Resisting The Tycoon's Seduction Part 8

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She cried out, trying desperately to control what he was making her feel but it was too intense, too amazing. In the end, she didn't have to control anything though. He took her higher and higher and when he finally gave in to her pleading, she screamed out her feelings for him as he loved her so thoroughly she couldn't deny him anything. Even after they came down from that incredible climax, she still whispered how much she loved him, her fingers running through the light layer of rough hair on his magnificent chest.

"I do love you, you know," she sighed happily later that night as she lay next to him in bed.

He squeezed her gently. "I know. I love you too."

"But you have to tell me what's going on. I appreciate you trying to protect me. Unfortunately, I've been living with this for my whole life. I can handle it."

He looked down at her with all the love and respect he was feeling for this woman who had stormed into his life and sighed. "I think you're more than capable of handling anything that is thrown at you." His hand moved up her naked back and she loved the touch, wiggling against him.

"If I can handle you, I can handle just about anything," she said, her fingers sliding south with a secret smile on her face.


"Make her stay, Momma," five year old Duncan said, hiding his teary face in Marissa's jeans clad leg.

Zeke came up behind her, lifting him into his arms and holding him close. "Your Aunt Sierra will come back very soon," he assured his young son. "But she has a job in Denver and she has to head back home." He put an arm around Marissa's waist as well, pulling her close to comfort his very lush, very pregnant wife. "Are you going to be okay?" he asked her carefully, seeing the tears in her eyes as well.

Marissa smiled brightly up at her son who looked so much like her husband that it scared her at times and made her chuckle other times. "I'm okay. Just sad," she said as she put her hand over his, telling him without words how much his touch and his support meant to her. "I worry about her."

Zeke kissed the top of her head. "She's okay. I promise."

Duncan grinned through his tears. "Daddy calls Dave to check on her sometimes."

Marissa stiffened and turned to look up at her husband. "Zeke? Do you have something you've forgotten to tell me?" she asked.

Zeke almost groaned out loud at having been caught. "Now Marissa..." he started to say but she shook her head.

"Zeke Raphael Vaughn, tell me what you've been doing," she demanded, pulling out of his arms.

Zeke pulled Duncan closer, ignoring the little man's giggle at his mother's stern expression. Zeke tried hard not to laugh either but he really loved it when she took that tone of voice with him. He thought she was the sexiest woman alive during normal times. And her pregnancy only made him think she was a goddess. But when she spoke to him like that, he wanted to pick her up in his arms and carry her to their bedroom to make love to her until she was gasping with his name. He loved it when she tried to be stern with him. Even pregnant, she couldn't outweigh him, but she just looked so sweet.

Strong men trembled when he lowered his voice, but nothing terrified his wife. Especially not her husband when he'd been doing something she disagreed with.

"You know I love it when you talk to me like that," he said, reminding her that he would take on her challenge whenever she tossed it out to him, like she was doing now.

"Stop stalling, Zeke. Tell me what you've done!"

He shifted his giggling son in his arms. "I haven't done anything but make sure that Sierra is protected."

"All the time?" Marissa asked, horrified at the idea. Being protected in Zeke's mind might be an invasion of her sister's privacy and that was a treasured commodity.

Zeke lifted his free hand as if in surrender. He wondered if she'd get angrier if he told her how beautiful she was when she was acting all stern and mean like right now. "No. Only occasionally. And she's doing extremely well for herself."

Marissa threw up her arms in exasperation. "I know that! I knew she'd be okay the moment she stepped out of our father's house and went off to college on her own."

Zeke took a step forward, only stopping when Marissa put a finger to the middle of his chest. As if that could stop him if he wanted to hold her! He laughed softly and shook his head. "Listen here, woman. I love you and you come with a great sister who is our son's favorite aunt. If I want to send someone in to look out for her occasionally, I'm going to do it."

"Yeah!" Duncan piped up, his adorable face scrunched up with his eyebrows drawn down over his grey eyes, just like his father did occasionally.

Marissa refused to laugh because it would only encourage both of them. Even though they looked so similar that it sometimes made her heart ache with love for both of them.

Her hand absently rested on her unborn daughter. "Zeke, don't you dare teach Duncan to be like you."

Of course, Duncan laughed and hugged his father tightly.

Zeke threw back his head and laughed as well, delighted with his wife as always. Putting an arm around his wife's non-existent waist, he led her back up the stone steps to their home. "Honey, would you really have it any other way?"

She thought about that for a moment before sighing with resignation. Laying her head on his broad, muscular shoulder she said, "No. I guess not."

Zeke loved this about her. Besides being gorgeous and sexier than any woman had a right to be, she was also honest and loving, with a gentle heart that continued to astound him. She was also an amazing business woman. Now that her father was out of the picture, she'd been able to expand her web design business and had an entire office filled with designers working on assignments from all over the world. And she was all his.

"How about if we agree that you'll take care of our daughter and I'll make sure everyone is safe?"

She snickered at his obvious attempt to gain permission to sneak around. "Not going to happen big guy. You have some explaining to do." She peered up at him through her long lashes. With a grin she said, "And we're going to have a very serious discussion about all of this as soon as Duncan's nanny takes him for his afternoon nap."

Duncan stiffened in his father's arms, suddenly worried. "Are you in trouble, Daddy?" he asked, putting his chubby arm protectively around his strong father's neck.

Zeke looked down into Marissa's eyes, understanding her silent message. With a grin, he said, "Oh, I certainly hope so."

Duncan relaxed when he heard his mother's laughter. Even though his Aunt Sierra had left to head back home this morning, he suddenly felt that all was once again well with his world.

Excerpt from "The Billionaire's Secretive Enchantress"

Sierra looked at her sister closely, not understanding what was wrong. Something had disturbed her normally unflappable sister and it scared her. "Marissa, what's going on?"

She felt her sister shiver and a moment later, Marissa simply disappeared into the house. Sierra watched carefully, glancing at her father to see if he'd seen the escape as well. Hopefully not and Marissa could make a clean getaway. But as she surveyed the crowd of people around her father's luxurious pool, her father's eyes were following his eldest daughter closely.

She was just about to get her sister's attention, to call her sister back but her eyes were snagged by a tall, gorgeous man who stepped out onto the stone patio at that moment. She gasped, her body frozen as the strange man looked around, his eyes seeming to take in all of the important details. Unfortunately, Sierra wasn't one of those details, but why would she be? A man as gorgeous as he was wouldn't look twice at a young, skinny teenager who hadn't a hope of blossoming into the kind of woman who probably caught his eye.

In that same instant, her father noticed the man as well and Sierra's heart sank with disappointment. With a lurch, her father stepped around his contemptible minions surrounding the bar and moved over to the tall stranger, greeting him effusively and Sierra wished with all her heart that this one man with his tall, handsome demeanor and bulging muscles that strained the fine cotton shirt stretched over his broad shoulders wasn't one of her father's pathetic, rock-slithering underlings.

He certainly didn't look like the rest of the men there surrounding the pool with their gaudy, thick, gold chains and their ill-fitting shirts, most of them with bellies that protruded repulsively over their belts. No, this man appeared to be refined, dignified. He had no paunch at all. In fact, she suspected that he actually had ridges on that flat stomach of his. There was just something about the way he held himself, the way he walked, with confidence and elegance, that told her he worked out a great deal and took too much pride in his appearance to allow himself to get flabby.

In addition, there wasn't any jewelry on him at all, not even a tacky, pretentious, pinky ring. His white, tailored shirt was tucked neatly into his pressed slacks without any overlap. In fact, he looked more muscular than all of the men combined.

In a word, he was gorgeous!

But what was he doing here? Her father seemed to be excited to see him and she watched with growing disappointment as her father walked the man over to the others by the bar, all of them looking eager to greet this new person into their midst simply because her father was introducing him to everyone. That was a sure sign that the stranger was important.

The men who hung around her father might not be the best and brightest at math or science, but they were experts at reading body language, understanding politics and sucking up to the important people. In other words, they had street smarts. They knew how to survive.

Sort of, she thought with sadness since there had been men at her father's previous parties who were just as street savvy but had mysteriously disappeared.

Briefly, she noticed the man's dark eyes glance in her direction. Did he hesitate when he saw her? Or was it just her imagination? The moment was brief and, all too quickly, her father was leading the handsome stranger in the opposite direction. When the two disappeared into the house, heading towards her father's office, Sierra felt her heart melt because the only people who went into her father's office were underlings or business associates. Either option was...unfortunate.

She felt her body deflate as if it were a balloon, disappointment at the reality that the one man she'd met who looked fascinating and interesting was nothing more than a minion or yet another petty criminal in a pathetic army of unintelligent, irresponsible brutes.

In the past, she had tried very hard to love her father, but it was difficult when she completely disagreed with everything he stood for. The man had built an empire on crime and brutality and the more she discovered about his business enterprises, the less she respected him.

It wasn't even that he brought the brutality home. After her mother's death from cancer when she was two, she and her sister had basically been raised by nannies. Her father was negligent at the best of times.

But that man, with his tall, confident stride, his square jawline and intelligent looking eyes, he'd been different! Surely he couldn't be...

She stopped commiserating her loss when she caught a movement out of the corner of her eye.

Why were three of her father's men walking towards the house? And why the rush?

She stared at the door through which her father and the stranger had disappeared. Something told her to go through that door, to stop...whatever was happening. But one of her older cousins chose that moment to come over and tease her about school and she was distracted from what might be happening.

Unlike her cousin though, she was only slightly distracted. Looking around at the cluster of men surrounding the bar, she didn't like the way they were all watching the door either. It looked like several of them were expecting something dramatic to happen, something that might be hazardous to one's health. Specifically, the man's health who had disappeared with her father.

But they'd gone into her father's office! That was supposed to be the place he discussed business. She was fairly certain her father didn't condone violence so near to his house. Sierra was under the impression that he maintained a distance from those kinds of activities, even if he might be the man who ordered the violence.

She kept her eye on the doorway to her father's office, wondering if there was some way she could intervene. Maybe if she just pretended to be a ditzy female, stepped in with a silly question for her father, she might catch a glimpse of what was going on inside. Perhaps she could stop anything that could be going wrong? She'd never done something like that before, nor would her father even permit her in his office. So if she were to do that, his wrath would come down hard on her head.

As she contemplated the situation, she knew that she didn't care what happened to herself. The man that had been lured into her father's office was innocent. She had absolutely no way to know this, but she instinctively knew it was the case. Would her conscience allow her to ignore what might be happening simply because she was afraid of the repercussions?

No. She'd never forgive herself if she didn't do something.

She stood beside the pool, the heat of the sunshine beating down on her head, as she struggled to come up with a reasonable, or even an unreasonable excuse, for interrupting her father's conference. While she debated the issue, two more of her father's men were started running to the door and Sierra didn't like the looks of things. The two men appeared worried, anxious even. When these men were anxious, bullets started flying. Their idea of diplomacy was to shoot all moving objects first and sort out the problem later. Dead bodies were a hindrance, not a hazard.

She tried to step in front of her father's lieutenants, but he only stopped her with a hand held out in front of her. She looked up at him, glaring out her anger. "Jimmy, what's going on?" she demanded.

Jimmy was only about two inches taller than she was, but he had an evilness about his eyes that always made her nervous. He had big, bulky shoulders and a belly that wasn't as bad as some of the others hanging around the bar, but it definitely would benefit from some abdominal crunches.

Jimmy shook his head. "Nothing you need to worry yourself about, Sierra. Just leave it be," he replied firmly, standing directly in her path and looking as if he were going to stop her if she proceeded to interfere.

Sierra peered around his shoulder, shivering when one of her father's men came out of the house, dunking his hand into one of the ice buckets in which the beer was cooling. That was the clincher, she thought. There had obviously been violence and it was pretty harsh if the man's hand was any indication. These men prided themselves on dealing with inflicted pain by others but Tony, the man with his hand in the ice, was not amused by whatever had gone down in the office.

When her father's Lincoln pulled out of the garage, Sierra ignored Jimmy and spun around in the opposite direction. As she rushed through the house, she grabbed her own purse and keys, hurrying out of the house, she raced as quickly as possible through to the garage. She dove into her tiny car, praying she wasn't too late to catch up with the big, black Lincoln. She also fervently prayed that she hadn't been wrong about the handsome stranger being in that car. What if he were still back at the house? What if he needed help and she was off chasing some car with just her father's goons in it heading out for a beer run?

As she zipped out of the garage, she spotted the big car turning the corner at the end of the street. She didn't have time to be indecisive. She had to hurry if she was going to catch up with them. She zipped by several of her neighbors, earning a glare for her rude driving and pushed on ahead. She finally caught up with them at the light over by the local grocery store but held back, afraid her father's men might spot her if she got too close.

Her eyes focused only on keeping up with the huge, black car. She suspected that the stranger was inside of that car, and her heart and several pieces of evidence were telling her that something was very, very wrong.

Fifteen minutes later, she stopped a block away from the black car in a relatively dingy section of old Chicago where the warehouses and older factory buildings were basically abandoned. It was a section that several groups had tried to revitalize, but without much success. When neither of her father's men got out of the obtrusive vehicle, but a large form was pushed from the back seat, she gasped in horror.

The black car pulled away with a harsh screeching of tires and Sierra moved cautiously forward, her heart racing with the fear of what she might find.

When she pulled up even with the alleyway, she struggled for breath, shocked by what she was seeing. She jumped out of her car, barely remembering to put it in park in her rush to get to the wounded man lying on the gravel as if he were a piece of trash.

She rushed over to the man, cradling his head in her lap and trying to shield his face from the harsh glare of the sun. She heard him moan and rested her hand against his cheek. "Please don't die on me," she begged to the large, inert form. "You just have to be okay. I'll make this all okay, if you'll just survive this horrible incident," she whispered, unaware that she was actually sobbing out the words.

With her cell phone in one hand, she hurried around the large, male form laying in the filth between the buildings. She could barely dial nine-one-one because her hand was shaking so badly but finally she managed to get the numbers pressed. As soon as the operator came online she said, "Please, I need an ambulance here as soon as possible."

Six years later...

Drake watched with fascination as the woman in the pencil skirt shifted to a different angel, her body bent over the architect's drafting board and providing him with a very enticing view. It wasn't so much the woman's concentration or the fact that she was humming softly to herself. It was the way she was almost dancing with her sexy skirt pulled against her very cute, very round derriere, her long legs ending with pretty shoes that made her legs look even longer, showing off her slender, muscular calves. Every few moments, her bottom would wiggle as she hit a high note on whatever song was going through her headphones.

He tried to listen to the notes in order to decipher the song, but she only sang a few lines, then danced or wiggled again while the song continued in her head.

He could tell that she had dark brown hair but, besides her great legs and adorable butt, there wasn't anything else he could see of the woman. Even her hair was pulled back into an elaborate twist on the back of her head. It looked feminine and professional, but gave nothing away.

He watched her, enjoying the view for several moments, only cringing a few times during her song when she really missed a note. Her lack of ability to sing well didn't diminish his capacity to enjoy the view. It was just too interesting to tear his eyes away.

"Sorry about that," Todd said, coming around the corner of the hallway, slightly out of breath as he hurried to catch up. Zeke pushed away from the door frame, acting as if he hadn't just been ogling one of his newest employees.

Drake almost laughed when the woman in question jumped and spun around so she was now facing her visitors. She was so startled, her hand jerked in the air, causing her pen to flip from her hand, flying through the air and her arms flailing out in surprise and a vain attempt to intersect the tiny missile. She quickly grabbed the edge of her work table to steady herself, but not in time. Her feet tripped over each other and she had to reach out and grab the back of her office chair to steady herself.

Drake stared, amazed that a woman as stunning and sexy as this actually existed. And that she was so amazingly clumsy. She a word, perfect. Her blue eyes shimmered with embarrassment coloring her high cheekbones that quickly changed from creamy porcelain to a soft, becoming peach color.

He almost groaned as he looked at her fully. Her figure wasn't just enticing from behind. She had luscious breasts that pushed against the crisp, navy suit that tried valiantly to contain them as well as slender hips that continued down to long, slender legs. The entire package was impressive and immediately caused his mind to wander to completely inappropriate ideas.

Todd went on as if nothing were happening, entirely unaware of the electricity sparking between the two other people in the room. "Have you had a chance to meet Sierra? She's one of the best architects I've ever had the pleasure of working with. She's creative, innovative and has great ideas on how to incorporate green concepts into structures without degrading quality or increasing price."

Drake already knew all this, but he'd been expecting someone much older. Sierra Colbert was one of those architects that was becoming well known for her work but there weren't any pictures of her since she didn't use the conference or speaking circuit as so many others did to get their name into peoples' minds.

Who knew she was a knockout on top of a brilliant architect?

Drake nodded, indicating that he'd done his homework and was familiar with her ideas.

Todd continued on, extolling Sierra's previous designs and embarrassing her further. "She's done some great work lately." Turning to Sierra he said, "Can you show him the designs you did for that project over in Seattle for the Hutton Foundation?" Todd asked.

Sierra's initial reaction had been surprise, immediately followed by recognition and then excitement. Drake Hamilton was here? He was okay and he looked fabulously vibrant! The years had been good to him and he looked healthier now than he had that first day at her father's pool party. She couldn't believe that she'd actually run into him again.

She'd followed his career over the past six years, impressed with his ability to grow his construction and real estate company into a global enterprise. His services were asked for above all other construction firms because he was ethical, creative and almost always came in under budget.

His company didn't just build corporate headquarters around the globe. This man created cities! When he took on a project, there wasn't just the main building. He would design the whole area around the building, generating a community that would thrive even if the company went out of business. It was a new concept in construction and real estate, one that had been impossible to conceive of ten years ago. Drake's business had pioneered the concept and she thought he was brilliant because of it.

Then it occurred to her what was actually happening. Drake was here? He was here! No! He couldn't be here! The two of them were never supposed to meet. Her excitement quickly diminished, swallowed up by the fear that he might recognize her. And if he connected her with her father, that would be extremely bad!

And then something completely different hit her. She looked at the man she'd known six years ago for less than a month, a month in which he had been completely incapacitated. There was something about the way he was looking at her, something that made her feel...vulnerable? So why was he looking at her like that? It was almost as if he considered her to be his next meal.

Resisting The Tycoon's Seduction Part 8

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