Resisting The Tycoon's Seduction Part 9

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An instant tug of awareness struck her but she brutally suppressed the sensation. Drake Harrison was dangerous. And she vowed to stay very far away from him.

Todd had stopped speaking and the stranger was waiting to shake her hand.

Realizing that the man was waiting for a response, she sputtered out a greeting as quickly as possible. "It's a pleasure to meet you," she said, extending her hand.

Drake looked at her soft, elegant hand and took it in his larger one, swallowing up her pale hand and feeling the shock as he looked into her pretty, blue eyes. He felt her start to tremble and every instinct inside of him wanted to pull her into his arms and kiss her, tell her that everything was going to be okay and she didn't need to be frightened of him.

There was something about this woman that struck him deeply. Something that told him that she was going to be his, no matter what it took to convince her. Even the possibility that he would need to convince any woman was a foreign concept to him. Women tended to be embarrassingly obvious in their interest. Their sometimes obsessive pursuit had grown in intensity as his bank account increased over the years.

So why was this woman trying to pull her hand away from his? He could see that she was interested, felt her pulse with his fingertips as he shook her hand. He wanted to pull her close, ask her questions, find out what made her tick. But it seemed that all she wanted to do was run away and hide.

No, he almost chuckled out loud. That wasn't the way this was going to go down. He looked at her stunning features, keeping his eyes on hers as he planned out his seduction. He wanted this woman. He wanted her badly. Why she was pulling away, he didn't understand, but very soon, he would know all her secrets. In fact, he planned to be one of them!

Sierra glared at the man, her excitement at seeing him so healthy fading as her awareness of him as a man, a very large, very muscular and, apparently, very arrogant man increased and scared her. Why wouldn't he release her hand? Why was he drawing this out? Couldn't he understand that she wanted space? She hated arrogant men.

Didn't she?.

So why was her stomach fluttering? Why was she having a hard time catching her breath? It definitely wasn't because this man's touch was firing her blood.


Resisting The Tycoon's Seduction Part 9

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Resisting The Tycoon's Seduction Part 9 summary

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