on the stage, Lin Feng prepared to escape and communicated with the old man. He hadn’t thought that people would find out it was him, but the solution was easy, he just had to change his face. Who would know who he was now?

Luckily, Mister Xiao had given him several masks which all looked incredibly real. Nobody recognized him.

Amongst the crowd were some people who didn’t move: Prince Tian Lin and the others. They knew about Lin Feng, they had heard about him and they also know that he had incredible treasures. The sick-looking young man with a yellow face, was Lin Feng this whole time.

He wanted to crush Lin Feng even more. He wanted to destroy Tian Chi.

“Brother, let’s go and destroy Tian Chi.” said Prince Tian Lin looking at Yu Xiao who was still in the sky.

Peerless Martial God Chapter 940

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