Rise Of Humanity Chapter 106 - A Sword That Beheads A Beauty

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Chapter 106 - A Sword That Beheads A Beauty

With Grandmother Lu following them, Zhong Yue and Qiu Jin’er felt very uncomfortable. Not long later, Zhong Yue then sent the young lady back to the Yang God Palace, he smiled and said, “Junior Martial Sister Jin’er, I’ll be leaving in a few days time, and might not come back until a few months later. I’ll be sure to come and visit you again when I’ve returned.”

Qiu Jin’er adorably nodded her head and thought to herself, “I would most probably be able to walk on my own by the time Senior Martial Brother is back; when he sees me walking, he would be very happy….”

Zhong Yue visited the Valley of Remedy to exchange for a few canisters of Yuling Paste before returning back to his cave dwelling in preparation for his trip; a black cloth wrapped around the Fang Blade tightly, and he conjured a Jiao Dragon from his psyche with its two dragon claws clinging onto the blade. 

This copper lamp is where Xin Huo resides, I mustn’t leave it behind.

The Jiao Dragon behind him put out its head and held the copper lamp in its mouth. Zhong Yue was packed and ready. He strode out of the cave dwelling, thinking to himself, Xiao Chuqing is most probably tired of waiting by now? The only reason for her to compete in the Dragon and Tiger Challenger Board is to find out more suspects, and sadly, she has found none thus far. Hence, I would be the most suspicious to her as of now. She dares not touch me in the Swords Gate Mountain, but once I’ve stepped out of here, nothing can be said for sure. But whatever happens, I, myself,  will also be waiting for the chance to settle my enmities with her!

This time going out, not only will I go to the monster race and play as a territory lord, I’m also killing a human … Oh, correction, killing a celestial!

He marched down the mountain, once he reached to the foot of the mountain, Zhong Yue shifted his thoughts and two Jiao Dragons emerged out of nowhere, the dragons soared forwards and left at a great speed.

At the same time, Xiao Chuqing had also sneaked out of Swords Gate Mountain, she watched Zhong Yue as he left before hovering in the air to follow behind, Whether or not you are the person that went to the moon, your death has been destined. You’ve noticed Tian Myriad Mother’s secret, so if I kill you, Tian Myriad Mother will abandon the celestial messenger and turn to me. Simply because I was able to do what the celestial messenger couldn’t….

Tian Myriad Mother arrived at Xiao Chuqing’s cave dwelling only to find it empty, her face changed drastically, “Xiao Chuqing must’ve went after the Zhong Shan Clan member! She wants to kill him to please me so that I can stand with her against the celestial envoy, this little girl of the celestial race, she is too impatient. But oh well ... what does it have to do with me?”

In the Great Wilderness, Zhong Yue stood on the twin dragons as they strode across the woods and hills at a great pace towards the Savanna Wasteland. On the dragon back, Zhong Yue would from time to time chop down a piece of wood, and as the Sword Qis danced about his fingers, he would sculpt out sculpture after sculpture of the three-legged Golden Crow.

From time to time, there would be fiery birds emerging beside him and revolving around his body, but in the end, they would all burn away and be turned into ashes. 

Xiao Chuqing was trailing behind him while keeping a distance away, her heart filled with curiosity not knowing what exactly was Zhong Yue doing.

The thing behind his back looks like a saber, its shape, so akin to the soul weapon left behind by that unknown human Qi Practitioners in the Savanna Wasteland. This Zhong Shan Clan member is getting more and more suspicious!

Xiao Chuqing alighted, she crouched down and inspected the footprints of Zhong Yue’s twin dragons, they were similar to the ones in the Savanna Wasteland but a size bigger, she thought in her heart, I still can’t confirm whether it's him judging only by the dragon claws, but the person who saved Jin Sixie was also riding on two dragons, carrying the person and Jun Sixie on their backs.

Xiao Chuqing followed all the way, only to realize that Zhong Yue was striding further and further away closer to the Savanna Wasteland, Xiao Chuqing’s heart was filled with doubts and questions, puzzled by his action of marching towards Savanna Wasteland. 

This Zhong Shan Clan member is so suspicious, what credits will I get if I return and informed the celestial envoy? This one from the Zhong Shan Clan is not very strong, he is no match for me. It’d be short work for me to take him down, and if not, I can still retreat easily.

Xiao Chuqing’s eyes flashed with a cold light, But not in the Great Wilderness, his prowess is not too bad either, the fight will surely cause a little bit of a commotion here and there. It’ll alert the Four Ken Beast in Swords Gate golden summit. And once the beast is alerted, the elder council is bound to arrive not long later. To kill him, and to complete the task given by the temple, the fight can only happen outside of Great Wilderness!

Another seven or eight days slipped past, Zhong Yue had finally trekked across the Great Wilderness to arrive at the Savanna Wasteland, he was enroute towards his territory in the monster race.

Slowly, he ventured further and further into the depths of the Savanna Wasteland. It was a time of transition between the blooming spring and the scorching summer, withered flowers were strewn across the Savanna Wasteland and unripe fruits were hanging limpidly on the trees. Oftentimes, Zhong Yue would spot beasts roaming about and wolf packs stalking throughout the grass.

Unwittingly, he was already tens of thousand miles into the wasteland where a great distance existed between where he stood and the Great Wilderness or even, the East Barren.

Now is the time!

Dark rays flashed in Xiao Chuqing’s eyes, just when she was about to act, Zhong Yue stood stock still and said coolly, “Now is the time … Junior Martial Sister Xiao, why don’t you come out now?”

Her heart thumped in shock, she gazed at the young man whose body turned around to face her squarely as his cold eyes met with hers. He smiled, “Junior Martial Sister Xiao, you’ve followed me for so long, and yet, you still aren’t convinced? Do you need a footprint? Then let me show you one.”

Zhong Yue lifted his leg and stomped down onto the ground, leaving an indelible footprint behind. He flew back a hundred feet he stepped back all while holding a casual smile on his face, “Junior Martial Sister Xiao, please, have a look, is this the same as the footprints on the moon?”

“Senior Martial Brother Zhong truly isn’t simple to know that I was tailing you.”

Xiao Chuqing’s face changed slightly, she trotted forward, crouched and inspected the footprint, she then took out a stone rubbing where it contained the exact copy of the footprint on the moon, she compared the footprints before she chortled and said, “Senior Martial Brother Zhong, so that day that person on the moon, was indeed you. Senior martial brother, can you please enlighten me on how you managed to fly to the moon?”

“I’ll slowly tell you ... after I take your head away!”

Zhong Yue put out his hand and the cloth wreathing around the Fang Blade flowed off like silk and the blade burst out to reveal the dreadful god’s fang. The Jiao Dragon’s claw grabbed it and delivered the blade hilt into his hand!


He marched forward, each stride he took would split the ground beneath, he leaped dozens of feet far with the saber in his hand slashing down!

A bright moon emerged behind Xiao Chuqing, intending to defend herself, and it was this moment where a Sword Qi blasted out right at her face from the footprint Zhong Yue left behind!


The Sword Qi shaped like a small sapling, with its leaves and branches blooming out in a trice blasting right in Xiao Chuqing’s face!

She released a shrill cry as the Sword Qi slammed down on her, swords danced around like scattered leaves —Chi Chi Chi— the sounds of Sword Qi piercing through the air could be heard incessantly, small cuts and wounds encroached on her peerless countenance and her beautiful hair was disheveled!

Right at this moment, the bright moon behind her flared and moonlight gushed out and swept Zhong Yue’s Wood Sword Qis away before her!


Zhong Yue flashed towards her like a flash of lightning with his saber slashing down vertically. Xiao Chuqing released a savage whistle as the bright moon turned and morphed into the Star Moon Jade Toad, but even the toad could not react to the assault in time, it could only barely open its mouth and roar mightily.


An uncanny voice surged from the Star Moon Jade Toad’s belly, sound waves quivered the air and formed strange patterns of totem carvings, and eventually, turning into shield totem patterns warding off Zhong Yue’s Blade Fang!

The next moment, the Fang Blade slashed heavily onto the shield totem patterns, Xiao Chuqing raised her hand and blocked it down, blood splattered in the air and the petite young lady was sent flying away like a meteor! 

“【First Sword Style】!”

Zhong Yue pushed forward like a blinking light towards Xiao Chuqing, the Xiang Dragon Sword Qi turned into a thread of crimson red sword silk that slithered stealthily in the air thrusting at Xiao Chuqing. The sword silk was cast in Elder Shui Zian of Shui Tu Clan’s 【First Sword Style】, the Sword Qi painted a red line across the air as it went straight for Xiao Chuqing’s neck!

The young lady had just taken a blow from the Wood Sword Qi. Sword wounds crawled all over her face, and although her Star Moon Jade Toad’s shield totem patterns had managed to mitigate the momentum of the Fang Blade, it was still not something she could block down with her bare hands. And as a result, seven fingers of hers were crushed.

Meanwhile, the Xiang Dragon Sword Qi was cast with the 【First Sword Style】 and slashed over in a thin thread that swam like a lithe dragon. Although it was hard to notice, the young lady managed to sense the impending threat, her body contorted in midair and evaded the sword silk. She whistled violently and said, “Zhong Shan Clan member, you dare to mount a sneak attack on me….”

Chi Chi Chi—— 

The sword silk changed and mutated in mid-air, drawing her into the sword array; torn pieces of clothes fluttered in the air like butterflies. Xiao Chuqing screamed out loud and the Star Moon Jade Toad behind her released a roar again, “Manggguuu!”, but the emergence of the shield totem patterns was shattered into bits immediately by the Sword Qi!

“【Second Sword Style】!”

Zhong Yue dipped his toe on the ground, and the Wooden Sword Qi shot out away like a fine thread of hair, it extended out and shuttled through the one-man tall dense underbrush, closing in to Xiao Chuqing with great speed. The two sword silks encircled and crisscrossed over each other, following a certain pattern and formed a sword array of greater complexity with ever more strata of intricacies.

Xiao Chuqing let out a high-pitched screaming, all six eyes of the Star Moon Jade Toad opened as if they were six bright moons and moonlight shone down onto the ground with a mercurial luster. It painted the floor in silver, and even injecting the air around with a viscous heaviness, slightly slowing down the speed of the two Sword Qi.

The toad spat out its long tongue and clashed incessantly with the two Sword Qi, warding off the sword silks away from its master!

And it was indeed, worthy of its name as the second form of the moon spirit, its tongue did a great job in fending off the assaults of the【Second Sword Style】!

“【Third Sword Style】!”

Zhong Yue quickly rushed over while Xiao Chuqing was still plummeting down from midair, all of a sudden, a bright white light appeared behind Zhong Yue and flitted out towards Xiao Chuqing. Along with the ray, the 【Third Sword Style】sword array was formed!

The greatly increased in power of the sword array allowed the three sword silks to slice through the air. Like cocoons, they enmeshed around her, tighter and tighter. The Star Moon Jade Toad’s long tongue and the shield totem patterns and moonlights were all helpless against to the assault of the array!

“I will kill you!”

Her once beautiful hair was now disheveled in the air, the sword silks broke through her defenses and littered her neck with cuts. Her throat and carotid artery were nearly sliced off clean, and her head was only barely held in place. The young lady was enraged, she bellowed out a fierce roar like the howl of a barbaric beast!. The sound of her voice and the figure she now struck was now a vast departure from the genteel facade she upheld not too long ago.

Ka-cha Ka-cha Ka-cha— 

Crackling sounds erupted from her body and dense furs spiked out from her jade-white skin. Two patches of meat clumps bulged out on her neck, bigger and larger, two necks paved with black fur grew out followed by two bloody heads!

“You dare to murder a Xiao Mang Celestial Race! You know what we the Xiao Mang Celestial are? Today, I’ll let you open your eyes!” 

Surges of terrifyingly strong power rose in her body, an aura that imposed an indescribable pressure on the living billowed out, bringing great terror and carrying the holy air of a saint!

This was the air of the celestial race, a noble race. Her aura was getting stronger and more terrifying, even the land within a radius of a hundred feet turned gloomy, the sonorous chirping of the birds came to a stop only to be supplanted by a suffocating silence, the insects stopped crawling about, and the beasts stopped howling. They were all suppressed by her overwhelming celestial aura!

But ... it was all useless against Zhong Yue. 

Zhong Yue visualized the Sui Sovereign in his psyche ocean, with the Heavenly Sovereign in his imperial court, not to mention that Xiao Chuqing’s celestial air was not strong enough, even if it were a thousand times stronger it would still have been useless against him. 

“【Fourth Sword Style】!”

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