Rise Of Humanity Chapter 104 - Junior Martial Sister Takes The Stage

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Chapter 104      Junior Martial Sister Takes The Stage

“【Fourth Sword Style】?”

Zhong Yue asked in confusion, “Xin Huo, the【Twentieth Sword Style】 is even stronger than the【Fourth Sword Style】, so how would the【Twentieth Sword Style】be unable to kill her but the 【Fourth Sword Style】could?”

“Among those twenty Sword Qi of yours, only the Xiang Dragon Sword Qi and the Wooden Sword Qi could breach through Xiao Chuqing, the little heifer’s defenses, But the one that could threaten her life would only be the Xiang Dragon Sword Qi alone.”

Xin Huo said without hesitation, “Whereas for the other eighteen Sword Qi, they are just rubbish that could not even inflict any damage at all! She alone is already stronger than you, with the addition of her moon spirit, your 【Twentieth Sword Style】 could only be used as a surprise attack. However, the other eighteen orcal Sword Qi would be easily crushed by her, causing your Twenty Sword Style Array to be destroyed and unable to to immobilize her!”

Zhong Yue brooded in silence as Xin Huo was right. The Coral Sword Qi was too weak, and he would only leave a huge opening to Xiao Chuqing if he were to forcibly use the 【Twentieth Sword Style】.

“That is why I said that maybe the 【Fourth Sword Style】 could kill her.”

Xin Huo laughed and said,” If you combined the eighteen coral Sword Qi together, then their power would as strong as the Xiang Dragon Sword Qi, thus, slightly increasing your threat level.”

Zhong Yue nodded and asked, “So this is the third Sword Qi, but where did the fourth Sword Qi come from?”

“Visualize the Gold Qi used in the Xuan Wu Golden Shield, making it your fourth Sword Qi. However, this Sword Qi is extremely sharp, posing the most dangerous threat to that heifer.”

A moment of clarity struck Zhong Yue and he let out a long breathe and said, “Alright, I will use the 【Fourth Sword Style】 and cut down this celestial race… Hmmm, this little heifer!”

The art of sculpting taught to him by the Swords Gate’s headmaster included the art of treasure refinement and the art of totem spirits, with the addition of the sword totem carvings of the【Great Boundless Sword Qi】,it would not be difficult for him to refine the eighteen Sword Qi in the Coral Tree.

Without hesitation, Zhong Yue immediately began the process. He first extracted the eighteen Coral Sword Qi from the scarlet Coral Tree and reformed the Sword Qi with the totem of the sword totem carving, condensing the eighteen Sword Qi. The process was quite arduous as he only managed to reformed one Sword Qi every few days.

Whereas the gold Sword Qi that was used to form the Xuan Wu Golden Shield was also reformed it into the Gold Sword Qi.

He tested for a few times and found out that there was barely any latency in shifting between the Gold Sword Qi and the form of the Xuan Wu Golden Shield. Instead, he realized that after changing into the form of Xuan Wu Golden Shield, the defense of the shield had became even stronger than before and all he was left with was a sense of amazement.

“The 【Great Boundless Sword Qi】 is indeed a Sword Qi worthy of bearing the name of ‘Great Boundless’, I never thought that it could do this.”

He then remembered that the 【Great Boundless Sword Qi】 is actually a type of complicated and tiny totem which can be used to form the foundation of the other totem carvings. For example, as he reformed his Gold Qi into Sword Qi, the Sword Qi would be formed from the most rudimentary forms of sword totem carvings. Whereas when in the form of Xuan Wu Golden Shield, the Sword Qi would form 46 Xuan Wu totem carvings, generating strong defenses for the shield!

If used on the dragon carving totem and the Great Sun totem, would it enhance the two totems?

Without much further thought, he promptly put his conjecture into action. However, he soon found out that although the sword totem carvings could enhance the dragon carving totem in all aspects, it could not enhance the power of the Great Sun Totem.

No wonder the headmaster said that the【Great Sun Prodigious Emanation Art】 is a kind of high graded physique refining technique. Seems like this 【Great Sun Prodigious Emanation Art】 is an art that is equivalent to  the ultimate techniques like the 【Great Boundless Sword Qi】. I guess this is why the 【Great Boundless Sword Qi】 could not form the totem of Great Sun Prodigious Emanation Art.

He then calculated carefully and thought, The three legged Golden Crow Totem is also something I must learn, only by mastering a type of flying technique will I be able to have a better success rate for victory, preventing Xiao Chuqing from escaping!

Zhong Yue then shot out a Sword Qi as he swung his hand, slicing down a mountain rock from the cliff walls in his cave dwelling. He then proceeded to carve the Sword Qi carefully while he observed and examined the amazing features hidden within the three-legged Golden Crow Totem.

Half a month later, Zhong Yue walked out from his place and he saw a busy inner house. After knowing about the situation from someone else, he found out that Tan Zhen had been challenging the ranked disciples on the Dragon and Tiger Challenger Board, causing a ruckus among the inner house as he had now raised his rank to number 27 from number 32. Apparently, when Zhong Yue came out from his cultivation, Tan Zhen was challenging the 26th disciple on the Dragon and Tiger Challenger Board.

“Those in the Dragon and Tiger Challenger Board are all maniacs, they are all one of the top characters that had already been in the inner house for quite some time and their cultivation base are very strong. Senior Martial Brother Tan improved so fast in such a short period of time as he managed to continuously defeat five people in the list after entering the inner house for just two years!”

“Too bad Zhong Shan Clan is not here. I am sure he would be able to grab a place in the list with his strength.”

Upon hearing this, Zhong Yue’s mind shifted as it would not be difficult for him to get into the list but he might not be able to win Tan Zhen if he did not use the 【Fourth Sword Style】. However, he might have startled Xiao Chuqing and made her to be aware of the 【Fourth Sword Style】 if he were to use it to fight against Tan Zhen.

“There were so many changes that had occured on the Dragon and Tiger Challenger Board recently, but Senior Martial Sister Tan was not the most dazzling one. But both junior martial sister Shui Qingyan and Xiao Chuqing. Rumours said that when junior martial sister Shui casted out her sword cocoon, none of the top twenty senior martial sisters in the Dragon and Tiger Challenger Board are willing to fight her! On the other hand, Junior Martial Sister Xiao ascended the list with her very own strength, following tight behind Senior Martial Sister Tan.”

“Quickly get to the Starry Palace! Junior martial sister Xiao Chuqing is preparing to challenge Tian Xiangzhong, the twenty eighth seat in the Dragon and Tiger Challenger Board! Tian Xiangzhong is the brother of Tian Yanzhong. He was recently defeated by senior martial brother Tan Zhen and I guess he will lose to Junior Martial Sister Xiao Chuqing this time, dropping to rank 29!”

The inner hall was very lively as majority of the inner house Qi Practitioner rushed to the Starry Palace, an arena for the inner house disciples to compete with each other. However, as the inner house disciples rarely challenged each other, there were not many Qi Practitioners who frequented the Starry Palace.

However, the battle between Zhong Yue and Tan Zhen that threatened to destroy the Guest Palace had set a precedent that led to the inner house disciples now constantly challenging each other in the Starry Palace.

Upon hearing what the others said, Zhong Yue rushed to the Starry Palace as he thought, Know thy self, know thy enemy and be rewarded with a thousand victories. Xiao Chuqing already knows what I am capable of, but I have completely no idea about what she is capable of and what kind of soul weapon she possesses. This situation needs to be corrected!

“Senior Martial Brother Zhong!”

Before he reached the Starry Palace, Zhong Yue suddenly heard someone calling for him happily. He turned and looked, only to find a girl on a wheelchair with an old lady behind her whose face held a starkly unhappy expression. Upon seeing Zhong Yue, the pretty girl on the wheelchair harried the old lady to push her quicker towards Zhong Yue.

“Junior Martial Sister Jin’er?”

Zhong Yue said surprisingly, “Junior martial sister, your legs have yet to recover?”

“The sword art you passed me is very good but the disease plaguing my legs is very serious. I would need time to fully neutralize the condensed Wood Qi in my body.”

Qiu Jin’er sat on the wheelchair and edged towards Zhong Yue’s side. As she got closer, her heart pumped even faster and she said, “I heard that senior martial brother fought with someone in the inner house and I urged Grandmother Lu to take me to you to thank you. But she said that girls have to be more reserved, so I came to you….”

Grandmaster Lu said with an unhappy expression, “If you are not reserved, he will think that you are an easy target and he will toy with you before he dumps you.”

Qiu Jin’er’s face blushed and she secretly took a look at Zhong Yue, but the man appeared to be a little bit distracted, which made her feel slightly disappointed. 

Zhong Yue then smiled and said, “Junior Martial Sister Jin’er, I’m planning to have a look at the battle of Xiao Chuqing and Tian Xiangzhong in the Starry Palace, wanna tag along?”

Qiu Jin’er nodded and the three of them entered the Starry Palace. While they headed into the Starry Palace, Grandmother Lu whispered, “Miss, look at him, so worried about the battle, I think this Xiao Chuqing is probably the mistress of your little lover….”

Qiu Jin’er lowered down her head and said, “Senior Martial Brother Zhong has no relationship with me, it is fine if he loves another girl….”

“Killing the other girls will do.”

Grandmother Lu whispered again, “That is exactly what Madam did back then, each time our short lived Sir had a mistress outside, Madam will just kill them one by one, then Sir dared not have a mistress anymore.”

The Starry Palace was  built at the side of the steep walls of the valley while surrounded by innumerable stone stages, resembling a galaxy. The valley itself was the arena where the battles would take place. Under the stone stages were rock columns with strange totem carvings that formed an array which could stabilize and enhance the endurance of the arena and the surrounding, making them nigh indestructible. 

The environment surrounding the valley was littered with mountains and waterfalls, seeming like a mini replica of a real battlefield. This allowed the competitors to be able to fight among the mountains, water and the skies whereas the spectators could stay at the rock stages to observe the battle.

When Zhong Yue and Qiu Jin’er arrived, the battle was already close to ending and the competitors were obviously far from evenly matched.

The totem spirit of the Tian Feng Clan was the god of the trees. One could see a huge tree standing highly at the Great Wilderness when standing at the Swords Gate, which was the territory of the Tian Feng Clan and the huge tree was their totem spirit. As the Tian Feng Clan people worshipped the tree, the tree became godly and forever lush with green.

Although Tian Xiangzhong summoned the tree spirit and formed a tree god Yuan Shen, it was still futile in the face of Xiao Chuqing’s indomitable strength, especially after she summoned her spirit.

Xiao Chuqing’s spirit was the moon spirit, Tian Xiangzhong could only force her to use the first form of her moon spirit and that was it. With her first form, a barrage of powerful attacks were launched towards her opponent, quickly overwhelming Tian Xiangzhong!

Xiao Chuqing is indeed strong, I wonder what the second form of her moon spirit is like….

Zhong Yue squinted slightly as he looked towards the girl beside of him. An idea suddenly springed to his mind he asked laughingly, “Junior Martial Sister Jin’er, could you please do me a favour?”

Qiu Jin’er felt surprise and happiness at the same time and quickly replied, “I’ll gladly do anything you ask of me!”

Grandmother Lu’s face was beset with exasperation as a variety of expressions flashed across it. Stupid girl, he will think that you are cheap and will dump you easily if you promise him so fast….

Zhong Yue looked at Xiao Chuqing who was standing at the Starry Palace and he said, “I wish to have a look at the true strength of Xiao Chuqing, could you please force out her second form?”

Qiu Jin’er felt very curious as she had no idea why Zhong Yue wanted to see the second form of Xiao Chuqing’s moon spirit but she still replied happily, “She is very strong so I am not sure if I could do it or not, but I could try.”

Grandmother Lu at the side heard Zhong Yue’s request and she quickly communicated with QiuJin’er in her mind and said, “Girl, take this opportunity to kill her so you will have one less competitor!”

“Grandma, we are just having a friendly match, not competing for a man….”

Qiu Jin’er was speechless and as she moved her psyche, she flew out with her wheelchair and she said with a clear voice, “Junior Martial Sister Xiao, Qiu Tan Clan’s Qiu Jin’er humbly challenges you to a duel.”

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