Resisting The Tycoon's Seduction Part 3

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"The exact opposite," he growled. "I love the way you touch me, Marissa. And next time, I'll let you touch me all you want, but right now, I can't take anymore." He bent down and kissed her, his mouth possessing hers. Despite being held hostage by his gentle, iron grip, she still felt powerful. When he looked down at her, his eyes lighting on fire as he watched her body writhe underneath him, she knew that she wanted him. She knew that she was making a dangerous decision, but at this moment, it was the only right one.

"Please, Zeke," she whispered, her eyes telling him without words what she wanted.

Zeke hesitated for only a moment before he stood up, grabbing her hands and pulling her up next to him. He didn't let her hide in any way. As he stripped her clothes off of her, he touched everywhere, kissing, nibbling, biting. The feelings he created within her were so powerful, she tried to push him away at times but he wouldn't let her go and he wouldn't stop. When she was completely naked, he laid her down on her back and followed her, his hands worshiping her breasts and his mouth continued on the same path, tasting the raspberry nipple and reveling when her fingers slid into his hair. Her hands held him there for a long moment while he sucked, hard. A moment later, she was pulling him away, the feeling too intense but she just pulled him right back to her, wanting more as soon as the stirrings ended.

Zeke chuckled, but it was getting harder and harder to hold himself back. He moved to the other breast and when he received the response he wanted, he smiled and stood up. With deft, swift fingers, he tossed his slacks and boxers to the side, coming right back to her and moving lower. When he smelled her arousal, he almost lost his control but he took a deep breath, closing his eyes to concentrate on something other than the woman who couldn't keep still when he touched her, then moved towards his ultimate goal.

"Open up for me Marissa," he encouraged.

Marissa didn't follow his instructions. Instead, she sat up and took his head in her hands, kissing him gently but with all the pent up desire that she couldn't seem to control.

He wanted to smile, but she pressed her body against his and he couldn't hold back any longer. As much as he wanted to continue exploring her body, he needed to be inside her. Now!

Looking into her eyes, he pulled her knees up around his hips, his body probing. When he found her core, hot and more than ready for him, he had to close his eyes and regain his control. No other woman had ever been able to drive him so crazy as this slender, shy woman could.

"Are you ready?" he asked softly, even though he knew that she was physically ready. He wanted her to need this just as much as he did.

"If you don't continue, I'll think you're just teasing me," she gasped out between deep breaths of anticipation.

Zeke thought he might have smiled, possibly even laughed, but he was in too much pain, desperate to be inside of her. "A tease, huh?" he asked. He grabbed her arms again, pulling them up higher so she couldn't touch him any longer. He couldn't take any additional stimulation right now and if he was going to make this good for her, he couldn't have her touching him.

"I need you to be honest with me," he said, his body pressing against hers, gritting his teeth when she rubbed her naked body against his.

"What is it?" she demanded, almost screaming out in frustration.

"You've never done this before, have you?" he asked.

Marissa wished she could be more sophisticated about the whole subject but she wasn't. Instead, she was frustrated that he wouldn't get on with it. "No. But I'm still waiting for you to do something about that."

He thought he might have chuckled but he wasn't sure. With infinite slowness, he shifted so he was at her entrance. With a control he hadn't known he possessed, he pressed into her, gritting his teeth as her heat wrapped around him. She was so hot, so wet and he wanted to just slam into her. But he had to take this slowly. Carefully. He didn't want to hurt her and, never having been with a virgin before, he wasn't exactly sure what to do.

When he felt the resistance, he sighed and kissed her, taking her lips with his and bringing her back to that writhing need she'd been at before. When he felt her body moving against his once more, he pressed into her, feeling her flinch as he broke through and buried himself fully inside of her heat.

When he thought she might be okay, he looked down at her, noticing that she was biting her lower lip as if she were having trouble keeping still. Since that wasn't the point, he shifted inside of her and was relieved when she glanced up at him, her eyes filled with the wonder the friction of their bodies created.

"More," she sighed and pressed herself into him.

Zeke was more than happy to oblige. He pressed into her heat, moving in and out carefully, slowly, watching her facial expressions for signs of what she wanted. She was probably too self-conscious to tell him so he had to go with...

"Any chance you could go a bit faster?" she bit out.

Zeke was stunned, but it turned him on even hotter. "Absolutely," he said and shifted so he could move faster, harder. When she seemed to like that more, he lifted her hips and moved even faster. He was just about to start counting backwards from one hundred when he felt her body tighten in his arms. Shifting slightly, moving his hips ever so subtly, he watched in fascination as she screamed out, her fingers clenching against his shoulders and her body arching into his as her climax took over her body.

Only then would Zeke let go of his own control. As she continued to throb around him, he pressed into her, hearing her screams as he himself found his own release. He wished fervently that he could stop, could slow down and help her go again, but his own climax was so intense, so earth shattering that he wasn't really sure if he was still conscious.

Zeke rolled over, taking her with him and breathing in deep, hulking breaths of oxygen. He'd never experienced anything so intense. He had to cover her fingers when he felt them start to move on his chest because, and he couldn't really believe this himself, he wanted her again. Shockingly, the need was just as intense.

"Why can't I touch you?" she asked, sighing with happiness.

He smiled himself even though she couldn't see him. "Because you need to recover."

Marissa laughed, but acknowledged that he might be right. "How long does it take to recover?" she asked softly, still trying to catch her breath herself.

Zeke thought she was kidding but when she looked down at her hopeful expression, he had to laugh because she was absolutely serious. "Normally it takes about twenty-four hours," he teased, rolling back onto his side, tucking her naked body next to him.

She looked at him, not sure if he was joking. She bit her lower lip, taking her hands off of his chest and pulling back slightly. "I'm sorry. I didn't know that it was that difficult."

Zeke threw back his head and laughed. "I said normally. I think with you next to me, it might take significantly less time." He nuzzled her neck, tickling her sensitive skin as their breathing slowly came back to normal.

She smiled slightly, her eyes looking at his chest and wondering if she could touch him. Maybe taste him? What would his skin taste like? She was guessing it might be salty. Maybe just a bit...tantalizing?

"What does that smile mean?" he asked. He might be nervous if he didn't have a very good idea already.

She thought she was laying perfectly still but she didn't realize that her leg was rubbing against his thigh. She was too focused on where his hands might stray. And hoping they would stray to all the right places. Feeling very wanton, she kept her hands still on his chest and valiantly tried to keep her hips from shifting. Maybe if she just...yes!

"Marissa!" he growled, feeling her body stir in a very delectable way.

She gasped when his hand shifted against her stomach, moving higher to cup her breast while his thumb flicked against her nipple. Trying to catch his wrist, she moved away from him but he simply moved on to another sensitive spot, unrelenting in his quest to drive her desire higher.

"You're not getting away from me this time," Zeke said and that was Marissa's only warning. With one hand on her stomach, he held her down and moved southward. Just as he had the last time, he kissed his way to his goal but he knew what she would try this time and he was ready. When she attempted to sit up and pull him away, he put a strong, firm hand to her stomach and moved into position.

"No," she started to say but he wouldn't relent. Kissing her thighs, her stomach, breathing in her scent he grinned in anticipation. "Just relax. I guarantee that you'll like this."

"I won't," she gasped and tried to wiggle away.

"You will."

A moment later, his finger slid inside of her and she stopped trying to get away. Instead, she moved closer, her body shifting towards him, wanting more. And then his mouth covered her and she screamed with the heat and the pleasure. When his tongue moved against her, she couldn't control her reaction any longer. She screamed out, her hands gripping his head to keep him in place. She wanted the sensation to go on and on but then was actually begging for it to end. She couldn't believe how intense something as simple as a mouth and an active, interested tongue could be but, as she slowly came back to earth, her body slowing down slightly, she knew that she was now transformed in her opinion of that activity.

"Don't turn away," he commanded as he slowly entered her, a sweet shyness emerging as she opened her eyes again.

Marissa was gripping his arms, unaware that her nails were digging into his bulging biceps as he easily slid into her. Closing her eyes, she wrapped her legs around him, encouraging him instinctively but also ensuring that he wouldn't stop. She needed this at such an elemental level she couldn't even begin to grasp the pain that might rip through her if he stopped.

"Marissa? Are you okay?" he growled, thinking she might be hurting.

"Later!" she cried out, arching her back to make him push deeper inside of her. "Please, just later!" was all she could say as her hips rose up to meet his.

Zeke tried to be gentle, understanding that she might be tender. But the way she was moving under him, the way she arched against him, moving her hips in that way, he just couldn't go slowly. He shifted his weight slightly and with one final thrust, he was fully buried inside of her. Looking down, he noticed that she was biting her lip and her eyes were still closed tightly.

He lowered his chest, ignoring the incredible softness of her breasts against his hard chest as he tried to soothe her. "Are you okay?" he asked while his fingers dove into her hair when she tried to turn her head away from him. "Marissa, talk to me," he urged.

Her hands fluttered lower, sliding down his arms and then shifting to his waist, feeling the muscles even in his sides under her sensitive fingers. "Would you mind if we talked later?" she asked with a growing sense of urgency. "I don't think talking is at the top of my priority list right at the moment."

Zeke's eyes widened in surprise. He'd thought she was in pain. But the reality was, this slender, exciting woman was just in the throes of passion.

With that realization, he allowed himself to revel in the heat of her surrounding him, gripping him so tightly he wasn't sure how long he could make it. He forced his mind to start listing the capitals of each European country but then her hips moved and he almost yelled out with how good she felt.

"Don't move!" he ordered her as he slid in and out of her once again. Grabbing her hands that had been fluttering on his chest, he held them above her head, watching her face while he moved again and again, gritting his teeth to make this good for her.

"I thought I could touch you this go around," she stammered, gasping when he moved his hips in a way that brought her even more pleasure.

Marissa thought she might have died and gone to heaven. Or maybe it was hell because Zeke was moving so slowly, torturing her with the most incredible feelings she'd ever experienced. She looked up at him and saw that he was holding on to his control with a very thin thread. Well, no more, she thought to herself. She needed him to...yes, just like that and she lifted her hips higher.

With that movement, Zeke couldn't hold on any longer. With one hand lifting her hips, he thrust into her, over and over again, the friction of her heat pushing him beyond control and he only held on until he heard her scream out his name before he allowed himself the release his body was demanding.

When he finally opened his eyes, he looked down at Marissa and something happened inside of him that he didn't completely understand. His only cohesive thought was that he knew that he wanted to do this with this woman over and over again. "Are you okay?" he asked as he lowered himself to her side, pulling her on top of him as he slid out of her heat regrettably.

Marissa couldn't help the giggle that escaped her with his question. Was she okay? She didn't think she'd ever felt this okay before in her life. Stacking her hands on top of his chest, she rested her chin on her hands and watched him curiously. He looked angry. Reaching out, she touched one of his dark eyebrows. "Why are you upset with me?" she asked softly.

Zeke took her hand and bit the tip of her finger gently, almost groaning when she wiggled against him. He'd just had the most incredible orgasm of his entire life. Shouldn't he be sated?

Not happening, he realized as his body hardened for her again.

A thought suddenly occurred to him. "You were a virgin."

She rolled her eyes. "Are we going back to that already?" she asked, not wanting anything serious to mar this moment. She let her hand slide down to his side, wanting to feel those ridges along his stomach that she'd noticed when he'd taken off his shirt earlier.

He raised one eyebrow as if to indicate that she was crazy if she thought they weren't going to discuss the issue of her inexperience. "We are definitely going to discuss that. But more importantly, I just realized that if you are..."

"Was!" she corrected and slipped her hands out from his grip, wanting to explore him more thoroughly.

He smiled and grabbed her hands once again, not willing to let her distract him. "Okay, you were a virgin," he correct, "so I'm assuming you aren't on any birth control?" he asked, then watched her face. When she stilled and looked at his eyes instead of his chest, he knew that his assumption was correct. "And I didn't use a condom. When was your last period?" he asked.

Marissa blushed painfully and wanted to turn away but he wouldn't let her escape. "Um...we should be safe," she said, biting her lip once again as she counted back the days.

"How safe?" he asked.

She sighed and closed her eyes. "My period should be here any day now."

He relaxed slightly but wouldn't let her hands go. "You'll tell me if it doesn't come, correct?"

She nodded her head, painfully embarrassed about the topic.

He had to laugh at her expression. She'd gone from blushing because of desire to blushing because of embarrassment in only moments. And he thought each of those reactions were enchanting. He reached out to his bedside table and pulled open a drawer. "Now that we've gotten that out of the way," he said and placed a box of condoms next to them on the bed.

Marissa turned her head to see what he'd done and her face flamed up once again. She ignored his laughter at her embarrassment and instead focused on what she wanted to learn. Which was what all this skin of his felt like.

"Since you're prepared," she said with a growing smile on her face.

He grabbed her hands once again, shaking his head as he lowered his mouth to her breast once again.

Marissa struggled to get her hands released. "This isn't fair," she cried out, gasping when his tongue flicked against her already pebbled nipple. "I want to touch you."

"Not this time." His mouth moved lower. "I'm not finished with my exploration of your delectable body."

Marissa thought about arguing, but when his finger slid inside of her, she couldn't really form any words. And when his mouth followed his hands, sounds screamed out of her mouth but they still weren't any words. Or at least no words that made sense.

Chapter 4.

Marissa rubbed the towel through her hair, a smile on her face as she thought about Zeke and their afternoon that had shifted into evening. And then into night. The man certainly was a passionate lover. It was actually fortuitous that she'd started to get a migraine yesterday because the nap she'd had yesterday was just about the only sleep she'd gotten. Zeke had been relentless and every time he'd touched her, she was just as wanton, just as desperate as the first time. Well, actually, she seemed to get more ravenous for his body.

And when he'd finally allowed her to explore his massive physique...she smiled at the memory.

Her phone rang and she searched through the bedroom to find her purse. When she found it on a chair over by the windows, she had to smile because the only way it could have gotten here was if Zeke had brought it to her.

"Hello?" she answered, hoping it was Zeke.

"Marissa? Are you okay?" Sierra asked.

Marissa instantly felt guilty that she'd completely forgotten about her sister over the past twenty-four hours. "Sierra? Where are you? You've been gone for days!"

She heard her sister sniffle and her panic, as well as her guilt, increased. "I'm fine. I'm at the hospital. It isn't me, Mari," she explained quickly, knowing that Marissa would assume the worst. "It's a man that was at the party several days ago. Dad had him beaten, Mari. Badly. He's barely alive and," she sniffled again, obviously fighting the tears. "And he's fighting for his life."

"Who is he?" Marissa asked, sitting down in the chair next to her purse. Her body had chilled with her sister's words. She was terrified for both herself and Sierra not to mention the stranger her sister was crying for. Marissa didn't even have to ask how badly the man was hurt. Sierra had said the poor guy was fighting for his life. Sierra wasn't into dramatics but very down to earth and realistic.

"I don't know his name," she whispered. "I just saw him at the party and knew something horrible was happening so I followed Don and Jimmy when they drove out of the garage. They just dumped him, Mari," she cried, her voice muffled as if Sierra were covering her mouth from the pain of her words. "They dumped him in an alley as if he were a piece of trash." Sierra stopped for a moment and Marissa could hear her taking a deep, strengthening breath. "But he's not, Mari! I know this sounds ridiculous, but I just know that he's a good man."

Marissa sighed, understanding exactly what was going on. They'd always suspected that horrible things happened in that office but there was never any evidence for them to follow. "Sierra, where are you? Which hospital? And how do you know he didn't do something horribly worse?"

Her sister sniffled once again. "I just know, Mari. And you don't have to come down here. I'm fine. Really I am. I just needed to talk to someone who won't think I'm crazy. Besides, they aren't letting him have visitors yet. Just family and I don't want anyone to recognize me or you. So I'm fine, I merely wanted you to know that I'm fine. But I'm going to stay here and make sure he's okay. Don't tell Dad where I am, okay? Can you cover for me?"

Marissa didn't even hesitate when her sister asked this of her. "Of course. Don't worry about that. I'll make sure to tell Dad something." They'd done this for years, covering for each other when one of them needed to get something done. Because their father was so strict he wouldn't even allow them to stay over at friends' houses to study in the evening or stay late at the library. They'd never had sleepovers nor attended the traditional high school parties unless one of his bodyguards chaperoned. The only way the two of them were able to have a somewhat normal life was with their special system of covering for each other that they'd developed over the years. "Let me know what I can do and check in with me, okay?"

"Thanks," Sierra replied sadly.

With that, she ended the call and Marissa was left to figure out what to do, how to handle her father as well as Zeke. Would Zeke understand her sister's need to protect a stranger? It was odd even for Marissa to understand why the two of them did things.

Marissa gathered up her clothes, shaking her head at the way they were all wrinkled. She couldn't go home in these clothes. Her father would immediately think she'd slept in her clothes. And it wouldn't be a hard leap for him to come to the conclusion that she hadn't actually slept in them, but that they were dumped onto the floor while she slept without them. The next connection would be that she'd slept with a man while said clothes were in a haphazard mess on the floor.

A thought occurred to her. Would he even care if she'd slept with someone? If she told him she'd been with Zeke, the very man her father wanted her to marry, would he be angry or happy? Her father had crassly told her to take off her clothes to get Zeke to marry her, seduce him if needed. So would he care?

She shuddered, not willing to find out. She'd swing by one of her favorite stores and grab some new clothes before going home. As she pulled on her silk blouse and navy skirt, she tried to come up with a reasonable answer for why both she and her sister were out of the house. Their system in the past was to tell their father that they'd seen the other one, or to tell him that she'd seen her sister over at the library or a friend's house or whatever it was that would make him move on to his business. The best story was to explain to their father that the missing one was sick and in bed. Her father was phobic of germs and wouldn't venture down the bedroom hallway when one of them simply had a headache. He prided himself on never getting sick and he couldn't understand why he'd produced two daughters who were so weak and fell victim to germs.

Father of the year was not in the future for Joseph Berutelli, she thought as she ducked under Zeke's bed to find her second shoe. Once she was completely dressed, she grabbed her phone and called for a cab while she wandered through Zeke's house trying to find out how to get out. The place was massive with three levels! As she wandered through the hallways, she was stunned by all the room. Good grief, she was actually lost!

Zeke's housekeeper found her a moment before she turned into the library and showed her to the private elevator where she was able to speed down to the lobby of the building. There she found her cab waiting for her. She was grateful when she arrived at the department store just as it was opening and was quickly able to find a new skirt and blouse, just something to get her into the house.

When she actually walked into the house, after returning to Zeke's office to retrieve her car where she'd left it the day before, she acted as if she'd just returned from shopping instead of returning from sleeping over at a man's house.

Thankfully her father wasn't around, nor did his housekeeper stop her. Betty was a kind woman, but she had never been able to stand up to her father's commands. So if Betty had known that both Sierra and Marissa were gone, she'd never be able to lie to her employer about the issue.

Resisting The Tycoon's Seduction Part 3

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