Resisting The Tycoon's Seduction Part 6

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He looked like he was considering her comment, taking her seriously. But the moment he seemed like he was going to say something to her, the elevator doors opened. "Let's get out of here," he said instead of whatever he was going to tell her.

Marissa hesitated at that moment but he pulled her along behind him anyway. That was when she realized what was waiting for them. When she saw the small helicopter that was already prepped with the pilot standing beside the machine with the door open, she dug her heels in.

"I'm not getting into that machine," she said with a very firm voice. She didn't look up at Zeke, just stood there on the windy roof of the building with her arms crossed, glaring at the helicopter.

Zeke stopped and turned around, looking at her as if he wanted to laugh. Fortunately, he held his humor at bay when he realized that she was genuinely nervous about getting into the machine. "Are you afraid of flying, Marissa?"

She looked up at him, stubbornness showing in every cell of her body. "I'm not afraid of flying in an airplane. But that is not an airplane." He'd tricked her into the marriage thing, there was no way he would trick her into getting into that machine.

Zeke realized that she was genuinely terrified and felt horrible that he had to force her into this situation. "If I promise to get you through this, that you'll be okay and that this is a very short flight, will that help?"

She was already shaking her head. "There's nothing you can do that will get me through that flight. I've never been in a helicopter and there's nothing you can do to get me onto this one."

Zeke smiled, eager to take on the challenge Marissa had just tossed down. "Is that a fact?" he asked softly.

Marissa wanted to back up, but the elevator door had already closed behind her. "Zeke, if this is a short flight, then it's probably a short drive as well and we can get there just as easily in a car." She was starting to wonder just who was more stubborn; her or Zeke. She was terrified that he might win this one. How could he do that though? She didn't think he would toss her over his shoulder and stuff her in there. He was too kind and gentle for that.

Wasn't he?

Zeke brutally suppressed the fear for her safety in order to address her fears as much as possible. But if it came down to protecting her from harm, he would carry her in and strap her down. He kept an eye on his bodyguard who had an earpiece that communicated any threats from the street.

With a patience he didn't know he had, he stood in front of her and spoke calmly. "It's a short flight because we'll be flying over buildings to get to our destination," he explained as he reached out, easily reaching her even when she tried to twist out of his arms. With his strong arms wrapped around her waist, he felt her shivers and his compassion increased. But his need to protect her from the very real threat of her father overrode the comparably less likely threat of the helicopter crashing. He paid this pilot very well and knew him to be an extremely adept pilot so he had no concerns about taking Marissa in the air in this machine.

At a nod from his bodyguard, Zeke knew he'd just run out of time. One of his guards had seen something on the street and he had to get Marissa out of there. He sincerely regretted what he had to do but...

Marissa wasn't sure what he was going to do, but she knew enough to be wary of the fire that instantly started in his eyes. "What are you going to ...?"

She wasn't able to finish the sentence because his mouth covered hers. She resisted for all of two seconds, knowing he was only kissing her to distract her. But as soon as he touched her, she was lost to this kiss. She loved the way his mouth made love to hers, the way his tongue touched her lips, demanding entry and, when she gave in, his whole body entered into the seduction.

She was pulled against him, his arms curling her softness against his hard legs and chest. She wanted him instantly and her whimper of desire, of the lust that surged through her arms, legs and her entire being was something she wasn't sure how to control. She was too inexperienced with this type of passion to fight him. Not that she wanted to, actually. As soon as he'd touched her, she was a willing participant in the kiss.

She was completely unaware of what was happening. She didn't realize that Zeke had lifted her up, was carrying her with her legs wrapped around his waist, nor was she cognizant of him settling into the seat. She didn't see the wary look of the pilot as he closed the door, his concern that the two of them weren't wearing a seatbelt. But he was ordered to take off and fly them as fast as possible to their destination. So he flipped the switches, did his last minute flight check and took off of the roof of the building. The whole time, he focused on his gauges and his flying while Zeke kissed Marissa, touching her in all those places that made her shiver with need, with a desire so intense she was focused only on him and not on the flight.

When they touched down fifteen minutes later, Marissa was aching with the need for Zeke to take this to the next level. So when he pulled back and lifted her back into his arms, she was startled to see that they were at an airport without a tall building or skyscraper in sight. "Where are we?" she asked, trying to gain some control but the trembling was making her aware of the fact that Zeke hadn't finished what he'd started.

They were walking towards a private jet, a very large one and Marissa looked back, seeing the helicopter flying away once again. She couldn't believe that Zeke had gotten her through that terrifying ordeal without her even being aware of what was going on around her. How had he done that? Oh, yeah, the kiss. Yes, the man was an excellent lover. She'd known that last night. But now jealousy surged through her for the second time today because she understood that the man had learned so much about making love by being with other women.

With that realization popping around in her brain, she stopped on the tarmac, furious and emphatic. Enough was enough, she needed answers. "Zeke," she said with an angry face, "I'm not taking another step until you tell me what's going on and why there's such a horrible rush!" She knew that some of her anger was due to her jealousy and some due to fear. But there was also a significant part of her that just wanted him to respect her enough to tell her what was going on.

Zeke looked down into her angry eyes and knew that he couldn't trick her again. There was just something about her demeanor that told him that he wouldn't get away with kissing her a second time. But boy, it had been nice to feel her reaction to him during the helicopter ride.

He tilted his head and took a step closer to her, proud of her when she stood her ground even when he could tell that she was nervous with him so close to her. "First of all, I want to get you onto that plane because we're going to some place safe where your father can't find you for at least a week, maybe longer if I haven't had enough of you by then."

"A week?" she asked, swallowing past the lump of desire that was almost choking her with the same need he'd stoked in the helicopter.

"At least," he confirmed.

"And secondly?"

He considered his words carefully. "I'm not sure there's really a second point I wanted to make. I'm still stuck on the first one."

Her trembling increased as the heat in his eyes ramped up. She had to be firm though. "What's this all about?"

One of his strong, callused hands moved up to touch her cheek. He debated how much to tell her against how much he wanted to protect her against all the bad things she'd had to face in her life so far. "It's about me wanting to protect you. And if you could just deal with this for a little while longer, I would very much appreciate your sacrifice."


He shrugged slightly. "Because this is a novel sensation for me. I've never experienced these new feelings and I'm not sure how to deal with them right now. All I know is that I have a place where I can keep you safe, far away from your father where I can have my wicked way with you."

She bit her lip and looked at his chest. As she tossed his words around in her head, she thought that perhaps she needed to take baby steps with this man. She could tell from the tension in his shoulders that he'd just taken a huge step by confiding that much to her. They'd known each other for such a short time and, if she really was honest about the situation, she knew she wasn't sure how much longer she'd have with him. The wedding ceremony this morning didn't seem real to her. And even if it was legal, which she suspected was actually the case, she wasn't sure why he'd married her, how long they would be together or even what he expected from the quick ceremony.

In the end, she once again decided to go along with the craziness of the moment. She'd rarely been spontaneous in her life, knowing that things needed to be planned out so her father either wouldn't know about her activities, or she could prepare him far enough in advance so he wouldn't restrict her from her plans.

Here she was, about to get onto a plane without her father's knowledge for the first time in her life and she felt liberated, more than a little crazy and just downright exuberant. That feeling, along with Zeke's amazing sensuality and passion, were a powerful influence. She decided right then and there that she was going to ride this sensation until it burned out.

"Will you at least tell me where we're going?" she whispered, raising her face and showing him that she was accepting his plans. At least for the next week, she thought even if she didn't say the words.

The look on his face when he saw her acceptance of his plans was well worth the anxiety she'd feel later once she had to return to reality. He swept her up into his arms, kissing her deeply as he carried her onto the plane. He set her down on one of the soft, leather seats and strapped her seatbelt, making a great show of adjusting the fit when really, he was just caressing her skin, his knuckles "accidentally" rubbing against her breasts causing her to gasp with the touch. Their eyes met, conveyed the promise and the anticipation, and then Zeke took the seat across from her. He lifted the phone. "We're ready," was all he said before he lowered it down again, his eyes never leaving her face as he waited for the plane to take off.

It took less than five minutes before they were airborne and the pilot called Zeke back letting him know that they could move around. Zeke didn't hesitate any longer. He almost slammed the phone down again, then stood up and, in one swift move, unsnapped her seatbelt and pulled her back into his arms. He carried her through a door Marissa hadn't even known existed, setting her down on her feet at the end of a very soft, very comfortable bed.

Zeke didn't give her a chance to survey her surroundings. His mouth covered hers as soon as her feet were touching the floor and he lifted her up against him, showing her how much he wanted her.

This was one decision today that she didn't hesitate to make. She wanted this man. He'd kissed her at their wedding, he'd kissed her on the short helicopter ride and her whole body wanted this like an obsession. After last night, she was starting to get to know his body and she was determined to learn more about him and the things that he liked.

When he lifted her into his arms and laid her onto the bed, she smiled, excited that she would have this man completely to herself for an unknown period of time. At least right now, wherever they were going, her father wouldn't know anything about her activities and that released her passions even more.

Chapter 5.

Marissa watched with delight as the wind whipped Zeke's hair across his forehead. It was too short to get in his way but he looked so strong and capable as he steered the sailboat through the waters. They'd landed in San Juan, Puerto Rico three nights ago and had spent the most amazing few days driving around the island, exploring the rain forests, climbing El Yunque and listening to the birds and lizards move about through the trees. Right now, they were almost flying across the water with both sails filled with wind. She had no idea how fast they were going, but it felt very swift. She hadn't felt this carefree in a long time.

Marissa had been able to check in with Sierra every day and Zeke had received reports from the guards on both her status as well as the stranger's recovery. Thankfully, the man was going to be okay but it would be a long, hard fight back to complete health. He would make a full recovery though and was currently in and out of consciousness but he had to remain in the intensive care unit until more of his wounds had healed and he could maintain consciousness for longer periods of time.

With the reassurance that her sister was in good hands, she was free to explore this time with Zeke. They'd dined on fresh fish and the local produce, enjoying the Puerto Rican dishes such as mofongo, a starchy recipe created from mashed plantains but seasoned with various savory toppings. She couldn't believe it when he'd driven them about a half hour's ride out of San Juan, only to pull up outside a line of hole-in-the-wall restaurants and bars that didn't even look like they were permanent fixtures. They were called "kioskos" but they looked like huts or shacks. As soon as she sat down at the restaurant called "La Padilla", she fell in love with the foods. Everything seemed to be fried, but it was amazingly delicious. She had a cheesy dish filled with freshly caught seafood including fish, shrimp, scallops and some other unidentifiable shellfish.

He had the red snapper, but that came with the head and eyes still intact. She was so horrified, she made him eliminate the head before she would let him eat the spicy seafood. And even then, she had to laugh when he continued to steal her own meal. Each time he reached for her food, she would try to stab him with the fork. Unfortunately, her heart wasn't in the threat. And since he'd ordered several appetizer samples, she wasn't very hungry and could only eat half of her cheesy seafood anyway.

At the moment, he was helping her relax by pouring her a delicious, fruity drink. She should have been suspicious when he called it a "painkiller", but she'd taken a careful sip of the frothy drink topped with nutmeg and just enjoyed the cool flavors of orange, mango and coconut. After her third one, she knew that he'd spiked the drink with the excellent Puerto Rican rum that he'd taught her to enjoy over the past few days.

So now she was leaning back against the teak decking of a fabulous sailboat, watching him steer over the shimmering water. Every once in a while he called out an order for her. He just yelled, "Trim the sails, Marissa!" Marissa simply looked over at him and, with complete honesty, asked, "What does one do to trim the sails?"

With a roll of his eyes, he tied up the wheel so the boat wouldn't go too far off course, then he pulled the sails up slightly with one of the many levers on the sailboat, adjusting the tension so that they were catching the wind more effectively. With a great deal of patience, he pointed up to the smaller one he called the "jib" and told her to watch the red pieces of string along the edge of the sail. "When the green ones on the main sail are going in the same direction, yell for me to stop. Okay?"

Marissa shaded her eyes and looked up at the green and red strings. "Okay. I can do that," she assured him, then took another sip of her drink and relaxed even more.

"They're matching," she called back to him, still lounging on the cushions.

She didn't hear anything after that, so she assumed she'd completed her task and closed her eyes to enjoy the heat of the sunshine more completely. That had been her first mistake. Always keep track of Zeke Vaughn she'd learned. When he topped off her drink, she smiled back at him. "Are you trying to get me drunk, Captain?" she asked with a twinkle in her eye.

"I am. Do you have any objections?" he asked, leaning down to bite the sensitive spot on the back of her neck.

She sighed with happiness, considering his question. "I don't think so. But could you tell me your plans before I fully commit to them?"

As he walked back to the wheel and untied it once again, he looked at her through his dark sunglasses. She might not be able to see his eyes, but she could feel the heat of his gaze and it was hotter than the sun on her slightly tanned skin. "I intent to sail us to a private area I discovered a long time ago, banish your bathing suit and jump into the ocean with you naked. How's that for an afternoon?"

She took another sip while her toes curled with anticipation at the possibilities. "I believe I'm prepared for that sequence of events."

She heard his chuckle even though the wind took the sound away. "You're a very sexy woman, Mrs. Vaughn," he called out to her.

She shook her head. "I never took your last name, Mr. Vaughn."

"You will," he countered with complete confidence.

In response, she took a long, refreshing sip of her rum-spiked beverage, not bothering to contradict him. Why bother when their wedding hadn't been real? She suspected that he was keeping her here on this beautiful island to protect her until whatever was happening back in Chicago simmered down. She was in complete agreement with that solution, reveling in it actually. She didn't want to think about returning to her real life because it wasn't as relaxing or as exhilarating as these days had been.

Leaning back against the striped cushions, she closed her eyes and enjoyed the relaxation of the sun and the rum, both of which were working their magic.

When she felt his hands on her, she slowly opened her eyes and smiled. He'd anchored off the shore of a small cove and was looking down at her with his intent clear. She felt her body instantly respond to that look that she'd come to know extremely well over the past several days.

"Is this your secret place?" she asked, her arms reaching up to wrap around his neck. She felt his fingers deftly removing her bathing suit and thought it odd. The man usually took great pains to arouse her while undressing her. A talent she actually loved in him.

When her bathing suit was tossed to the side, instead of coming down beside her, he stood up and tossed his own swimming trunks off and on top of the string bikini he'd bought her the first day. Since it had taken him quite a long time to convince her to wear the bathing suit outside of their hotel suite, she was surprised he was treating it so casually.

And even more surprised when he reached down to pull her up instead of coming down to join her on the very comfortable cushions. "What's going on?" she asked, more than willing to go along with him in whatever idea he suggested. The man definitely had a creative mind when it came to making love. Not that he wasn't very good at the basics too!

"We're going swimming," he said as if that were the most obvious thing in the world.

"Swimming?" she asked, blinking as she looked out around the boat. "Without a bathing suit?" Okay, so this is exactly what he'd told her they would be doing. She just needed to catch up a bit faster, she thought with a smile.

He laughed softly but pulled her over to the side of the sailboat. "Of course. Do you think the fish care if you have those tiny scraps of material over you? I promise, none will even blink."

She had to laugh right along with him, but in all honesty, she had no idea if fish actually had eyelids to blink.

She knew she was in trouble when he stopped on the edge of the decking and wrapped his arms around her waist. With both excitement and trepidation, she pressed herself against him, wrapping her own arms around his broad, muscular shoulders and took a deep breath. In the next moment, she came up sputtering, laughing at how he'd just plunged both of them into the water. "I knew you'd do that," she said and pushed her hair out of her eyes.

He grabbed her once again, pulling her over him so she floated on top of his length while he swam backwards. The friction of his body and the water against her skin caused her to gasp. It wasn't the touch that got to her so thoroughly. It was more the lack of a touch. Or the swift, barely there touch. With her eyes wide open, she tried to deal with the instant, intense need that rocked her body. But she knew that he could tell what was happening within her. And the beast only increased the friction, spinning her around so that more of her skin was in contact with his while his hands were free to caress her breasts, her waist, her back.

He was a strong swimmer, but even he was affected by their activities. And after only a few minutes, he growled and pulled her closer, kissing her as he swam right back to the boat. He lifted her up out of the water and set her down on the teak platform at the end of the sailboat. "Move woman," he growled when she just sat there wiggling in anticipation. "I need to be inside of you now."

Since Marissa was having just as much trouble waiting, she didn't hesitate any longer. Pulling herself up, she walked quickly to the middle of the boat but then stopped. She didn't know where he wanted her to go. And at this point, she didn't care. Walking right back to him as he emerged over the back of the ship, muscles bulging as he pulled himself up out of the water and making her mouth dry up with need, she raced right back to him, throwing herself into his arms.

He easily caught her, wrapping a strong arm around her tiny waist, the other hand pulling her leg up so it was wrapped around his own waist. Shifting only slightly, she felt him probe at her opening and wanted to press down onto him. But he growled once again before grabbing something out of the bag he'd brought along. He laid her down on one of the benches, then sheathed himself with the condom before coming right back to her.

Marissa was only slightly embarrassed that he was taking charge of the birth control on this adventure. But right now, she didn't care. She needed him desperately. And when he swooped in and pressed himself into her softness, she arched against him, taking him deeper and deeper until she was filled with his incredible heat. It always took a bit of adjustment when he first entered her but she was quickly learning how to shift her hips to take all of him.

As he moved, shifting his weight ever so slightly each time, he took her higher and higher. When Marissa desperately wanted to fall over the edge, he suddenly stopped. She opened her eyes and looked up at him, frantic to find that release that he was now denying her.

"You're mine, Marissa. Say it," he commanded, his muscular chest heaving with the effort of keeping still.

"I'm yours," she almost screamed, trying to shift slightly so she could find her release. But he was too strong and he knew her body too well by now. He wouldn't let her have that final climax until he was good and ready. It was frustrating, but it also felt so incredibly wonderful to be with a man who knew her and cared about making her soar with happiness. And with his next move, he did exactly that, sending her spiraling over the cliff into blissful pleasure that surged through her over and over, wave after wave. She cried out so loudly that she was sure the other boat on the next island could hear her.

And when it was all over, she curled her arms around him, nuzzling his neck and kissing his shoulder while they both floated slowly back to earth. In that moment, she accepted that she loved this man. He was tender and caring, sweet and fun. He made her laugh and drove her crazy, but she couldn't seem to get enough of him.

There was a small moment of sadness when she realized that she couldn't have this kind of happiness forever. As soon as they returned to the mainland, she knew he would go on with his life and she'd have to figure out how to go on with hers.

She'd already determined to move out of her father's home. She wasn't sure how she was going to accomplish that, but she'd make it happen. She didn't want to know what was going on with his life. She didn't want him to have any control of hers either. She didn't want to hide her business, or adhere to his rules or even live off of his money a moment longer. She wanted to be free of the shame of being his daughter.

Zeke had given her this sense of freedom, this confidence that she could separate, finally, from the man who had controlled her for too long. And she would always love him for that. And for many other reasons. He had given her so much and she wished she could figure out how to repay him.

Chapter 6.

Zeke came into the bedroom while Marissa was standing in front of the closet, trying to decide what to wear for the day while holding a towel around her. She'd just showered but the process of making a decision was difficult. First of all, she didn't want to get dressed. She wanted to lure Zeke back to bed and make love to him for the rest of the day. She loved exploring his body and learning more about him. After making love, he would hold her in his arms and they would talk about anything and everything. And after every conversation, she fell more in love with him. She'd discovered that he had a wicked sense of humor and could make her laugh at simply a well-placed, dry comment.

But also, she wasn't sure what they were doing today so she couldn't figure out what would be appropriate to wear. He'd taken her to so many places, including a tour of the most amazing telescope. She hadn't even known that the Arecibo Telescope existed. When he'd told her two days ago that they would be touring a telescope, she'd almost rolled her eyes. The idea of visiting something like that hadn't appealed to her. Until she'd arrived and Zeke walked her through the place. Before seeing the actual telescope, they walked through all the exhibits that explained the technology behind the telescope as well as what it could actually do. She'd loved it when Zeke showed her, in sometimes painful detail, all the different technology. But she found it fascinating to just look up into his handsome features while he explained the science to her, watched his long fingers as he worked the gadgets or just wrapped his arms around her from behind while they stared in awe at the massive sphere that captured the tiny sounds coming from space.

She'd thought it was cute that he was so interested in science, sort of as if he thought of space technology as a hobby. But she'd been very wrong about her impressions. He wasn't interested in just science. His mind captured everything. He'd been to Puerto Rico so many times on business that he knew the island well and he showed her all of his favorite places. The hike up to El Britton, the highest lookout point in the National Forest known as El Yunque, was much more fun than she'd ever had on a hike only because Zeke talked to her about the various plants, pointed out the different orchids and other epiphytes or strange, rain forest points. Their hike to the different waterfalls became an adventure, both scientific as he showed her the different ways the land had evolved and then sexual when he'd pulled her under the waterfall and made love to her with the cold water rushing down around them.

What was just as fascinating was to listen to how he used each of his interests in his business. After their tour of Arecibo, she'd heard him on the phone talking with one of his business acquaintances about the idea of using the technology he'd seen in the museum in other areas of his business. After sailing, he contacted another business associate about testing wind energy in some of the factories. Anywhere they went, Zeke's mind would apply the adventure to business. As she listened to him one night, she accepted that the man was truly a genius. He was the complete package.

When Zeke walked into the bedroom, breaking through her contemplation of clothes, her heart sank when she instantly recognized the grim expression on his face. "What's wrong?" she asked, turning to face him as well as accept his embrace.

Zeke put his arms around Marissa, looking into her fresh, alive face with resignation. "I just got a call. We need to head back to Chicago."

She tensed but tried to hide it from him. She'd kept him away from his business long enough and felt selfish for being so needy. "Why? Is everything okay?" she asked, the relaxation she'd been feeling only moments ago vanishing and she ran a hand up his muscular arm.

"Yes. But there are some business deals that aren't moving the way I want them to. One of my vice presidents messed up on a negotiation."

She tried not to frown, but she couldn't completely hide her disappointment. "This has been extremely nice. Thank you for taking me here and showing me around."

He bent lower, his mouth kissing her neck. "There's a whole lot more I want to show you," he replied, his voice husky and lower than normal.

She smiled, still feeling sad but ready to give him up once they were back in Chicago. "I look forward to whatever you have the time to show me."

Resisting The Tycoon's Seduction Part 6

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